Tidal: Struggling Innovation May Get Second Chance


Samsung has once again started talks to acquire the High Fidelity music streaming service, Tidal, from rapper Jay Z, and may have written a check to Kanye West for its involvement in the rapper’s seventh studio album, The Life of Pablo. According to the New York Post’s Claire Atkinson, they have something very ambitious in the pipeline and are being highly discreet about it, in case it leaks.

In his column, I.B. establishes that Tidal is believed to be hemorrhaging upwards of 10 million dollars per year, and the new subscribers for recent exclusives from Rihanna, Kanye and Beyoncé don’t appear to be sufficient enough to make the business endeavor sustainable.

Google and Spotify are also interested in the company. They believe that the premium service can help boost the digital music services they currently offer. Rather than an acquisition, Spotify appears interested in a “powered by” fusion, creating “Tidal powered by Spotify.

Economic pressure is most certainly on Tidal’s shoulders, as it is struggling to make on-time payments on some of its royalty bills. So much so, that Jay Z himself has had to reach into his own pockets to sustain the company. Sprint and SoftBank were prospective investors at one point, but any would-be investments never materialized.

To ensure its survival, Tidal needs the security of a new home. Its value has dropped by as much as 150 million dollars, being currently valued at 100 million. At the time of its launch, it was valued at around 250 million.

Wherever talks and negotiations lead, a deep involvement from Jay Z’s woman behind the scenes, Desiree Perez, is certain. She has been a trusted close associate of Jay Z for nearly two decades and is the person orchestrating all the five-star exclusive artist plays at Tidal. She has an extensive trajectory running SC Enterprises, and with her husband, “OG” Juan Perez, runs Roc Nation Sports.

Perez is known to be a tough negotiator, an uncompromising numbers cruncher, and has a history and street reputation which has led the N.Y. Daily News to call her “Babe Ruthless.” She has been involved in negotiations for the Beyoncé Formation stadium tour, as well as in the Rihanna Samsung deal. She is also part of the Hova Circle of Influence which, along with her husband is comprised of individuals such as Jay Brown, TyTy Smith, Chaka Pilgrim and Jana Fleischman. This powerhouse is the team behind Roc Nation, its management wings, its label operations and publishing, as well as the force behind Tidal itself.

Fabletics: Soon to Be Just a Jog Away

One of the problems with purchasing athletic clothing online is that there is no way to verify the fit is correct until it’s already purchased and in your home. According to an article on Racked.com, this is soon to be a problem of the past. Fabletics, the famous Kate Hudson endorsed brand of athletic wear, is planning to open 75-100 brick and mortar stores over the next 3-5 years. It is currently slated to open its 7th store in the spring.

The great thing about the brick and mortar stores is that they will help to further drive subscriptions to the monthly delivery service. The subscription plan of Fabletics will be explained and offered in stores by highlighting the discounts that the monthly subscription service offers.

Previously this subscription service was a point of contention for some store shoppers. There were complaints that the subscription service was not properly explained, nor was it easy to cancel. Adam Goldenberg, a co-CEO of JustFab said that their page on Pinterest is now only seeing approximately 5-10 complaints a month all while sending out nearly 800,000 items. This is a more than an acceptable margin to most, but to Goldenberg, this is still an opportunity for improvement.

Fabletics explains the subscription service in detail. There is an opt-out period until the 5th of each month. During this time you can choose to skip a purchase. If you opt out before the 5th you will not be charged.

Read more: Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night

If you do not choose to opt out or do not do so in time, your credit card will be billed $49.95 on the 6th of the month. That fee then can be used to purchase or saved as credit. Memberships can be canceled at any time. However,cancellation requires you to call and speak with member services.

The Krazy Coupon Lady tried the service herself and left her review here. Overall she was pleased with her items and saw the initial $25 outfit as a steal. It’s definitely worth trying it out yourself. If you’re waiting to try out your outfit in stores, you won’t be waiting much longer. But don’t be deterred by the fear that your workout gear won’t fit. There is a size guide on JustFab.com that only requires that you know your measurements.

In the off chance that you still don’t care for your outfit, Fabletics offers 3 easy return options in the US and Canada. You can choose between a credit, exchange, or refund. Return shipping is even free to the contiguous US and $9 to the non-contiguous states and territories. The joy of Fabletics is that you’re never stuck with something you don’t like.

Learn more about Fabletics: http://www.businessinsider.com/fabletics-turnaround-story-2016-5

Brian Bonar Receives The Highest Professional Networking Honor in the Community

Brian Bonar was named as the Cambridge Finances representative executive of the year. Brian Bonar is the CEO and chairperson of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He was named as the Cambridge’s Who’s executive of the year in finances. Read more: Brian Bonar | LinkedIn

Only two males and female members in each discipline were named the Who’s executive of the year. The Cambridge, Who’s Who committee that was selecting nominees, chose these first nominees as honorees based on their accomplishment in the profession, academic, as well as their leadership capabilities.

