Brazil’s Most Prestigious Bank President Recap

Every year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. This show is very important because it details all of the present and future technology that consumers use in their everyday lives. In the past this event featured devices and appliances such as DVD players, VCR machines and plasma TVs. The latest editions to the CES includes electric cars, smart home technology and drones.
Marcio Alaor is the executive of BMG which is a financial comany in Brazil. This organization provides credit card, loans and many more banking services to companies and consumers in Brazil. Alaor attended the CES in Nevada to find new types of consumer electric products that will be making their way into Brazil.

Some of the discoveries made by Marcio Aloar included drones that are designed to carry a person from one location to the next. The some of the smart technology that was available at the event included a refrigerator that can take pictures to let a person know when they need to replace more items. There was also an electric car that operates off of pure electricity without the use of gasoline.

Other exciting forms of new technology that was presented at the event included the 3D printable prosthetic hand for people who are missing this limb. There was also a pair of smart sunglasses that automatically adjusts to filter light. There was even a keyboard device that allowed musicians to shape sounds simply by making gestures with their fingers.

Many people who attend the CES know that the show is important for consumer markets everywhere. DMG often scouts out the events to determine what types of technology are going to be popular within the near future. They then set up investment strategies according to their findings.

Aloas and his company informs people about the technology that will be hitting consumer markets. This information will help businesses and individuals within Brazil’s economy to purchase, market and then sale these newly found products to people who are interested in buying them. You can find out more about the CES and Aloas at Exame.

Raising Money for Autism One Concert at a Time


Perhaps one of the most widely debated childhood labels on today is autism. With an increase in the number of children identified, autism has gained momentum although there is still so little known about it. One prominent British millionaire put his ‘money where his mouth is’ in his crusade to power ahead the funding needed to support and grow autism research.

Sanjay Shah, the above mentioned British millionaire, was smacked across the face when his son was diagnosed at the age of two. Soon, Shah realized the need for more information about autism and decided to funnel money into a cause in which he would be directly involved.

Growing up in the sought-after neighborhood of Marylebone in Central London, Shah pursued a path in medicine before surrendering to the boring office life of an accountant. From this money manager career, he gained immense knowledge and revenue resulting in his early retirement at the tender age of 43. This opportunity enabled him with the time and money necessary to form his own company of Solo Capital UK.

Solo Capital afforded him the blessing of working with Done Events which produced an annual festival of music in Dubai. Having his hands in this effort sparked an idea for Shah to found his own charity for autism. Autism Rocks was born and the rest is history.

Autism Rocks generates fundraising through hosting private concerts around the globe. VIPs are invited to these concerts where big names in the music business are paid to perform and what follows are some of the heftiest donations to be seen. Shah quickly realized that children with autism need as much ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy as possible to enhance the child’s development; however, the expense of this therapy was simply not possible for many families.

Shah reached out to see how he could help. The first big assistance came in the purchasing of two minibuses for the hospital’s use. Shah’s son’s image adorns the sides of these minibuses so the ones they supported are easy to spot throughout their home city. Shah invests his own money to coordinate and put on these shows.

A $1 million investment set the stage for a mega two-night event where a jazz-inspired festival was born. Known as Blended, for its half reggae and half jazz heritage, this festival kickstarted the work of Autism Rocks. Teaming with the likes of Prince, Shah was able to organize a top-secret show in under 3 weeks of catapulting his own charity into the world. Now leaders in the industry are paid to showcase their talent in a more humbled venue of a crowd of 500-1000.

The future is bright for Sanjay Shah and his Autism Rocks charity. As can be detailed in many headlines and even a release on Register FCA, Shah aspires to work on an album. This album would be the love child of a variety of pop artists gifting one track a piece into a spectacular album that not only sounds good to the ears, but leaves the heart feeling good as well.

Advice on Raising Employee Job Satisfaction From Darius Fisher

When Darius Fisher needs to lower employee turnover, he looks to improve employee job satisfaction. There are ways of allocating time and funds that produce actual results. Regardless, most methods of improving employee job satisfaction require someone become more involved with workers. Follow these tips to boost job satisfaction to keep employees returning to work over many years.

Offer Incentives
Ask employees about the things they want and believe they deserve. Many of them will likely have some suggestions to contribute to the incentive plan. Of course, the decisions are just guidelines to the end result, but listen to your workers to truly understand where their interests lie.

