Heathy: A Way of Life for the Whole Family

A health craze has hit the nation. Families everywhere are going organic, exercising more, and trying to live as healthy as they possibly can. For families like this, that healthy lifestyle is not only for the humans in their family, but also reaches out to their family pets as well. Pet owners want to make sure that their tiny family members are getting all the nutrients they need for a happy, healthy, and playful life. Dog food companies all over the globe are listening to the needs and wants of these owners and creating dog foods with the complete health and wellness of your four legged family members in mind.

Purinastore’s Beneful is one of these companies. They are getting in there and showing you that your entire family is important to them. After all, when your dog is healthy and playful, it even helps the kids be more active and spend less time in front of the television. They will get out there and play with your pet. Healthy dogs are active, playful, and smart. Beneful knows what it takes to make sure that your pet can be all three of these things by giving it the right nutrition.

Fresh ingredients is the key to making amazingly healthy food for your dog. Beneful uses ingredients like beef, chicken, and salmon to make sure your pet gets the nutrients it needs. To get even more vitamins and minerals in there, they add fresh veggies like carrots and peas and top it off with barely to give your pets energy. This amazing food has everything your pet needs at a taste that they will love, and a price that will have you wondering why you haven’t switched to Beneful yet.

Skeptics say that the bigger companies just aren’t willing to compete with the smaller companies that are producing high quality, fully organic pet foods. Well, they are wrong. The big dog food companies know where the market is and know what it takes to make their customers and their pets the happiest people on earth. They are bringing out their own lines of healthy and hearty dog foods that will make the whole family happy, while not breaking the families budget.


The Premium Dog Food Industry Seeing Unprecedented Growth

Beneful is a dog food brand that has made a name for itself through the quality of its product and the creativity of its marketing. The brand is owned by Nestle Purina Petcare and was brought to the public in 2001. The brand made a name for itself with some innovative advertising ideas, such as having a television ad that had high pitched sounds only dogs could hear. This type of marketing led to the brand bringing in revenues of more than 1.5 billion dollars in 2012 and being one of the top five most popular dog foods.

Beneful is proud to provided customer with more than 20 different varieties for their dogs. The recipes contain real chicken, beef, pork or lamb and have a wide variety of nutrients from fresh plants like rice, barley, carrots and green beans. Consumers can choose between treats, dry dog food and Beneful wet dog food and each of those three options have further options. The food has a variety of textures from thick chunks to thin slices that are crispy.

The Daily Herald published an article covering the current changes happening in the pet food industry. It discussed how newer dog food companies are coming into the market with alternative ideas to what dog food should look like. Freshpet is one such company. They offer a new type of dog food that needs to be refrigerated. The company is using the marketing strategy of putting all of the refrigerated items in their own branded refrigerated cases. Consumers can find these display cases in almost 15,000 stores, including Target, Whole Foods Market, Amazon and Wal-Mart.

Freshpet also has a line of food call Vital Raw. This line of dog food emulates the recent human food trend of paleo diets. In other words, the company allows you to feed your dog what its wolf ancestors would have eaten in the wild several hundred years ago. The food includes ingredients like raw chicken and beef, as well as ingredients like spinach, kale and sweet potatoes and probiotics.


Marijuana Use May Affect Memory as You Age

The results of a recent study were reported on CNN regarding those who smoked weed regularly as teens remember fewer words when they enter middle age. The study had been posted online by JAMA Internal Medicine (see a complete version at the Jon Urbana About Me profile) and shows marijuana is becoming more popular with the young in the United States.

According to the study marijuana was connected to poor verbal memory in those currently using it and those who had a lifetime of use history showed worse performance in verbal memory, processing speed and cognitive function. The study did not show if only occasional use affected any of these areas.

Each five year segment of use of marijuana makes verbal memory lower. Those participating in the study lost about one word from a list of 15 for each of the five years. The study was a fair mix of women, men, blacks, whites and varying education levels, to show an overall projection of the population.

More research is needed on this subject according to one of the authors of the study, Dr. Reto Auer. There has not been much done in the way of looking at effects of marijuana use over a long period of time. New liberalization of medical marijuana use in the United States is making it easier for adolescents to use this substance on a daily use so it is important to find out how the increased numbers of users are going to be affected in the long run.

Breaking Fashion Rules with Doe Deere

Introducing Doe Deere
Controversial with her fashion sense; Doe Deere is definitely a woman who marches to her own individual style beat. Her “signature” style -although she enjoys changing her look up with different colors and patterns- she is known for is her colorfully dyed hair, bright platform and heeled Mary-Jane buckle shoes and her rainbow makeup and fashion. It’s rare or impossible to see Doe Deere in any outfits that are all neutral colors or all black.

