Skout Ensures That Flirting Remains Wholesome

Skout is a flirting application where people make friends, meet new people and flirt with potential mates. Skout is not touting itself as a dating app, and the executives of the company are cracking down on people who create inappropriate content for the site. Pictures left on the site can be taken anywhere, but the bathroom selfie is becoming a problem for the app. This article explores how Skout is maintaining its flirty aesthetic without becoming explicit.

#1: The Bathroom Selfie Problem

Shirtless and topless bathroom selfies are becoming very popular on social media. Stars like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna have posted selfies from bathrooms wearing next to nothing, and make stars have posted shirtless pictures to flaunt their abs. Skout is a flirting app on that does not want its users to take things too far, and executives have decided to ban shirtless photos.

#2: The New Criteria

Shirtless photos are not banned across the board, but shirtless photos are banned when taken inside a bathroom or locker room. Company executives implemented these new policies quickly, and their moderators will take down pictures from any user that are taken inside bathrooms while undressed. The executives note that people who are dressed in the bathroom may post their pictures, but the bathroom selfie will have to move elsewhere.

#3: Rates Of Response

Skout used a wise approach to research the bathroom selfie before rejecting the trend out of hand. A recent study on user popularity showed a 43% drop in popularity when people were listing bathroom selfies. Skout cannot survive if all their users drop in popularity, and the company chose to remove bathroom selfies from their overall aesthetic.

A noted dating coach has pointed out that bathroom selfies make regular users look even worse than their celebrity counterparts. Regular users who post bathroom selfies do not appear to have friends who will take pictures on their behalf. The users who are dragging down their own popularity are adding an unwanted element to the site that is not wanted. Skout has chosen to remain as wholesome as possible by removing the pictures, and people who wish to take bathroom selfies need to put their clothes on.

#4: TMI Culture

The TMI culture referenced by many dating and social media experts is causing problems that Skout must respond to. Skout is a site based solely on pictures, and users who believe they have found someone nice to talk to could be turned off by a bathroom selfie. Parents who want to allow their kids to use social media will be afraid to let their kids download apps, and Skout has responded by creating a more family0friendly environment.

Skout has positioned itself as a friendly flirting app that utilizes user pictures to create user networks. Removing bathroom selfies from the site helps the site maintain its original image, and Skout is to be commended for putting their image above the shirtless pictures of celebrities. Users who want to meet people without seeing too much are safe on Skout.

Why Beneful Is The Best Pet Food Brand

Cats and dogs have nutritional requirements that are biologically driven and may not just be satisfied by all foods marked ‘natural’on the shelves. The market is full of veggie and natural based foods that are just there so as to meet the market demand and not to necessarily benefit the pets. For pet owners to get the best foods for their friends, they should adequately check the labels and find the nutritional adequacy statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials; a body that ensures that the formula used to make the food meets all the required minimum requirements.

Beneful is a pet food brand that is well known for taking the needs of its consumers in mind first. So as to make eating playful and enjoyable as it is intended to be, the company has reinvented pet foods so that pets can enjoy a good balance of quality nutrition, great taste, and wholesome ingredients.

For instance, the Beneful Wet Dog Food is made with wholesome ingredients that are delicious and that many dogs love to eat. Available in more than twenty varieties, it has added accents like barley, carrots, green beans and rice. It also comes accompanied by proteins like lamb, pork, beef or chicken. To accommodate dogs of all sizes and ages, the dog food is available in either thinly chopped blends or big hearty chunks.

Beneful has also not been left behind when matters related to making unique advertisements for its pet food products are concerned. The latest phenomenal advertisement included more than a dozen dogs that looked healthy and strong and seemed to enjoy Beneful products.

As of 2014, the company was looking for advertising agencies with the ability to handle all its advertising needs. Prior to the advertisement, Fallon had been handling all the company’s advertising but it did not declare an interest to continue with the same. Through the third quarter of 2013, the company had spent not less than $40.7 million in advertising.

Beneful is well trusted by many pet owners because it has been consistent in making good quality foods. Different with many other brands on the market, its pet food brands have not been in anyway implicated in being of poor quality. The company understands very well that to thrive in the market, its products have to exceed their customer’s expectations; a quality it has meticulously tended to.