Encourage Significant Work
Give your team recognition when they do great things together or as individuals. Send emails, post bulletins or simply give them a moment of conversation. Regardless, as long as someone begins to show them care and respect about the work they do, they will be less eager to leave because they will picture leaders as people rather than bosses.

Update Workers
Use technology to make communications quick, easy and frequent. Most people do not enjoy being told about a project at the last moment and many do not have “last-minute” time and patience to dedicate. Too many failures to communicate, and the employees will start to take their skills elsewhere.

Great Example
Darius Fisher is the leader of a successful company, Status Labs, that offers online reputation management services to clientele from over 35 countries. With contributions from Darius, the company has developed partnerships that has allowed them to achieve the level of strength it is currently exuding over the industry. More than 1,500 customers have been served, and the business is still going strong.

Passionate Leader
After graduating from Vanderbilt University with honors, Darius Fisher joined political consulting and copywriting. Now, he leads Status Labs through client agreements and works to expand the company further past its three offices in New York, Austin and Sao Paolo. Darius Fisher also spreads his business knowledge to others by speaking at events about the lessons he has learned across his career of fixing social crises.

Doe Deere: Its Ok To Break Some Fashion Rules

Every year, many magazines love to print large fashion rules for women to abide in. However, the editors of these magazines do not understand that its not a big deal to break some of these fashion and beauty rules once in a while and still look good. The suggestions given by these magazines are good. They not only help individuals when they are uncertain about their makeup but also help people look good. They should however not bind you to follow them all the time. Some people like Ms. Wintour advocate for these beauty rules, but the famous beauty queen from Lime Crime thinks otherwise.

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the controversial Lime Crime Beauty Company. The beauty queen is respected for her beauty products that are used all over the world. She has a lot of talent when it comes to makeup, and she can play around with shades and colors.

According to Doe Deere, breaking some fashion rules is not a sin. She has her own fashion rules to break, and from her makeup line, you can clearly see some of the rules she breaks. Her makeup line consists of colorful, cruelty-free and whimsical glittering cosmetics. She has proven to the world that it is possible to be stylish when you have broken some of these rules. She gives some advice to the women who want to look different while staying aside from the beauty rules.

One of the things she tells her clients to the rule that states that women should not wear or mix too many colors. Colors can make all the difference in a woman’s look, and many people believe that too many colors can make someone look scary. Doe Deere has a different opinion to this. According to her, colors can enhance your looks if only there is the right coordination. She loves several colors too, and she wears them all together. When put down on a piece of paper, these colors may look horrible, but if perfectly coordinated, they look very good.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but her parents moved to the New York City where she was raised. She is the founder of the popular company known as Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her mission is to prove to the world that makes up can do more than just conceal the imperfections an individual has.

George Soros and Hillary Clinton’s Shared Vision


According to Politico, George Soros has given $8 million dollars to help fund her campaign. This is great news for the campaign that has often struggled for funds. In addition to giving money himself, George is watched as a sign for when others should give.
After building his own personal wealth and the wealth of his investors, George started the Open Society Foundation. This foundation and Hillary share many common goals. One thing that the foundation supports are international tribunals to hold war criminals accountable. During her 2009 tour to Kenya, according to the Guardian, Hillary says she hoped that the United States would join the an international criminal court. The Obama administration has remained divided. While George Soros had supported Obama over Hillary in 2008, the lack of support for an international criminal court has greatly frustrated him.
Secondly, the Open Society Foundation calls for transparency and accountability in government. The foundation is most concerned with those that have lots of natural resources. During her 2008 campaign, Hillary promised to make government as transparent as possible. She said that government documents should remain unclassified unless their is a high security reason to classify them. The foundation has helped to create the Transparency and Accountability Initiative that helps harness new technology to drive evidence based policy reforms.
Third, George’s foundation believes that government information should be readily accessible. According to On The Issues, Hillary wants to make sure everyone in the world has access to the Internet through a mobile device. She has also condemned China for denying dissidents Internet access. The Open Society Foundation believes that everyone needs a great education. They have committed over $30 million dollars to improve the quality of education for black and Latino men in New York City.
George Soros earnestly believes in his plans for an open society. Many of those same ideas are shared by Hillary Clinton. Together, they may move closer to the vision.

