Breaking Fashion Rules with Doe Deere

Introducing Doe Deere
Controversial with her fashion sense; Doe Deere is definitely a woman who marches to her own individual style beat. Her “signature” style -although she enjoys changing her look up with different colors and patterns- she is known for is her colorfully dyed hair, bright platform and heeled Mary-Jane buckle shoes and her rainbow makeup and fashion. It’s rare or impossible to see Doe Deere in any outfits that are all neutral colors or all black.

Aside from her sometimes outrageous and completely out of this world Harajuku influenced fashion sense Doe Deere is famous for being a popular beauty entrepreneur in the Los Angeles Area and on the web. She is the CEO and founder of the makeup products company: Lime Crime. This company has makeup that is as equally colorful, artistic and imaginative as Ms. Doe Deere herself. Lime Crime was started in 2007-2008, and the makeup brand has grown in popularity ever since.

Fashion Rules Do Not Apply to Doe Deere
While she’s an incredibly fashionable woman, Doe Deere unsurprisingly does not adhere to any fashion rules that many fashion gurus have laid down that many fashionistas claim are the golden, unbreakable rules of fashion sense. So what are the rules in particular that Doe Deere breaks all the time?

  • Bold Eye with a Bold Lip
  • Mixing Colors for an Outfit
  • Combining Patterns for an Outfit
  • Socks with Sandals or Open Toe Shoes
  • Having Colored Hair and Only Wearing Neutrals
  • Dressing For Your Age
  • Dressing Only For Special Occasions

The Reasons Behind Doe Deere’s Fashion Rule Breaking
The simplified reasoning behind Doe Deere breaking fashion rules is that she likes to have the artistic freedom to dress exactly how she envisions. Applying her makeup to have both a bold eye shadow look and her lips to have a bold lip color is something Doe Deere does like a class act. She loves to break that rule as it does have a pretty effect. Mixing colors and patterns for outfits is something she does with ease while still looking fashionable by either using complementary colors or colors close on the color wheel. Surprisingly Doe Deere breaking the no socks with sandals rule works because she usually wears frilly socks or rainbow socks with decoration. Doing this actually looks adorable and cute. The fact that Doe Deere wears many colors while also sporting her ever changing hair colors also seems to be a good move on her part. She usually chooses complementary colors of her current hair color for the clothing that she selects. Doe Deere doesn’t allow age or lack of a special occasion to alter how she dresses either, which is admirable and proves just how much of a fashion free spirit she is.

The Ordeal of Yeonmi Park: Fact or Fiction?

Thousands of people have read the true story of Yeonmi Park. They cannot believe the horror she lived in North Korea and during her escape to freedom in South Korea. She chronicles the incredible events that took place during those years in her book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Yeonmi and her family lived under a dictator’s rule in North Korea. Poverty, lack of food and desperation were experienced every day. She was thirteen years old when she and her mother secretly left the country in 2007. They endured starvation, abuse, and thoughts of suicide during the years of their journey. They traveled through China, the Gobi desert, Mongolian border and finally their destination of South Korea. She and her mother finally found freedom but without her father. He died due to untreated cancer shortly before reaching their goal. According to the article on (, skeptics like Pyongyang have tried to discredit parts of her story. Yeonmi and her mother have been accused of being American agents or liars exaggerating tales about their native country. Yeonmi sticks to what she has written and explains that some details were modified to protect family who still live in the country. Other statements that have been misunderstood are a result of her inability to speak proper English when writing the memoir. She and her mother were victims of sexual abuse. Even though the events were no fault of their own, Yeonmi Park still feels shame for herself and family from what happened. She preferred to remain vague when describing the violations since she was only thirteen years old when they occurred. There are thousand of refugees who have escaped North Korea due to political persecution and abuse. For Yeonmi to exaggerate the truth would void the credibility of what these escapees suffered. She and others like her know the true facts about North Korea. They are going public with their stories so the entire world knows.

Coriant Makes Leadership Changes With Shaygan Kheradpir Appointment

The leadership of any company is an area that can make or break the confidence of potential investors, particularly for a new company looking to gain a foothold within an industry. Coriant is a relatively new company having come into existence in 2013 when Marlin Equity Partners purchased the networking technology department of Siemens and a number of other companies developing new ways of creating networks for talk, text and data. Shaygan Kheradpir has taken on the role of CEO from experienced Marlin executive Pat DiPietro who served as the CEO to establish the initial steps in creating the company.

Shaygan Kheradpir has been an important figure in the development of the communications industry as he has served as an executive for many companies in the industry for more than 30 years. The chance to work in the industry was given to Kheradpir soon after the London born Cornell University graduate completed his Master’s degree by GTE Labs. Shaygan Kheradpir quickly understood the technology industry could not operate in the traditional ways of other industries and had to develop new strategies for developing new products.

