CipherCloud: Should you Trust the Cloud?

What most of us want to know as we save more and more data, files, and images to the cloud is: Is it safe? With CipherCloud’s AE 256-bit encryption and data loss prevention those concerns are no longer relevant.

For those of you that are unaware, encryption is a code that keeps others from easily accessing your private data, only those with the key can access your data and files. Therefore, with CipherCloud encryption, a hacker would not only have to hack into your cloud storage, but break the encryption code as well. By using CipherCloud encryption, data is encrypted before leaving the company for storage in the cloud, therefore the company maintaining the key has control over access to “plain text” data. Plain text is what the data looks like prior to encryption.

According to Marc Andreessen, Co-Founder of Andreessen Horowitz in, “The future of the cloud, 5 minutes with Marc Andreessen and CipherCloud” when asked by Paige Leidis, CMO of CipherCloud, …as the cloud is continuing to grow and more and more users within companies are using cloud-based applications… where do you think CipherCloud fits…? Marc Andreessen stated, “With CipherCloud the potential of the cloud is fully unlocked, without CipherCloud, we think companies are taking a lot of risks.

What is the Advantage of Cloud Storage for Business?

The biggest advantage for businesses is financial. A large business using the cloud for storage will save millions on the purchase of servers and personnel to maintain those servers. However, most businesses such as medical, banks, and other financial institutions worry about data protection, and rightly so. According to a USA Today report, in the last year 43 percent of all businesses reported some type of data breach. And, those are just the businesses that reported a breach. Imagine how many were breached and did not even know about the breach. Many businesses do not even realize they have had an information gathering breach.

Why it’s so important?

As stated above, at least 43 percent of all businesses had a breach, utilizing CipherCloud provides “multiple layers of security.” The servers are password protected, so that a hacker would have to know the password. However, with the growing number of hackers using sophisticated intrusion devices, such as malware, to capture keystrokes and others means of detection. It is only a matter of time before your server or cloud password is compromised. With CipherCloud encryption and secure storage of keys, those extra layers of protection spell too much trouble for most hackers who will go elsewhere. Every thief knows in a parking lot full of cars, that is it smarter to search for a car owner that left their key in the ignition, than it is to attempt forcing a secure car open and risk an alarm.

What You Should Learn About Finding Reliable Healthcare Companies

The health of any individual forms the most basic parts of life. It is necessary to get a good healthcare provider so as to keep your health in check and to help control some complicated conditions. Searching for a healthcare provider can prove daunting especially if you lack the right information to do so. There are many healthcare companies that you can work with but making the right choice has been a problem among many people. Also, most of these companies are run by individuals who are only after making money only to offer low quality services. This does not imply there are no reliable companies. What matters is how well you choose among different companies. The first thing you need to hold into consideration according to cantechletter is the number of years a company has been operational. This will help you make a better decision as there different companies that have just been inexistence for few years and their experience record has become questionable. Take some time to check on the reputation and past records of different companies in the market. This will help you spot a company that is able to offer quality services that will help you overcome many challenges. Also confirm about the rates offered by the company as some are too expensive tow work with. However, make sure the rates offered match with your budget level and that are within the right level. Tools and equipment also determine the ability of a company to deliver. So check whether they have modern tools and able personnel t handle different conditions. Nobilis Health is among well organized healthcare companies, which have been in business for over ten years, offering top quality services. The company is well equipped with the bets staff, who are regularly trained to keep up with current trends in the healthcare sector. Working with them, you are assured of quality as they are also well registered and insured to help make their work flawless. The company is responsive and will attend to different situations in time once they are called to action. Therefore, working with Nobilis Health is a sure way to achieve your plans.

Quest Proposes To Purchase 100% Of Slyce

Quest has proposed a purchase of 100% of Slyce stock for a price of 85 cents a share. The shares represent a investment that reaches in the millions of dollars. The letter to Slyce was first reported by MarketWired, but the letter has not received a response. Industry experts are now left to wonder what an acquisition would men for Slyce. Going private presents a new methodology for the company, but Slyce could produce amazing technology like image recognition if they go private. This article explores what a sale would do to Slyce.