Euro Customers Buy FreedomPop Services

In the previous month, FreedomPop made an announcement that revealed its plans to release its MVNO service. The service will be offered through 25 carriers. By the end of the month every one of the 25 markets will be launched. Users are already enjoying free data, text and talk each month in limited supply. Users are encouraged to pay for more service. Additional funds have been given to FreedomPop. The resulting total is $190 million. This gives more fuel to add to its overseas launch campaign. Nicholas Constantinopoulos, who is the overseer of the international operations of FreedomPop states that the purpose for the company is to sell digital services.

Among the things he could get people to do is to pay for another phone number, or a new area code. FreedomPop also offers 200MB of free data in countries that support it. Any connected device could access the free data. Users can buy an additional 500 MB for $10. Among other items you can get from FreedomPop include a SIM card for $10 and a global hotspot at a price of $50.

The company serves more than 1 million users. A good portion of the customers make regular payments. The amount of people that have converted over to paid services total up to nearly 50% in the U.S. For Europe, there is a rate of 40%. The conversions are loyal and faithful to FreedomPop. Customers who stay with FreedomPop remain between 80 and 90 percent.

FreedomPop works with Axiata in the joint development of services and products for different markets around the world.

The original article can be found on FierceWireless.

Who is George Soros?

George Soros is the Founder of Soros Fund Management. He is currently worth nearly 25 billion dollars and has made many of his clients billions of dollars as well. Soros has made this money through wise investments and brave moves. He has been known to short currencies and provide his clients with a return of more than 30 percent, and sometime even 100 percent. The fund he founded is now worth 30 billion dollars.

With all of this wealth, Soros decided to pursue several philanthropic passions of his. He founded the Open Society Foundations in 1979 and immediately started pursuing its mission of fighting for more open societies, increased human rights and more transparent government. At first, Soros accomplished this by providing black South African students with university tuition during the apartheid era and providing support to dissidents in the Eastern Bloc. The charity is now in more than 100 countries and Soros has most recently put lots of effort into Europe and the refugee crisis. Soros strongly believes in the principles of the European Union and he is trying to help support them by assisting with the intake process of refugees and supporting institutions that emphasize revolutionary thinking in the social sciences department.

The Street has shown interest in Soros Fund Management’s decision to sell all of their stocks in Chesapeake Energy, Chevron and NRG Energy in the fourth quarter of 2015. The online newspaper was curious about what Soros knew that made him want to sell out. The article then went on to discuss the potential reasoning behind the sale. The reason was that the energy sector, as a whole, is suffering. Prices have been fluctuating wildly over the past few years. There have even been recent efforts, by oil producing nations, to freeze the production of oil so that the price could stabilize. This plan was foiled by Iran, who refused to freeze their production.

The article then cautioned investors to not necessarily follow Soros’ sale. Many energy sector companies will be releasing their earnings reports this week and that will give investors a true picture of where their money should go.

The article brought up another interesting point. It said that while consumers in America will now have more disposable income because energy costs are lower, there will be a price in another way. 5 percent of America’s jobs are in the energy sector. If this sector starts to slide, that means there are 9 million jobs on the line. And that does not include that energy accounts for 8.2 percent of the country’s gross domestic product that they export to others.

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Victoria’s Secret CEO Turney Resigns


The fashion world was surprised with the recent announcement that Victoria’s Secret CEO Sharen Jester Turney has tendered her resignation. Replacing Turney will be L Brands Inc. CEO Les Wexner. Vicotria’s Secret is a division of L Brands. Turner has been with Victoria’s Secret since 2006 and stated that she is resigning “to prioritize my family and my personal life and consider what’s next for me professionally.”

Turney’s departure creates turmoil, as Victoria’s Secret was L Brands “cash cow”, generating 66% of the parent company’s revenue. Insiders indicated that Turney was considered in line to succeed the 79-year-old Wexner. Wall Street took notice, after the public statement, to Turney’s resignation, causing shares to drop 3.0% to $81.87.

Wexner commented, “We have strong confidence in the strength of the brand and our growth opportunities, and I look forward to taking on a more active role and working with the talented leadership team at Victoria’s Secret.”

Established in 2010, Justfab Inc. is the leading online apparel and fashion company that provides appearance-conscious women with an avenue to find the latest and trendiest fashion. Its stable of brands includes JustFab, FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics.

Justfab Inc. provides women around the world new and exciting choices in apparel, jewelry, footwear and handbags every month.