After bringing success to GTE Labs and Verizon the leadership options for Kheradpir took him to the financial giant of Barclay’s, which saw the executive look to develop new technologies and develop his business skills with the banking corporation. This area of leadership is one that will serve Shaygan Kheradpir well as he looks to develop new technologies for Coriant in the future.

Pat DiPietro and Shaygan Kheradpir have been working together for the majority of 2015 to conduct a review of the working practices of Coriant, and seek out the best areas for increasing the profits of the company in 2016 and beyond. The arrival of Shaygan Kheradpir at Coriant adds a further layer of experience and skill to the Coriant brand through the success he has achieved in his three decades of experience as a technology executive.

The Benefits of Healthy Dog Food

Dog food is a growing industry that is currently a billion dollar industry with an estimated worth of over 23.7 billion dollars. With this estimated number, dog food is expected to continue its exponential growth as more and more businesses are finding new niches for their businesses. One niche in particular that has been making headlines is that of healthy dog food which demonstrates that dogs can eat healthy food that consists of fresh ingredients. This is a new phenomena that states that pets are entitled to eat human grade food that is consumed by billions of individuals around the world. An example of this is demonstrated on Youtube by Richard Thompson who is the owner of Freshpet production facility that is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Richard Thompson is obsessed and dedicated to having the freshest ingredients that are combined to create the perfect dog food recipe. This small gourmet dog food manufacturer creates healthy products that have a short shelf life. The reason behind this is that Mr. Thompson believes every mouthful of his dog food should be in pristine condition and should be bursting with flavor after each mouthful. Mr. Thompson is not the only dog food company owner who has made his brand name a healthy brand. Other manufacturers around the world of done so which includes the brand name of Beneful. Beneful is one of the top dog food producers in the United States due to the fact that this company produces only the healthiest products that include wet dog food, dry dog food, as well as dog food treats. These foods come in a variety of flavors and textures that are healthy and wholesome. Beneful’s most prized product is the dog food treats which are unique from other dog food treats due to the fact that this product is available in a number of different textures. Dog food treats can either be crispy and light like the of a cracker or can even be dense and crumby such as that of a biscotti. All the textures that are provided are wholesome and will leave any dog happy and focused.


Securus Technologies has released its latest version of the popular THREAD software. It brings with it advanced new search functionality with a highly clean interface. The new software retains the robustness of its first offer while proving a unique platform that means it will always be ahead of the rest.


THREAD 3.1 uses big data analytics to provide substantial up to date information. This information is then analysed by its algorithm to try to establish patterns.


Securus Technologies expects the new system to have a small learning curve and be comfortable to use.It will provide highly detailed intelligence specifically to help the investigator.


THREAD is a software that uses big data analytics to analyze inmate phone calls. The purpose is to find a correlation between the inmate callers and try to improve while protecting the various stake holders.


THREAD 3.1 brings with it HTML 5.It will allow the company to scale its operations in a variety of web-enabled devices including video visitation software while providing a robust tool for use by law enforcement. It is a big break from Silverlight of yesteryears which meant only Windows devices were supported. Click here to register for the video visitation.


THREAD 3.1 has been developed and patented after years of painstaking work with a dedicated team of specialists. Its new integration has a lighter build, loads up faster, is more responsive and easier to use.


THREAD is a product of Dallas-based Securus Technologies. It is a firm that has achieved considerable milestones in the correction software market and is today the leading provider worldwide.It has over 2200 correction facilities using its software to serve around 850,000 inmates.


Securus Technologies has built a reputation as an innovative company with big ambitions. It has over 100 patents and 35 pending one’s thanks, to its top Human capital. Every year, it commits $ 19 million for research purposes in its R&D.


Securus was founded in 1986 in Dallas Texas. It has grown over the years and had offices in Carrollton and Atlanta Georgia.


Securus Technologies is today the largest inmate communication provider. Its superior technology and dedicated research centres have seen it deploy over 1700 base stations all over America.


Securus Technologies is available in 45 states in America. It is also certified by AS 70 and Sarbanes-Oxley and offers top Secure Call Platform. It means these calls cannot be tracked and are hence secure.

Different Attorneys For Different Legal Acts

If you ever dealt with a family in a time of grief, you will realize that they usually are very difficult and do not want to listen to what you have to say. People that are suffering from grief depend on the person they lost to help them through the process of dealing with the paperwork and financial obligations. Grief can be a very difficult thing to work through. If the person that has passed away took care of their final arrangements with an attorney, it makes things easier for the ones left behind.

New York attorneys help with all types of issues and legalities. One person may need a criminal attorney because they shot their neighbor in the foot accidentally. The person with the injury may sue the person with the gun and the gun owner may need representation. It may be up to the criminal attorney to decide to pursue the fault with the gun producer or you. The criminal attorney is more than adequate when it comes to representing and knowing who to sue.

