Lovaganza Announcement Of Its Global Celebration

Lovaganza is a spectacular entertainment franchise, a way of life, and a different way of thinking. Its branding and planning protocols are organized in two distinct manners. The first one is a profit form. Under this entity, the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is geared towards providing global entertainment to inspire and entertain its audiences by making them aware of all the cultures in the world. The second entity is a non-profit entity. It falls under the Lovaganza Foundation. Its primary purpose is to use the achievements and success of the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise to provide a positive impact and stimulate global and regional initiatives everywhere in the world.

The official opening of the Lovaganza Foundation has been scheduled for 2018. On August 2, 2016, Lovaganza officially announced the dates for its highly anticipated global celebration. The bohemian adventure-inspired celebrations will portray all the cultures on earth. There will be numerous forms of entertainment from motion pictures to exhibitions, live concerts, and immersive attractions.

The phenomenal international celebrations are scheduled for May to September 2020. The announcement dates on academycreative.com had been eagerly awaited for a long time. The celebrations will be held simultaneously across eight different flagship locations in the world. All the forms of entertainment will embrace the unanimous theme of “embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world.”

The global celebrations were originally scheduled to take place in 2015. However, Lovaganza were pushed forward to 2020 to utilize new entertainment technologies and incorporate the new cutting-edge techniques and concepts. Their main aim is to better the experience of being immersed in the various cultures of the world. The celebrations will take place at various locations in Africa, America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, and Asia. The climax of the celebrations will be at an unprecedented Hands Across the World Ceremony.

There will be a Traveling Show in 2017 that will precede the 2020 international celebrations. The primary purpose of the Traveling Show will be to promote the 2020 celebrations and create more awareness about the mission and goals of the event. People will get a glimpse of the experience as the Lovaganza team will present them with a sample of Lovaganza’s cinematic glasses-free 3D immersive experience. The Lovaganza traveling team will also release three major motion pictures through their new 3D technology. The film trilogy will be showcased on Immerscope screens that will make the whole chain of events worth remembering.

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Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

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