Find Out the Achievements of Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez has a close association with a popular musician by the name Jay Z. The relationship has lasted for more than 20 years. Perez is overly qualified for such position, and she is a fierce and tough negotiator. Perez had a chance to represent Beyonce in negotiations relating to the Beyonce Formation Stadium. She was also a key player in the negotiations that involved Rihanna’s Samsung Deal.

Des Perez, as she is popularly known, runs a collection involving Roc Nation, labeling operations and publishing.

The collective that she runs is also behind the forces that are behind Tidal. The collective is referred to as Hova Circle, and other notable individuals who are also involved include Chaka Pilgrim, Jana Fleishman, Ty Ty Smith and Jay Brown.

Desiree Perez has been performing phenomenally in ensuring that the business grows exponentially. She is known to be no pushover, and she sometimes prefers to be defiant in areas where success is at stake.

Because of her experience in the sector, she understands all the ropes and strings that are vital in bringing success to not only herself but also to other artists such as Rihanna and Beyonce. Perez takes charge of her business and she knows exactly how to finalize the deals that are profitable to the Tidal Business and the artists in general. This is basically why many people are signing up for her services.  More of this on

Recently, she has been appearing in the news apparently for garnering some of the exclusives from some of the most popular artists. The Tidal app is being credited for ensuring that Kanye West’s album of The life of Pablo receives more than 1 million signatures.  Additional article on

Perez is not a stranger to the entertainment industry. She is married to Juan Perez who owns Roc Nation Sports. Her accounting abilities are superb. Her managerial abilities are second to none. Lately, she has been concentrating on upcoming music rather than the existing catalog.  For updates on Dez recent timeline activities, hit on

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Securus Crime prevention Strategies

Securus technology is an American based non-profit Prison Company based in Dallas, Texas. Securus was founded in 1986. Its products include parole tracking, detainee communications, and government information management solution. Securus serves correctional facilities in over forty-five states. It serves about 2600 correctional facilities reaching to about one million inmates.


Securus sole purpose is a provision of technological solutions in prison facilities. Also, Securus is recognized as a leader in providing comprehensive, technical and innovative solutions for the customers. It invests in technology, patents, and acquisitions so as to provide best services to the customer base. The innovative prison solutions are helpful in crime prevention in correctional facilities. Inmate- inmate crime is minimized and solved.


Thousands of users of crime prevention solutions are elated. The joy is expressed through plenty of letters and emails Securus limited receive on ways they have helped in crime prevention. One customer wrote thanking Securus for helping in the identification of a corrupt staff member. The staff member was therefore arrested. Still, a correctional facility reported that through Securus solutions the following things were done; calls were monitored containing information about alcohol use, drugs selling and drugs availability in the cells, threats, possession of a cellular phone, suspicious conversation concerning money, and a civilian admitted to selling prescription drugs at a discount.


Through Securus products, a correctional officer overheard a conversation between two siblings’ one in prison and the other free. The conversation revolved on their mother and what the free siblings would say upon questioning. The information was vital for solving a shooting case. The sheriff department thanked Securus Company for LBS software. Through the LBS software, the sheriff department in conjunction with other law enforcement officers has recovered illegal assets, drugs, and money. Securus technologies have played a vital part in crime prevention.



David Gierts Discusses Finance and Social Security in Recent Interview

Recently, David Giertz sat down for an interview to discuss social security with the media. When he talked about social security, he mentioned that it is very important that financial advisers are going to need to provide information about social security. This is very important because a number of people approaching retirement age will need to know how social security works. Since financial advisers know about social security, they will be in position to give clients more insight into how social security can benefit them as well as what they can realistically get out of it. Financial advisers will often be able to provide information about social security on Twitter such as what people can qualify for, what they will actually get and how to use social security to help compliment other sources of their retirement income.

David Giertz is one of the leading financial professionals in the industry. With over 30 years of experience in the field, David has developed a lot of expertise which has benefited both investors and companies he has been a part of. What has made David one of the leading financial professionals is his leadership. David has led organizations to experiencing rapid growth and prosperity. His most recent position was as President of Nationwide. When he worked at this firm, he helped the firm grow its annual revenues on a regular basis. As a result, the firm was able to reach and exceed a number of its monetary goals. Along with providing leadership, David also emphasizes innovation at With innovation, David has helped companies such as Nationwide develop new investment options that will help clients save for their retirement more easily.

When he was working at Nationwide, David has helped the company find ways to more efficiently manage investment options according to He helped the company distribute private sector retirement plans and life insurance policies. Along with these investment options, he was also responsible for Nationwide providing annuities and mutual funds. While at Nationwide, David helped the firm provide these investment options through a number of independent brokers, regional investment firms and banks.

Stop Stripping Your Hair–Use a “No-Poo” Cleanser

The number one reason why many women cut off their hair is because it is damaged. They may desire a long, lush mane of healthy hair but think it is out of reach. One thing that women do every day that causes the most damage to hair is the daily shampoo routine. No matter what shampoo you choose, from the salon or the supermarket shelves, if it contains chemicals that make a foamy, sudsy lather, it’s bad for your hair.

Women in past centuries used natural ingredients in harmony with nature to cleanse their hair. They knew the difference between hair care products and household cleaning products. Regular shampoo produces a chemical reaction stripping hair’s natural oils much like dish soap cleans greasy plates. The end result is dry, brittle hair that is difficult to style.