Aside from her sometimes outrageous and completely out of this world Harajuku influenced fashion sense Doe Deere is famous for being a popular beauty entrepreneur in the Los Angeles Area and on the web. She is the CEO and founder of the makeup products company: Lime Crime. This company has makeup that is as equally colorful, artistic and imaginative as Ms. Doe Deere herself. Lime Crime was started in 2007-2008, and the makeup brand has grown in popularity ever since.

Fashion Rules Do Not Apply to Doe Deere
While she’s an incredibly fashionable woman, Doe Deere unsurprisingly does not adhere to any fashion rules that many fashion gurus have laid down that many fashionistas claim are the golden, unbreakable rules of fashion sense. So what are the rules in particular that Doe Deere breaks all the time?

  • Bold Eye with a Bold Lip
  • Mixing Colors for an Outfit
  • Combining Patterns for an Outfit
  • Socks with Sandals or Open Toe Shoes
  • Having Colored Hair and Only Wearing Neutrals
  • Dressing For Your Age
  • Dressing Only For Special Occasions

The Reasons Behind Doe Deere’s Fashion Rule Breaking
The simplified reasoning behind Doe Deere breaking fashion rules is that she likes to have the artistic freedom to dress exactly how she envisions. Applying her makeup to have both a bold eye shadow look and her lips to have a bold lip color is something Doe Deere does like a class act. She loves to break that rule as it does have a pretty effect. Mixing colors and patterns for outfits is something she does with ease while still looking fashionable by either using complementary colors or colors close on the color wheel. Surprisingly Doe Deere breaking the no socks with sandals rule works because she usually wears frilly socks or rainbow socks with decoration. Doing this actually looks adorable and cute. The fact that Doe Deere wears many colors while also sporting her ever changing hair colors also seems to be a good move on her part. She usually chooses complementary colors of her current hair color for the clothing that she selects. Doe Deere doesn’t allow age or lack of a special occasion to alter how she dresses either, which is admirable and proves just how much of a fashion free spirit she is.

The Ordeal of Yeonmi Park: Fact or Fiction?

Thousands of people have read the true story of Yeonmi Park. They cannot believe the horror she lived in North Korea and during her escape to freedom in South Korea. She chronicles the incredible events that took place during those years in her book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Yeonmi and her family lived under a dictator’s rule in North Korea. Poverty, lack of food and desperation were experienced every day. She was thirteen years old when she and her mother secretly left the country in 2007. They endured starvation, abuse, and thoughts of suicide during the years of their journey. They traveled through China, the Gobi desert, Mongolian border and finally their destination of South Korea. She and her mother finally found freedom but without her father. He died due to untreated cancer shortly before reaching their goal. According to the article on Reason.com (https://reason.com/blog/2015/11/15/yeonmi-parks-north-korean-defector-story), skeptics like Pyongyang have tried to discredit parts of her story. Yeonmi and her mother have been accused of being American agents or liars exaggerating tales about their native country. Yeonmi sticks to what she has written and explains that some details were modified to protect family who still live in the country. Other statements that have been misunderstood are a result of her inability to speak proper English when writing the memoir. She and her mother were victims of sexual abuse. Even though the events were no fault of their own, Yeonmi Park still feels shame for herself and family from what happened. She preferred to remain vague when describing the violations since she was only thirteen years old when they occurred. There are thousand of refugees who have escaped North Korea due to political persecution and abuse. For Yeonmi to exaggerate the truth would void the credibility of what these escapees suffered. She and others like her know the true facts about North Korea. They are going public with their stories so the entire world knows.

Coriant Makes Leadership Changes With Shaygan Kheradpir Appointment

The leadership of any company is an area that can make or break the confidence of potential investors, particularly for a new company looking to gain a foothold within an industry. Coriant is a relatively new company having come into existence in 2013 when Marlin Equity Partners purchased the networking technology department of Siemens and a number of other companies developing new ways of creating networks for talk, text and data. Shaygan Kheradpir has taken on the role of CEO from experienced Marlin executive Pat DiPietro who served as the CEO to establish the initial steps in creating the company.

Shaygan Kheradpir has been an important figure in the development of the communications industry as he has served as an executive for many companies in the industry for more than 30 years. The chance to work in the industry was given to Kheradpir soon after the London born Cornell University graduate completed his Master’s degree by GTE Labs. Shaygan Kheradpir quickly understood the technology industry could not operate in the traditional ways of other industries and had to develop new strategies for developing new products.

After bringing success to GTE Labs and Verizon the leadership options for Kheradpir took him to the financial giant of Barclay’s, which saw the executive look to develop new technologies and develop his business skills with the banking corporation. This area of leadership is one that will serve Shaygan Kheradpir well as he looks to develop new technologies for Coriant in the future.

Pat DiPietro and Shaygan Kheradpir have been working together for the majority of 2015 to conduct a review of the working practices of Coriant, and seek out the best areas for increasing the profits of the company in 2016 and beyond. The arrival of Shaygan Kheradpir at Coriant adds a further layer of experience and skill to the Coriant brand through the success he has achieved in his three decades of experience as a technology executive.