With more than thirty years of corporate experience, in professional management in the financial sector, Brian Bonar has been uniquely positioned to oversee all the Dalrada Operations for the Dalrada Financial Cooperation. For more than a decade, he has been serving as the chairperson of the company as well as the CEO positions that were holding him solely responsible for wide employee selection as well as employee benefits and they’re after Mark products.

The company is acting as a marketing liaison that supplies its clients with broad varieties of employee programs that are set to increase the business efficiency. This also includes the employee benefits, insurance risk management as well as business and promotional management services. He is also the CEO and chairperson of the Smart-Tek Automated services incorporation as well as the president of Allegiant professional business service.

Dalriada financial corporation provides PEO services to businesses. Dalrada also offers a wide variety of selections to the employee and employer benefits as well as after Mark products.

The company is also a marketing liaison that supplies its clients with the broad variety of employee programs that increase the efficiency of businesses. This also includes the employee benefits as well as risk management insurance, financial management as well as business and promotional management services.

Brian Bonar is a fruitful and successful finance executive. Brian Bonar is the leader of the Truce, Incorporated. He also has extensive business leadership in other companies like the Dalrada Financial Corporation.

His early life was was full of success that can only be understood by his technical background. He is an expert in building a business structure that is said and that which can work. He received his bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering from the James Watt Technical College. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.whitepages.com/name/Brian-Bonar

He then went for further studies in masters in the university f Stanford University. He has worked for IBM as a procurement manager and at QMS as an engineering director.

FreedomPop Has Low Priced Services, So Pick One Of Their Services Today

If a consumer who is using a cell phone carrier realizes that their monthly rates have gone up, then they need to consider changing to a different cell phone carrier. It’s not like how it was before when there were only a few cell phone companies that offer service, but many cell phone service providers exist today, especially FreedomPop. Unlike many other cell phone carriers, FreedomPop specializes in bringing low-priced products and technology to their customers, so no one will be left behind when they are in need of Internet service, cell phone service, and portable devices.

Those who need cell phone service will be very happy making the switch to FreedomPop because of the fact that FreedomPop has incredibly low prices, and different plans are available for each user. Those who want an unlimited cell phone service can choose the $20 plan from FreedomPop. The $20 plan will give unlimited calls, texts, and data to the user, and the cost stays the same every month. Those who prefer not to pay anything for their cell phone plan can still enjoy using FreedomPop, and they’ll receive 200 call minutes, 250 text messages, and 500 MB of data.

Those who want to add extra minutes, text messages, or data to their free plan can do so and still pay less than the $20 a month that it costs to get the unlimited plan. Of course, those who don’t feel like they can stay on the free plan can feel free to move up to the unlimited plan where they’ll be able to use their cell phone services as much as they please. Another great service from FreedomPop that is also unlimited is the Wi-Fi service, which can be used in tens of millions of different hotspot locations all over the USA.

Finding these hotspots is easy enough, all one needs to do is download the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application to their iPhone, Android phone, or another portable device. These safe and secure networks that FreedomPop offers for Wi-Fi makes many of the users feel a lot safer when using Wi-Fi, and everyone gets 4G LTE speeds. Home Internet service is available as well from FreedomPop, and the company also offers hotspots that are portable for those who need them. FreedomPop aims to bring the lowest cost services to their customers, so many people will want to switch over to FreedomPop.

Check out this review:

Reference Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreedomPop

Slyce: Bringing Product Recognition Software To The Masses

Product recognition software allows business owners to scan a product they are considering purchasing. Additionally, product recognition software can be used for the sale of items, including online sales. When they scan the product, the business owner is provided with the amount of money the product is worth, along with some information about it. In order to get this information, all that is used by the software is the image of the items that is being scanned. This software can be installed on to smart phones, which makes it extremely convenient to scan products, prior to buying them. This can help people to be sure they are getting a good price on a product. There are multiple different types of product recognition software, but one common maker of this software is Slyce.

For business owners that sell their products online, product recognition technology can help you with that. You can simply take a photograph of the item that you wish to sell, and then you can use Slyce to list it online. This can make listing items online significantly easier, and it can save you quite a lot of time.

Of course, there are many customers that are also using this technology. This means that business owners need to make sure that their products are fairly priced. If they aren’t, some customers will likely discover this by simply using their cell phones. Additionally, it is ever more important to make sure that all products are advertised correctly. Customers with this technology would be able to pick up on any errors in how a product is marked, and this could be a serious deterrent to business.