#1: Is Quest Offering A Fair Price?

Quest is willing to pay over 400% more than the current price of Slyce stock, and the company is intent on making this transaction happen. Quest believes that its offer is fair to the shareholders of Slyce, and Quest believes that it can change the way Slyce does business. This is a simple decision to make from the outside looking in, but Slyce may see it differently.

#2: Slyce Is Independent

Slyce likely believes that it can produce better technology while working as an independent company. The capital offered by Quest could help Slyce produce quite a lot of new technology, and the universal reader that has been proposed is the most important to Quest. Slyce could complete the universal reader on its own, but Quest is convinced that its money will help pay to get the universal reader to market faster.

#3: Is Slyce Listening?

Slyce has not listened to any proposal sent by Quest, and the most recent letter from Quest suggests that Slyce will not respond to any offers. Industry experts believe that Slyce could do well under this proposed deal, but there is nothing to say that Slyce will take the deal. Everything coming out in the media today is based on speculation. Slyce may continue to ignore Quest in the future, but Slyce will eventually come to the conclusion that more money is a good thing.

An infusion of capital from Quest will help pay off the stockholders of Slyce, and taking Slyce private could help the company produce better technology in the future. Quest’s main focus is the universal reader that Slyce has been working on, but Slyce could become a media giant under the watchful eye of Quest. Only time will tell if the deal is accepted by the Slyce board of directors before Quest backs out.

Achievements of CipherCloud

There are tech companies that are changing the world in virtually all perspectives. One of the globally renowned tech firms is CipherCloud. CipherCloud is a big cloud security firm that is based in California, USA.

The firm offers cloud services while ensuring safety, control and compliance. Its cloud security platform provides comprehensive cloud discovery, usage, application, risk assessment and data protection. Among its credible data protection plans include data loss prevention, searchable firm’s encryption, tokenization, key management, malware detection, and anomaly detection services and extensive user operation.


The CipherCloud’s platform works as a gateway that encrypts input data in real time before sending it into a cloud environment through Searchable Strong Encryption. The SSE is validated by FIPS 140-2, and the secured data is only decrypted when an authorized cloud user retrieves it from the virtual. The platforms’ encryption keys are stored internally and are never accessible by the user’s server; they are not even shared with the cloud provider.

The CipherCloud platform also applies tokenization. Tokenization is the process of replacing a sensitive data component with an equivalent non-sensitive component. It also provides lost data recovery solutions, malware detection and cloud environment monitoring services.


In April 2015, CipherCloud won ten prizes at the grand Info Security Global Excellence event. The awards included the Company Growth and the Grand Trophy Winner of the Year and other eight awards in eight different categories.

Earlier in February 2014, CipherCloud’s CEO, Pravin Kothari, had been crowned as the CEO of the Year during the same innovative award ceremony. In February and April 2013, CipherCloud won the SC Magazine’s Excellence Awards in the category of Information Security Product. Still in 2013, the company was crowned as the Best Emerging Technology in the field of Information Security. In April 2011, Gartner announced CipherCloud as among its “Cool Vendors” who deal with cloud security.

The Colorful Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an artistic and contemporary business women. She actually is the owner of a unique and vibrant make-up brand which is amazing the field of cosmetics known as Lime Crime. Doe has always been serious about a completely new idea of make-up items.

A beauty and style fan she’s aware females wish for something appealing and different when it comes to their makeup products. For that reason she produced Lime Crime and only has the most modern hues and colors from her creative imagination. There is nothing standard concerning this make-up and that’s exactly why a great number of girls love it.

Doe is recognized for her unique colors and tones because of this, Lime Crime is exclusive. The lip gloss is rather amazing of course because it is extremely shinny with shimmer implanted within it. Doe has no fear when it comes to adopting make-up ideas on that you won’t ever see in other product brands of cosmetics.