Another type attorney may deal with wills, legal documents for marriage, transfers of deeds, writing of deeds, real estate law, or contract law. This person is someone you depend on for knowing how to speak the legal terms. Someone like lawyer Ross Abelow. Mr. Abelow is a specialist when it comes to family law and contract type law. He knows how to get the job done and knows what to say when someone is trying to take advantage.

Abelow has an office in New York. He graduated from a fantastic law school in Brooklyn NY. Mr. Abelow is responsible for many good contracts, and many legal pursuits for families in the New York area.

If you fall from a ladder in the middle of New York, and injure your back, who is responsible for the medical bills? If you are employed, workers compensation must be part of the claim. If you are not employed, I feel sorry for you and the people that are responsible for you being on that ladder. Contact a great attorney in New York. You will be more than satisfied with the results.

George Soros Predicts it’s 2008 All Over Again for the World’s Economies

Billionaire financial guru George Soros recently dusted off his crystal ball, peered deep inside its dark interior and predicted it looked like 2008 all over again. In his view, global markets are facing a renewed crisis similar to the financial collapse of 2008, and investors need to be very cautious. In other words, it’s déjà vu all over again.

Soros was speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka last week when he made his dire prediction. The first week of 2016 mirrored his words as global currency, stock and commodity markets were all trending downward. China especially was showing weakness in any sustained growth looking forward. Its sinking yuan currency only added to the concern about the strength of the world’s second largest economy.

To those who have forgotten, on April 11, 2008, Soros was quoted in the New York Times as saying. “I consider this the biggest financial crisis of my lifetime, a ‘superbubble’ that has been swelling for a quarter of a century is finally bursting.” He proved correct when the global economy did collapse later that year, triggering years of depressions and the loss of jobs among the world’s most developed countries.

Now, nearly 8 years later, Soros is warning the world that the bubble could burst again as Chinas shifts away from investment and manufacturing toward consumption and services. On Wednesday, Jan 6 of this year, nearly $2.5 trillion was wiped from the slate of global equities. Loses deepened the next day across the Asia and China was forced to halt stock trading in the middle of the day.

This isn’t the first time since the 2008 call that Soros has voiced his concern about the global economy. Speaking to a panel in Washington D.C. on September 2011, he warned the Greece-born European debt crunch was even more serious than the crisis of 2008. Only drastic action by Greece and the EU members averted a total collapse of the Greek economy.

The World Bank has taken note of the problem and cuts its forecast for 2016 global growth from 3.3%t to 2.9%. The US manufacturing ISM indicator is below the crucial 50 level at 48.2. A fall below the 45 would indicate a pending recession. China’s manufacturing PMI has fallen to the same U.S. level over the past year as the result of sluggish world trade. In short, as China turns inward as a consumer nation, the world can no longer look to the Asian economic powerhouse to fund and support their economies.

China’s Communist Party has pledged to gradually dismantle the capital controls that artificially oversee their markets and cause wide fluctuations and panic in their stock markets. Even after the People’s Bank of China cut interest rates to record lows, Chinese authorities continued to pump hundreds of billions of dollars into the economy.
Soros is not the only one forecasting a rocky road ahead for 2016 but his record of spot-on predictions that went against conventional thinking in the past has the world listening to him with a much sharper ear.

Don’t Just Look Unique, but Look Uniquely Awesome

Doe Deere is the perfect example of this generation bursting out of its shell. Learning to live, explore and be happy has always been Doe’s motto. She knows that how you dress, your hair and makeup effects how you feel. You can either dress in a way that makes you feel alive, or drab, it’s your choice.

Don’t Just Look Unique, but look Uniquely Awesome

Here are 7 tips by Doe Deere to do just that.

1. Do not wear both lip and eye colors?

Not according to Doe, if you’re not afraid to do it, do it. And do it with style. As far as she’s concerned nothing looks better than a vibrant blue lipstick called Cry Baby along with Venus eyeshadow in a rusty red. Or perhaps Red Velvet lipstick paired with Blue Milk eyeliner.

2. Socks with open toed shoes, that’s a no, no?

I think don’t so. The more socks the better, in the most beautiful and eye catching colors possible. Doe likes to pair her socks with stockings and after all is said and done she slips on a cute pair of open toed heels. Awesome.

3. Don’t sport too many colors at the same time?

You mean go through life wearing only two colors at a time? Not if Doe has anything to do with it. Her secret it to match color combos that make sense. For example, light green, peach, pink periwrinkle, and lavender. All of these colors look great together. It’s a color combo. Prada even has a new line combining cotton candy pinks, bright yellows and chartreuse. Don’t forget to match your current hair and makeup colors along with these colors!