Just like humans, when pets feed, they need a balanced diet so as to grow. Good health begins with proper nutrition, and when it comes to pet foods, it should come first regardless of the convenience of acquisition or price. Luckily for Beneful customers, the pet food company understands this very well. It makes foods that are well balanced, not over-caloried or under-nourished. At the end of the day, all the pet owner wants is food that will provide good nutritional benefits to his pet and at the same time provide value for money. Those who were lucky to discover Beneful in the past have had a very good time with their pets.

Handy: The Cleaning Service To The Rescue

As a young mother and my child learning barely learning to walk I find it rather difficult finding the time to keep a clean house. All my life I’ve been taught how to keep a clean house for my husband and with my walking toddler this feels nearly impossible. Just when I think I have every cleaning crisis averted, another one will pop right up in its place. It can be a bit maddening at times, I hate to admit. It’s no one’s fault though. It’s not mine or my child’s. She doesn’t make messes simply to tire me out, although it can feel that way at times. I’ve just simply met my match. I used to be queen of keeping things clean and orderly and this was all so easy when she was a newborn but now that she’s able to walk and talk I feel like I’ve truly become a parent.

I was introduced to Handy on recode by a friend of mine. She has four kids and lives in a two bedroom apartment, so I can only imagine her struggle while secretly being grateful for mine. If you haven’t heard of Handy let me give you just a small run down of what it is and the services that they provide. I do want readers to keep in mind that Handy is not available everywhere and is mostly in major cities. However, they are expanding exponentially so chances are you will have a Handy cleaning service in your town or near you within a year or so.

Handy was invented in 2012 and it was once known as Handybook. I definitely prefer the name Handy. The reason for invention was to solve a day old problem that people have had trouble with since forever, finding reputable people to clean their house or provide other household services. Let me elaborate on the household services part for just a second. While I personally use Handy only for their cleaning services, they do offer many other types of services and, of course, they are all provided by reputable licensed and trustworthy people. Handy does a very thorough background screening for all of their potential employees.

Besides the go to cleaning services, Handy will also offer plumbing, handyman, electrical, moving help, painting and even furniture assembly. So if for some reason you are just stumped on how to install that new end table from IKEA, no need to fret, simply hire someone from Handy to assemble the end table for you. Once Handy is available in more than just the 28 cities they are in now the world is definitely going to benefit. I’ve had people call me lazy for using services like Handy but honestly, they are a company that is doing right by their employees. They’re paying them decent wages and supplying people with a service that has been in high demand for quite some time now. I deeply recommend trying out Handy’s services whether it be the cleaning or even the moving help because you are not going to be disappointed. Their employees that come to your home are nothing but cordial, polite, and most importantly professional. Give them a try today.

North American Spine is Now Offering Better and Safer Procedures for Spine Patients

Nobilis Health, which is a publicly-traded firm, acquired the North American Spine just recently. North American Spine is actually the parent company to AccuraScope procedure, which is recognized nationally and very known for its effectiveness.
North American Spine reviews ( agree that they will now be proud to give its customers more and better treatment options, from its board-certified and experienced spine surgeons who are in its family of less invasive spine procedures due to the acquisition. For most patients, just a single procedure is never effective , and this has led to the addition of new and better minimally invasive procedures in the North American Spine .this is actually very good news to all the back or neck pain patients.
For the AccuraScope together with the CuraSpine patients, they get the minimally invasive decompression treatments to reduce pressure on their spinal nerves, while the SecuraSpine offers stabilization using small incisions for the patients who are believed to have instability in the spine. When compared to the traditional open back surgery, the new minimally invasive procedures are giving smaller incisions, which in return offer fewer chances of complication, and the patients are able to recover faster.
While giving some explanations about the change of things, the CEO of Nobilis health said that they were very happy to take the step. He acknowledged that any patients that were previously not suitable for the treatment can get the minimal invasive procedures at their modern facilities.
Nobilis Health is believed to actually own and operates several surgical facilities everywhere in the United States. The firm is always committed to develop and increase the access to medicine and healthcare for all the Americans in the low-cost outpatient settings. The company manages to do this by using the recent developments in the medical technologies. Nobilis gives the spine patients a very holistic continuum of treatment, offering the spine patients a return to normal life without chronicback pain or neck pain that is usually caused by bulging or even herniated discs, sciatica and other diagnoses.
North American Spine is actually the exclusive firm that offers the AccuraScope Procedure, which is a minimally invasive surgery to the spine. Typically it only takes 45 minutes or less to treat any back pain which is chronic. Until today, they have managed do to more than 8000 procedures. The procedures are done by qualified physicians who have specifically been trained on how to do it. The procedure has a very high rate of success.

