A Brief Snapshot Of The Achievements Of Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama was selected as one of the seven most influential advertisers in Brazilian marketing history by over 250 marketing professionals in a 2006 study conducted by About magazine in Brazil. Also in 2006, Alexandre Gama was given the title of officer of the marketing agency of the year by the Association of Professionals of Propaganda in Brazil. This title marked him as the winner of the 10th Professional Contribution Award by the agency.

In 2007, Alexandre Gama received a CaborĂ© Award for being the leading entrepreneur in the communications industry. That same year, Mr. Gama was also highlighted as being one of the top three most prominent advertisers in Brazil. This distinction was given to him by the Consultore Group. This group was the first European consulting firm in Brazil to develop an outline of the country’s advertising market. Meio & Mensagem, a Brazilian newspaper also named Alexandre Gama as one of the top ten leaders in the communication industry in 2009.