Desiree Perez: Behind The Resurrection of Tidal

Hits Daily Double Writes of Desiree Perez, Jay Z Associate


According to a recent article in Hits Daily Double, Jay Z’s music streaming service Tidal has been achieving more success, thanks especially to Kanye West making his new album, The Life of Pablo, available exclusively on Tidal. That album pushed the Tidal app to its highest level of sales on the iTunes store, adding over a million trial members in just a few days.


However, West is just one of the prominent artist co-owners of Tidal. Others include Beyonce, Rihanna and T.I. Having exclusive access to their latest hits gives Tidal a competitive edge over Spotify and Apple.


Then the article asks who is responsible for convincing these A-List recording stars to put their hits exclusively on Tidal, and says it’s Desiree “Des” Perez, who has been a trusted associate of Jay Z for nearly 20 years. She has run Jay Z’s company SC Enterprises. Her husband, Juan Perez, runs Roc Nation Sports, Jay Z’s sports agency.


Apparently Perez is a tough negotiator and highly experience in both the music and sports industries. She negotiated the Formation tour for Beyonce and helped Rihanna with her deal with Samsung. She helped Jay Z manage the 40/40 Club in Manhattan.


Jay Z’s entertainment company Roc Nation is run by the Hova Circle of Influence, which includes Perez, Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim, TyTy Smith and Jana Fleischman. They are also the main force behind Tidal’s music streaming service. As a successful artist himself, Jay Z has great taste in popular music and many contacts throughout the industry, which he has successfully leveraged to give Tidal an edge. Des Perez gives him extra power to attract artists with new hits fans want to have right away.


Jay Z purchased Tidal from Aspiro, a Swedish tech company, and relaunched it as a new, hip startup streaming service with young, hip artists for young, hip fans. According to Jay Z, Tidal was a way for the music industry to take the art back from the tech companies. Tidal pays its artists higher royalties than Spotify. Prince and Jack White have also released music exclusively on Tidal.


Tidal introduced a feature unique to it, that of curated playlists. Subscribers can get playlists put together by Jay Z, Beyonce and Tidal’s staff. The service is unique in offering high quality, lossless audio through its Premium service. Aspiro launched Tidal in 2014, and Jay Z’s company Project Panther bought it early in 2015.

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