Frans Schoeman assists in issues of commercial and corporate law

There are several laws that affect how businesses interact with each other, its internal publics, and the government. These laws are broadly categorized as corporate and commercial law. It is important to differentiate which law governs particular aspects of the business.

The corporate law governs how directors, employees, shareholders, creditors together with other stakeholders in a firm such as the greater community, or customers interact with each other. Corporate law is part of the law of business associations. The law also covers associations such as partnerships; organizations limited by guarantee such us charitable organizations, and trust entities such as pension funds.

Commercial law

The commercial law deals with the relations, the rights, and the conduct of businesses and individuals that are engaged in commerce. Certain issues of sales, merchandising, and trade are considered part of the civil law rather than commercial law. Commercial law also governs such issues carriage by sea or land, bills of exchange, letters of credit, merchant shipping, titles as agent and principal, guarantee when it comes to life, marine and fire, accident insurance. This law is also used to regulate hiring practices, sales of consumer goods and manufacture of goods. The commercial law also regulates corporate contracts.

In the United States, The Congress polices the commercial law. It is in its power to regulate interstate commerce. There is also a Uniform Commercial Code that is a set of commercial laws adopted by over fifty states and territories in the US. Commercial law is applied when a company is interacting with third parties in terms of reseller agreements, terms and conditions and license agreements. The commercial law also handles disputes that involve the intellectual property rights and patents.

Frans Schoeman, Director at Phatsima Diamond law firm in South Africa has in-depth knowledge in various aspects of both the commercial law and corporate law. He has adequate knowledge, experience, and excellence in applying his knowledge in the local and international business fields. This has seen Phatsima Diamond work with several medium and big commercial entities both in South Africa and on the international scene. Frans Schoeman has won multi-million dollar lawsuits for his clients in various lawsuits. He can be of help to any firm that has legal issue with its publics such as shareholders and customers, business-to-business arbitration in terms of exchange of goods, trading, and infringement of intellectual property rights among others. He is also experienced in handling employment disputes and compensation issues between employers and employees.

Corporate law

Under the corporate law, all sizes of corporations are considered separate legal entities. The shareholders liability is either limited or unlimited. The shareholders are the owners of a corporation and run the company through the board of directors.

The board of directors delegates the daily running of the company to a team of executive staff. The shares of a public company are traded on a stock exchange. The two main parts of the corporate law are corporate governance that deals with power relation in a corporation and corporate finance that concerns itself with the rules set on the usage of capital.


CCMP Capital Looses One of Its Longest Serving President, Steve Murray

CCMP Capital is known to be a private equity investment company. The institution is currently based in the New York City. The company’s main agenda is to leverage the buyout and the growth in capital transactions. The company was previously known as JP Morgan Partners. It separated from the original partners, the JP Morgan Chase back in 2006. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on crunchbase is known to have actually invested so much in their transactions since it was started. Currently, it is estimated to have actually used $12 billion. In the year 2007, the company was actually ranked in number 17 as the biggest private equity funds internationally.

The CCMP Capital is recognized to have employed more than 50 individuals currently in its offices. Although the company has its headquarters in the New YorkCity, the firm has other offices in London, the Hong Kong and in Tokyo. In 2008, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital employed Mr. Greg Brennenmen to become its chair.

In the last two decades,the CCMP Capital is believed to have changed its names several times. The institution was originally started in the year 1984. When it was stated, it was actually known as the Chemical venture partners. The firm was known to be the private equity and it was also a venture capital in the chemical bank.

In 2007, Mr. Steve Murray joined the company, becoming its CEO. He actually replaced the company’s founder who was known as Mr. Jeff Walker. Murray worked for CCMP and its other predecessor firms from the year 1989. Unfortunately, he passed away just recently at the age of 52. He had previously resigned from his position in the company due to health issues, before he passed away.

Steve Murray was a private equity investor and also a great philanthropist. He worked for CCMP for a long period of time. He was actually a graduate from the Boston College. He graduated in in 1984, after getting a degree in economics. In the year 1989 he got a master’s degree in business administration, from the Columbia business school.Murray was known to be a great philanthropist. He served his community well, especially schools.

