Handy: The Cleaning Service To The Rescue

As a young mother and my child learning barely learning to walk I find it rather difficult finding the time to keep a clean house. All my life I’ve been taught how to keep a clean house for my husband and with my walking toddler this feels nearly impossible. Just when I think I have every cleaning crisis averted, another one will pop right up in its place. It can be a bit maddening at times, I hate to admit. It’s no one’s fault though. It’s not mine or my child’s. She doesn’t make messes simply to tire me out, although it can feel that way at times. I’ve just simply met my match. I used to be queen of keeping things clean and orderly and this was all so easy when she was a newborn but now that she’s able to walk and talk I feel like I’ve truly become a parent.

I was introduced to Handy on recode by a friend of mine. She has four kids and lives in a two bedroom apartment, so I can only imagine her struggle while secretly being grateful for mine. If you haven’t heard of Handy let me give you just a small run down of what it is and the services that they provide. I do want readers to keep in mind that Handy is not available everywhere and is mostly in major cities. However, they are expanding exponentially so chances are you will have a Handy cleaning service in your town or near you within a year or so.

Handy was invented in 2012 and it was once known as Handybook. I definitely prefer the name Handy. The reason for invention was to solve a day old problem that people have had trouble with since forever, finding reputable people to clean their house or provide other household services. Let me elaborate on the household services part for just a second. While I personally use Handy only for their cleaning services, they do offer many other types of services and, of course, they are all provided by reputable licensed and trustworthy people. Handy does a very thorough background screening for all of their potential employees.

Besides the go to cleaning services, Handy will also offer plumbing, handyman, electrical, moving help, painting and even furniture assembly. So if for some reason you are just stumped on how to install that new end table from IKEA, no need to fret, simply hire someone from Handy to assemble the end table for you. Once Handy is available in more than just the 28 cities they are in now the world is definitely going to benefit. I’ve had people call me lazy for using services like Handy but honestly, they are a company that is doing right by their employees. They’re paying them decent wages and supplying people with a service that has been in high demand for quite some time now. I deeply recommend trying out Handy’s services whether it be the cleaning or even the moving help because you are not going to be disappointed. Their employees that come to your home are nothing but cordial, polite, and most importantly professional. Give them a try today.

Flipora Pioneers Social Media Change

We are living in an age of unbridled information and expansion of connectivity. The internet has changed the way that the world functions and that change has had massive alterations to the way we interact on a day to day basis. It used to be that computers were the size of living rooms and an internet connection required a dedicated cable service for access. Now our phones fit in our pockets and the internet is a wireless, invisible thing. With these huge technology advancements it only makes sense that our world has changed in a social way.

Social functions used to consist of meeting someone physically but now the internet allows us to connect wirelessly with people anywhere on the planet. This has obviously had huge repercussions on the concept of relationships and the way that we pursue romance. The most obvious change is that people are connecting in new ways. No longer do you have to scour the local bars or social gathering places to meet someone who may be interested romantically. A few clicks on an internet website and you are engaging in a romantic way. From those days we have seen social media delve into an almost obsession like industry: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Instagram and so on have ruled the lives of young and old people alike.

In a saturated industry we are now seeing companies try to break away from the pack in order to bring something new, exciting, and adventurous. It is this need to change the paradigm that has put Flipora on the radar of most savvy internet users. Flipora, formerly known as InfoAxe, is pioneering a new piece of technology that could dramatically change the way t hat we engage one another on the internet as well as find our information. Flipora is staking their reputation on a project called The Discovery Engine and it is there that we dive into how the internet could be evolving in front of our eyes.

Right now if you want to find your way to a website you have to know the proper search terms to find it. On top of that, the website has to be indexed on one of the many big search engines on the internet. Obviously this works but it isn’t nearly as efficient as it could be. So The Discovery Engine is looking at crowdsourcing the searching of websites so as to network like minds together.

Let’s say that you are a huge football fan. After you install Flipora into your browser, all of your football searches will be indexed online. When other football fans make searches they will be shown your search history. This, in a nutshell, is what makes The Discovery Engine so powerful: it connects users and creates an internet brain to aid discovery.