Slyce product recognition has been around for several years now, and it is continuing to grow in popularity. Slyce first was launched in 2012, and it has grown ever since. Now, Slyce’s technology is used by millions of people. Furthermore, the app can be installed to a number of different types of browsing devices, such as Android and IPhone. As time goes on, the technology is likely to become even more advanced. This will enable even more people to have the technology on their phones. Additionally, Slyce’s app is quite affordable, and this has increased the amount that it is used.

Investment Banking is A Popular Banking Field

As an industry, banking is one of the largest industries in the world. While the banking industry contains many types of banking fields, one of the most popular is investment banking. The types of clients that look for the banking services offered by investment banks are varied, but these clients usually have a few things in common. Some of the things that these clients have in common include:

1. The clients generally have a significant cash flow.
2. The clients have substantial assets.
3. The clients look for high returns with low risk.

Investment banks work well for clients that have these common characteristics because investment banks usually have large sums of money available for clients, and investment banks provide a variety of opportunities for high returns on business deals and investments. In addition, investments banks are divided into three distinct areas. Each area provides a specific kind of banking service to clients. With three different areas, investment banks are able to offer clients a wide range of banking services.

Although the investment banking structure has three areas, typically only the larger investment banks utilize more than one area. Most smaller investment banks concentrate on one primary area of investment banking for clients. The main reason why smaller investment banks focus on one area is the lack of available financial and human resources to support more than one investment banking area.

The benefits of investments banks to its clients go beyond the number of banking services that can be offered. Investments banks tend to be very adaptable to economic changes and client needs. Many clients are able to receive banking services from investment banks that are customized to meet specific needs. Moreover, the nature of the banking services usually can be changed as needed because of the investment banker.

A well known investment banker in the banking industry currently is Martin Lustgarten. As the CEO and founder of Lustgarten Martin, he has made a major impact in the investment banking arena. Martin Lustgarten started the investment banking firm Lustgarten Martin and has grown the firm into a respected firm in the investment banking field.

Martin Lustgarten focuses the investment banking services offered by his firm primarily from one area of investment banking. However, the services that he offers are popular services within the investment banking field that a wide variety of clients are interested in receiving and utilizing.

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Dick DeVos: Flying Above and Beyond for a Better Community

The DeVos family of Western Michigan, has dedicated much of their time and money to charities, primarily in Grand Rapids and throughout Western Michigan. The family has not only donated nearly $1.2 billion to various organizations throughout the years, but also works with the organizations to counsel the management on how to further increase their donations from other organizations and individuals. Originally, the family kept their philanthropy records private, but released details of their charity in order to inspire others to do the same. Their overall goal is improve the community for this and future generations. Family patriarch, Rich DeVos, now 89, has remained loyal to the community where he and best friend, Jay Van Andel, founded Amway. The DeVos family now has five individual organizations where they contribute to individual and joint organizations. These include; the Richard an Helen DeVos Foundation, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, the Daniel an Pamella DeVos Foundation, the (Cheri DeVos) CDV5 Foundation, and the Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation.

Dick DeVos and wife, Betsy, are actively involved in various organizations to improve the community. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, they donate thousands to organizations throughout Western Michigan.

Dick is co-chair of Grand Action, which has lead in the revitalization of downtown Grand Rapids. In 1991, he organized 50 community and civic leaders to work together to improve downtown with a focus on sustainability. His efforts have resulted in a thriving downtown area which includes; a convention center, sports arena, several art and culture landmarks, and two satellite campuses of Grand Valley State University.
A unique venture of the organization comes from the marriage of Dick’s passion for aviation and his and Betsy’s interest in improving education. Betsy came up with the idea of to create the first public charter aviation school in the United States. In 2010, the Western Michigan Aviation Academy opened its door an accepted students tuition-free.
Dick DeVos continues to work full-time through his and Betsy’s Foundation. He also has written the book, “Believe” and can be followed on Facebook and Twitter!

Talk Fusion & The Man Behind It: Bob Reina


Who is Bob Reina?
Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is the fastest growing video communications in the world.

He juggled several jobs while attending the University of South Florida. He graduated number one in his police academy class. He then went on to becoming a police officer, but then decided to try to make it as a part-time associate in direct selling. He then boldly gave up his steady paycheck to go after his passion full-time. He had the self-drive to start up Talk Fusion.

What Exactly IS Talk Fusion?
When you look up Talk Fusion, they claim to pay you fast, give you more free time, give you quality time with your family, and on top of all that you’ll be your own boss. Does this sound too good to be true, or is it the real deal?

Talk Fusion is a work-at-home program. It started up in 2004. They sell digital products that help promote an online business. When they first launched, Talk Fusion was all about video email marketing, which is a very powerful way to connect with your customers and leads. They expanded to digital product lines in, 2014.
Keep in mind, you’ll need to make a one-time payment to start working for them.