The current CCMP chairman, Greg Brennemarn, who succeeds Murray by becoming the CEO and also the president, acknowledged that the institution was saddened by the demise of their beloved friend and their former partner. He sends his condolences, lots of thoughts and prayers to Murray’s family, especially to his wife and children. According to Greg Murray was actually not only a founding partner of CCMP Capital, but also a quite a knowledgeable investor, a good deal maker, who had spent of his career in private equity. He will always be remembered because of his many achievements and his good deeds.

Beneful Dog Food Brings A Natural Feel To Any Pet Diet

Understanding the nutritional needs of any dog is something that pet parents have recently been becoming more concerned with as they seek to make sure their dog lives a long and healthy life. In the past, the need to understand the food a dog is being given had simply meant buying a dog food with a well known brand name. In the 21st century, the ability of pet parents to research the food their dog is being given is something that has meant major changes have taken place in the pet care industry. For Nestle Purina the change in research abilities the Internet has provided has not meant major changes have had to be made, but the introduction of the Beneful dog food brand has shown that natural products are more important than ever.

The Nestle Purina Beneful brand was born in 2001 to create the world’s second largest brand that can be found in all corners of the globe. The brand has always placed its focus upon the health and well being of the animals it prepares foods and snacks for, which includes the dogs that provide one of the largest markets for the pet care company. As increasing numbers of smaller brands have grown up offering naturally prepared products, the chance to purchase a natural dog food from a trusted pet care brand is more popular than ever with Purina’s Beneful brand.

The introduction of the Beneful brand on has been seen by many as being a reaction to the many all natural pet food products that began to appear in the early part of the 21st century. The Beneful brand was formed in 2001 and had grown in the fourth largest dog food brand across the planet by 2012. Beneful has made a commitment to offering a high quality product made from all natural ingredients without processed foods included.

Bringing forward the natural style products like Beneful is a good way of introducing the best available ingredients for Purina. One area the executives and employees of Purina have expressed their pride in has been the fact the Beneful brand had not been the subject of any recall by the end of 2014. Nestle Purina often takes a different approach to publicizing its products, which has been highlighted by the use of community based programs to raise the profile of the brand. Purina’s own dog food products sponsor a national agility skills competition for dogs of all categories and ages. The Beneful brand itself has also seen a rise in its profile following the introduction of a dog park building program, which has seen Beneful sponsor a number of parks constructed across the US.

The Clean Power Plan Gains The Backing Of Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth


The people of Reno and Olympic Valley are largely familiar with the views of the CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth. In an op-ed piece published by the Reno Gazette-Journal, Andy Wirth has given his views on the decision of the Reno local government to vote in favor of implementing California’s Clean Power Plan. This plan is designed to switch lare areas of the state to a clean and sustainable energy program, which will begin quickly to take over from the use of fossil fuels thought to cause damage to the environment of the world.

Andy Wirth has made a number of statements in his op-ed piece that include the fact that California is suffering beneath a number of environmental problems, which he believes are caused at least in part by fossil fuels use. The former volunteer firefighter explains that the wildfires causing such damage across California and the historic drought gripping the state are more than likely caused by the large carbon footprint the state has developed over the years. Wirth has recently been looking to use his tourism and resort management skills to assist the Reno area and Olympic Valley home of Squaw Valley to increase visitor numbers and cultural events in the area.

Wirth, who almost lost an arm in a 2013 skydiving accident states there is no time to waste in switching to clean, renewable energy sources. He states the poor air quality found throughout California and the environmental problems currently being seen are warning signs that the use of fossil fuels has hit a level that cannot be sustained. Andy Wirth believes the population and business leaders of California can act as pioneers in forcing politicians to accept the plan; wirth also believes the change to clean energy will have a positive economic effect on Reno and the surrounding area.

Lime Crime: Make-Up That Packs As Much Fun As A Box Of Crayons

Have you ever looked at the colors found in the display case of a department store make-up brand and felt utterly bored? If so, you will be intrigued by the rich, saturated and bold colors offered by Lime Crime cosmetic line on Amazon.