4. Too many patterns can be scary?

Doe has some great ideas to make different patterns fit perfectly together. Staying in the same color scheme when it comes to different patterns is always a good idea. If you are just getting started choose monochrome – like colors at first.

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was born in Russia and was brought up in New York City. Living in the perfect place to express yourself, Doe did not hesitate to do just that. On a daily basis goes beyond the limits to be an example when it comes to independent style.

She reinforces her ideas through Lime Cosmetics, each and every day. Proving that cosmetics, dress and hair are the most exceptional areas to form your own personal freedom and self – expression.

The Trial of Oscar Pistorius and the Talented Brenda Wardle

A Murder and Numerous Gun-Related Charges
The State vs Oscar Pistorius is the trial that was for the murder of Ms. Reeva Steenkamp along with numerous gun-related charges. This trial was opened on March 3, 2014. This took place in South Africa in the High Court in Pretoria. Judge Thorokzile Masipa had delivered a non guilty verdict. This verdict was for the murder. There was a guilty verdict of culpable homicide of Ms. Steenkamp. This also included reckless endangerment with a firearm. This occurred at a restaurant. Pistorius had gotten and received a prison sentence on October 21, 2014. This sentence included a five year maximum for the culpable homicide. The separate charge of reckless endangerment received a three-year suspended prison sentence. This was a concurrent sentence.

The Athlete with a Disability
Pistorius is well-known as one of the leading South African runners. He received much attention because he is an athlete with a disability. He competed at a very high level. This would include:
* the 2012 Summer Olympics
* multiple Paralympic Games

Thursday, February 14, 2013
It was early in the morning on Thursday, February 14, 2013 that Steenkamp had been shot and killed by Pistorius. This occurred right at his Pretorius home. Pistorius did admit that he did shoot Steenkamp. He claimed that he accidently mistook her as a an intruder. He had then been taken into police custody. It was at that time that he was charged at a Pretoria court for murder.

Tuesday, February 9, 2013
It was February 9, 2013 that the bail hearing commenced. This was under Chief Magistrate of Pretoria Desmond Nair. It was claimed that Pistorius had actually fired four shots. This was through a locked toilet door. It did hit Steenkamp three times. She was inside. It had been claimed by Prosecutor Gerrie Nel, that Pistorius placed his prosthetic legs on and walked across the rooms and shot Steenkamp intentionally. This was a four-day bail hearing that determined that Pistorius did not pose as a flight risk. There was a fixed bail set at 113,000 US dollars. He returned to training in June, 2013.

Brenda Wardle the Amazing legal Analyst
Ms. Wardle is an amazing legal analyst who covered this entire trial. She is indeed a talented legal analyst. She is world-renowned and she is also South African.

Three Law Degrees
Brenda Wardle has three total law degrees. These include:
* Intermediary Degree Qualification in Criminal Justice Administration
* Bachelor of Laws Degree
* Master of Laws Degree
The law and Wardle is a solid combination and this is one highly talented analyst. Experience is on her side.

Follow Ms. Wardle on Twitter and Facebook


FreedomPop is a virtual mobile network provider based in California. It, on November 27th launched, a crazy well-marketed offer to its clients that offered up to a $350-dollar discount on select brands. The deal involved Moto E and Samsung Galaxy S4. The Moto E was going for $40 whereas the S4 was going for $ 100.The deal was made all the sweeter by the icing of free voice, free SMS and 1 GB data bundle from Sprint. It is also expected the phone will continue accessing the FreedomPop network and enjoy its free services. The deal saw it customers going crazy at its stores as the 4G enabled phones were launched.


Freedom is a VOIP service provider that has recently seen incredible growth. It was started in 2012 and expects to hit 1 million customers by the end of the year. It earlier this year received substantial funding from Intel Capital and plans to use that money to launch its Android-powered handset. It will be marketed as the flagship device to set its standards to all that can buy.


Freedom pop also recently received $ 10 million funding from Axiata to fund its network operational capabilities. Axiata is an Indian company with over 230 million customers spread across the south-east Asian region. Freedom Pop business model is to expand from a wholesaler based primarily in the US to a more strategic partner with large OEM.


The company despite multiple offers for M&A has decided to stick to its guns. It has recently got a $ 30 million boost from its latest investor Partech Ventures. It has also expanded into Europe through the UK and expects to reap big in the next few days.


FreedomPop was founded by the current CEO Stephen Stokols in 2012. It is based in Los Angeles California and has raised over $ 60 million to date. Mr Steven Sesar is the other founder. He has led the firm using his experience to launch one of the most successful VIOP companies in the world. The company has over the years expanded into covering most common platforms including Tablets, IPad and 4G Android phones. It this year announced plans to launch 10 million WIFI hotspots across the US. It will bill each user $ 5 monthly to access the service. It has an excellent business model that can work wonders.