How To Become A Talk Fusion Representitve
To become a representative, you must first purchase a startup kit, which costs $50.00. For every sale you make, you’ll get a 15% commission. They pay you differently than other work-from-home programs. Most work-from-home programs send you payments weekly or monthly, not Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion sends you payments within 3 minutes of a sale.

So, Is It Too Good To Be True?
First things first, no, Talk Fusion isn’t a scam. This is a legitimate business, and there are a lot of people who make a decent living off of it. Don’t listen to the negative reviews put online. Also, it is important to remember, if you want to do this, you have to work and be committed to it. If you have the drive to work from home and want the success, you should give it a whirl.

Read more at https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/13489891-talk-fusion-founder-ceo-bob-reina-s-mission-to-change-lives for more information.



Sanjay Shah Is A Businessman With A Vision

Solo Capital CEO Sanjay Shah started his financial corporation about 5 years ago. The London-native initially worked as an accountant at a North London bank before boredom led him to striking out on his own.

As an accountant, Shah was required to sit for long periods of time at a desk. As he was pondering going into business for himself, the banking crisis of 2008 forced he, along with many of his co-workers out the door. Shah looked at is as an opportunity and turn his back on the profession for good.

So in 2011, Shah rented out a tiny office in London and set up shop. He started out with a few employees and his brokerage firm was formed. Shah saw immediate success. He was able to expand his office, hire more employees and find clients all over the globe. Now a multimillionaire, Shah says he has no regrets about striking out on his own. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s changed professions. He actually got his start in medicine. While in medical school, he decided that being a doctor wasn’t or him. “Not everyone is cracked up to be a doctor,” said Shah.

Shah was reared in a good family that stressed the importance of hard work. Now that he has become very wealthy, he’s had a lot of time to sit on his laurels and enjoy life. He has a wife and two children. His youngest son, Nekhil, was diagnosed with autism a few years ago. This led to another one of Shah’s great accomplishments — Autism Rocks.

This charity is devoted to finding treatments and possibly a cure for autism. Each year, Autism Rocks raises millions through charity concerts. Shah’s business and charity work has raised awareness all around the globe.

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects about 1 in 280 people every year. Raising awareness is the best way to help people understand the disorder and how it affects families. Shah says he is focusing solely on Autism Rocks and has no intentions of going back in business any time soon. It is his goal to help others suffering from the condition to get help as soon as possible.


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Andy Wirth’s Insights on How the Draught will affect the California Ski Resorts

Andy Wirth is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a subsidiary of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts located in Olympic Valley, California. Andy was born in 25th July 1963 and has spent a large part of his career in the mountain resort and hotel industry. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

His professional career began in 1986 at Steamboat Springs Resort serving distinctive positions of marketing and leadership at the company. In 2007, he was nominated the executive vice president of Intrawest, a company that had acquired Steamboat Springs earlier that year. Three years later, Andy left Intrawest and joined Squaw Valley where he was appointed as the CEO, replacing Nancy Cushing. Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://squawalpine.com/explore/blog/andy-wirth-elected-chairman-reno-tahoe-regional-air-service-corporation

After taking over at Squaw Valley, the company achieved enormous success. Andy renovated the base area facilities, improved mountain infrastructure and design, renovated lodgings and culinary among other areas that needed change. The company sparkled to becoming one of the top 20 ski resort in United States thanks to their excellent customer satisfaction.

I was listening to a program ‘Press Play with Madeleine Brand’ on KCRW Radio Station a few months ago. The host, Madeleine inquired from the CEO of Squaw Valley, Andy Wirth, whether he had any concerns about the weather pattern in California in the previous winter.

Andy Wirth acknowledged that there existed changes citing the years’ winter as the driest in history. Andy mentioned that the winter was obviously the toughest one after visitor’s number went down by roughly 20 percent.

Andy Wirth however decided to remain optimistic about the condition insisting that despite suffering poor visitation, the company relatively made some profits. The draught resulted to roughly 2000 acres of the resort being unused out of the company’s total of 6000 acres.

Andy insisted that though a large of portion of the resort was never used, people could still do a little of great skiing and that the company would eventually survive.

Madeleine also asked Andy about how prepared the resort was in case the season continued to grow shorter and warmer. Andy affirmed that the company was ready to change its business model in accordance to any volatility of climate and weather.

He explained that the company had already adopted a mechanism to make snow using science. This way people can have usable ski paths even when the snow is melting extremely faster.

And Wirth also mentioned that Squaw Valley was considering scheduling skiing during the summer. This way, the company will target people who booked weddings, businessmen who held meetings as well anyone who attended other special events – in order to raise for money for his charity.