The good news is that some products are now formulated to skip the soapy lather and just provide a healthy clean hair experience. One of the leading new cleansing conditioners has been formulated by Chaz Dean, hairdresser to the stars. It’s not just celebrities in the WEN by Chaz Dean commercials that are raving about the new Cleansing Conditioners. Beauty bloggers all over the world are excited about this way to bouncy, luxurious hair.WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner does not make a thick lather. Instead, it gently cleans and conditions hair without stripping, which means hair damage is actually repaired the more you use the product. Instead of cutting those locks, try WEN!



Jason Halpern, Principal of JMH Development Company

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is little known by his education and career history in the press even though he has an impressive stellar record of 50 years of building and managing many properties in New York. With his vision and foresight coupled with his creative development expertise, he transformed JMH Development his family business into a profitable one. In 2010 he led JMH Development acquired and developed many ground-breaking and innovative properties including buildings with momentous historic landmarks. His company successfully invested $500 million in New York state projects and turned 184 Kent warehouse into 340 luxury apartments. He has also constructed hundreds of residential properties in Westchester County, NY and New York City as well as several Class A commercial properties in Westchester County.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Under the abled leadership of Mr. Halpern, JMD Development continues to expand its investments in real estate, commercial and hotel developments across America. According to PRNewswire, Halpern announced the construction of the Aloft South Beach Resorts, a 235-room hotel slated to open early 2015 in downtown Miami Beach. The project was developed by JMH in partnerships with Madden Real Estate Ventures intended to be a topping off Motel Ankara and a new 8-storey tower. Halpern said, “Topping off the building marks a major milestone in the construction process and signals the beginning of the next phase as we progress toward the completion and opening of the Aloft South Beach.” In November 2015, JMD acquired Surfside condo building in a $55 million deal to be torn down and replaced with a modern luxury 12-storey condo tower. “We decided that there was a real need for more efficient units for second and third home buyers,” said Halpern.

Jason’s Family

In spite of his profit driven ideas, Mr. Halpern has a passion for charitable giving at his workplace. As part of JMD social responsibility, the company partnered with a global non-profit charity and donated a whopping $20,000 of every contract signed at 300 Collins residential developments to fund water projects in Ethiopia and Nepal. This philanthropic gesture brought clean and safe water to more than 650 Ethiopian and Nepalese beneficiaries.

Everyone Knows Desiree Perez Is the One Behind Tidal’s Success

It’s well known in the music industry that Desiree Perez is the leading cause behind Tidal’s most recent success. Tidal is seeing lots of new memberships, and a lot of new fans are gravitating towards Tidal. So how is founder Jay-Z making Tidal thrive? It’s all through the work of Desiree Perez, who is creating contracts worth millions of dollars. Desiree is good at these stuff, just as she succeeded with the Roc Nation contracts. Now, Jay-Z may not be the biggest expert on how to run a business and finalize contract. However, he certainly knows who to hire for the job!  Check for additional article.

In fact, she was able to make deals and contracts worth millions with the most popular music artists, Rihanna, Beyoncé, T.I. and Kanye West. In fact, Tidal has gotten over a million subscribers in just a few months! This probably has something to do with Kanye West and his extreme popularity, as well as the popularity of his album, The Life of Pablo. Follow her tweets, visit her page

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Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez. She is the executive of Roc Nation Sports. Even though Tidal does not have access to the same vast resources as the giants such as Spotify, they know how to make their service unique and attract fans. They have, for example, Tidal X, Tidal Rising, and Tidal Discovery, services which focus on new artists, exclusive live streaming, and other stuff. Desiree Perez was also behind the deals with Rihanna and Samsung and Beyonce and the Formation Stadium.  For updates on her timeline activities, click on

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Medical Expert and Businessman- Jim Tananbaum

Foresite Capital is a healthcare organization which has been offering medical care services in the United States. Recently the heath facility announced that it had appointed Molly He as a Venture Partner of the organization. Doctor, He is an experienced medical expert who has an experience of more than 15 years in the medical and health sector. Before joining Foresite Capital, Doctor Molly served at Illumina acting as a Senior Director. Doctor Molly is experienced in pharmacy and genomic research and development. Jim Tananbaum is the Managing Director ND THE Chief executive officer of Foresite Capital, and he was happy to welcome Dr. Molly in the team saying that she will bring her experience and skills which will be of a great benefit.

Doctor Molly is also a leader who a real leadership record. At Illumina, she was responsible for protein reagent modernization as well as its improvement. She has also worked for several other medical facilities including Pacific Bioscience where she served as the head of protein science, and her primary responsibility was the development of protein reagent for the organization’s single molecular real-time sequencing chemistry. Dr. Molly began her career by serving at a pharmaceutical company where she mainly focused on antibodies which target cancer and other immune diseases. Dr. He does not only practice medicine, but she is also an author. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in medicine from Nankai University and a Ph.D. in protein biophysics from the University of California Los Angeles.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and the President of Foresite Capital. Jim experienced in the medical field as well as other areas of investment. Before the foundation of Foresite Capital, Mr. Tananbaum had also co-founded two other organizations which included healthcare investment practice and biopharmaceutical companies. From the beginning of his career in the medical sector, Jim primary focus has been on planning, operations as well as financial opportunities to see the expansion of the medical care and build the franchise of medical care business.

According to Businesswire, Jim Tananbaum attended Harvard University Medical and Business Schools as well as Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After his graduation, he founded Geltex Pharmaceuticals which was later sold. Mr. Jim can well be described as an investor who has been successful in his investments which include Prospective Ventures, and Sierra Ventures.

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