The palette of lip colors will give anyone a jolt. Staring at the colors that comprise the Unicorn lipstick line will transport you back to childhood and make you feel as though you are a kid staring at a freshly opened box of crayons and wondering what color to select first. So many of the colors look so enticing, it is hard to choose which crayon to pull out of the box first to begin building your world. Nine times out of ten, this decision resulted in the choice to dump all the crayons out of the box at once. Sometimes you might have even grabbed a few colors at once as you scribbled to your heart’s delight. The Unicorn lipsticks are similar to a box of crayons, and you’ll feel an urge to give these colors a whirl whether it is the ice blue “No She Didn’t” or the sunny yellow hued “New Yolk City” or perhaps the glistening emerald “Serpentina”. You might also gravitate towards beautiful colors like “Geradium” or “Great Pink Planet”.

Your eyes don’t want to be left out of the fun! You can continue to add much color to your face’s beautiful canvas by checking out Lime Crime‘s fun silver and gold eyeliners and expected colors such as “Orchidaceous”, “Citreuse” and “Blue Milk”. Lime Crime’s Zodiac Glitter line will further inspire you with colors such as the beautiful glittering indigo color of “Aquarius” to the statuesque gold of “Leo”. No matter what your astrological sign, these eye shadows are saturated and dynamic. In a single stroke, you can dial up the intensity of any look. The Zodiac Glitter is so versatile, that patrons have started using it to their lips and even nails. It can be beautiful to combine two Zodiac Glitter eye shadows for a stunning ombre effect.

Speaking of nails, they will love to be coated by the whimsical colors offered by Lime Crime. The creamy pastel hues are sweet as candy. The “Once In A Blue Mousse” color is stunning as the soft yellow of “Crema de Limon”. This palette of colors compliments each other and would be especially fun to use when creating nail art.

The Lime Crime cosmetic line is full of exciting colors that will awaken your inner child. Whether you are looking for playful lip color, eye shadow with a side of serendipity or nail colors that are reminiscent of candy mints, the Lime Crime line is full of tantalizing options. More often the question is not just “what color?”, but rather “which color should I try first?”. It is wonderful to have colorful options.

Citadel LLC CEO Kenneth C. Griffin Is A Great Success Story

Kenneth Griffin, Harvard graduate and founder and CEO of Chicago based hedge fund Citadel LLC, has accomplished a lot. But he is not yet 50 years old so he has the potential to make an even bigger impact on the financial services industry and the city of Chicago. As a college freshman, while others were still trying to find their way around campus, he began an investment fund. He stared a second one in his sophomore year and by the time he graduated in 1989, the two funds combined to give his a total of more than $1 million under investment.

While that would have been a crowning achievement for many people, the investment career of Kenneth Griffin was just beginning. When an investor placed $1 million under his charge soon after graduation, Griffin surprised him and promptly earned him a 70% return on his investment. By the time Griffin started Citadel in 1990, he had over $4 million. By 1998, Citadel had over a billion dollars under management and had grown to over 100 employees. The collaborative workplace Griffin helped to create and the investments he made in his employees led Citadel to be voted one of the top financial services organizations in which to work.

Griffin’s hedge fund management skills and investment acumen also paid major dividends. He was routinely lauded in magazines including Forbes and Fortune, and he was a billionaire before he turned 40. He had quickly grown to become a major force to be reckoned with in the financial services industry and an inspiration to young investors and hedge funds managers worldwide. He seemed to have an eye for opportunity and a golden touch and people that invested with Citadel were making money hand over fist. He had far exceeded the promise he had shown in college and he was still a very young man.

But the Daytona Beach, Florida native has shown he is much more than an investment wunderkind. He is also exceptionally generous with his wealth, his knowledge, and his time. Griffin has donated in excess of $500 million to a wide variety of organizations, institutions, and causes. He has given over $11 million to his church and tens of million to organizations throughout Chicago that serve children and the public at large. He has even given a $150 million grant to Harvard to help with financial aid to underprivileged students to be able to afford the tuition.

Griffin loves art and is hailed as one of the most active art investors. When he paid $60 million for Cézanne’s paintings, Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl, it was a record. Still, Griffin turned around and loaned the pieces to the Art Institute of Chicago to put on display. He also gave the school a $19 million donation and made a $10 million donation to Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. He also volunteers to work on the boards of several Chicago institutions. Kenneth C. Griffin is a success by any definition of the word.