Doe transferred to the united states from Russia to utilize her inventiveness and creativity. She sought to be a famous singer and but then came to the realization of her interest for beauty. Doe also known as the Unicorn Queen decided to developed her fantasy makeup line Lime Crime. 

The make-up delivers lipsticks in shades like fuchsia pink, lilac grey, pastel lavender. Doe is involved with all the elements of her business and is always thinking about new innovative colors. She recalls constantly experimenting with color when she was a young girl. This is what she is so good at and it shows in her makeup line. 

Doe Deere is talented and uses all her creative abilities to make her cosmetics stand out from all the rest. She makes certain that even her nail polish line features vivid shades like pastelchio, peaches and cream, and crema de limon. Doe herself enjoys dressing up on pinterest and changing into many different looks. There are several photos of her throughout the internet if you are seeking inspiration. 

Doe proves to women that make-up is something that may be beneficial to express the many feeling we may feel. This is why she was so determined to create a line of makeup that is so shocking. She loves the fact that everything about her and her company is non conventional. Doe has unveiled a completely new and wonderful hair dye series in a similar manner overflowing with spectacular colors like lilac, orange, and grey.

There is also a massive amount of info about natural beauty and trends within the online Lime Crime store. Doe is very active in everything that is going on in entertainment and fashion. If you love makeup like me you will love the cosmetic line that Doe Deere has created.

I really appreciate the work that Doe has put into Lime Crime. Her own style is a motivation to try new things with makeup. Her confidence in color and creativity is making her name very well known within the make-up product world.

Dog Food for a Healthy

Dogs are human companions who deserve good nutritious food. Taking care of your dog is important. Dog food is food specifically for man’s best friend. Dogs have despite their carnivorous nature managed to adapt to human food. It’s important to note that some food that is consumed by humans is dangerous to canines. Favourite foods like grapes, chocolate and macadamia nuts are dangerous.

There are various types of dog food. Wet foods are the foods with high moisture content that are cooked at high temperatures and sealed. They include most canned foods. Dry foods contain low moisture content are of three classes, extruded foods, flake foods and biscuits. They mostly contain meat or can be served with meat. Semi-moist is another category of dog food. They make the most ordinary food served for dogs in America, mostly packed in sachets.

You are at liberty to choose the type of food you want to feed your dog. Many people base their choice on price and on what they think their dog loves. Always make sure your dog has access to water. It’s important to ensure you feed your dog whole foods during meal times. These are nutritionally complete foods with the right amounts and quantity for your pet. Complementary foods are not meant to be eaten alone. They act as snacks in the dog world. When doing your shopping always remember to check that out.

There are several brands of dog food out there. When making a choice, good reviews are imperative. Personally, I feed Zaffy Beneful foods. Have tried other brands but she just didn’t like it.

Beneful is manufactured by the critically acclaimed Nestle Purina Petcare. It offers wet, dry and complimentary dog treats. It’s among the five largest dog food companies in America with revenues of more than $1.5 billion annually. Beneful is very nutritious and by appearance looks like stew and beef pieces.

The company was founded in 2001.A $ 34 million advertising campaign ensured it was generating $ 300 million in revenue by 2006.Beneful has a YouTube channel where it shows dog owners with their pets. These dogs are fed exclusively on Beneful.It has also launched several promotions where they install billboards customised to attract dogs only. These promotions have left a big impression on people.

My like for Beneful is because of the much instructional content they have. They also package their products in an easy to understand easy to deliver way. There is beauty in how they define dog food. For them simplicity is key.Zaffy loves Beneful prepared meals. It has eight flavours that come to their containers. In the eight years have had Zaffy, she has always enjoyed this meal as a treat.

Every Dog owner loves their pet.You knows it deserves good food. Choosing the right food is crucial. It’s very unfair to treat such adorable creatures to yuck food. As for my Zaffy and me, we found love in Beneful.It’s the perfect food for the perfect companion’.