A Look At The Expansion Of OSI Group

OSI Group, LLC, is a food processing company with offices and facilities across the world. It was founded in 1909 and has been led by Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Sheldon Lavin who also owns the company. With $6.1 billion in annual revenues, Forbes has OSI Group rated #58 on their list of America’s Largest Private Companies.

Over the last few years, OSI Group has been on a buying spree, purchasing other food processing companies as well as their facilities. The company, which is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, purchased a Tyson Foods plant in Chicago in June 2016. Tyson Foods had been planning on closing the plant and laying off all of the employees that worked there. Instead, OSI Group bought the plant for $7.4 million. Most of the 250 employees that remained at the plant were hired by OSI Group.

One of the companies that was recently acquired by OSI Group was Flagship Europe, which is located in the United Kingdom, which was purchased in December 2016. Another recent acquisition was Dutch food processing company Baho Foods in August 2016, along with their processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands. These two purchases gave OSI Group a wider presence in Europe including the 18 countries that Baho Foods already had ties to.

A more recent purchase was in March when OSI Group bought a German beef slaughtering company, Hynek Schlachthof GmbH. This purchase gave OSI Group more access to raw materials in Europe that will be used at their food processing plants in Germany.

Learn more about OSI group at http://www.foodsafetynews.com/tag/osi-group/#.WGvb_7YrLeQ.

How Eric Pulier Uses Technology To Help Kids Feel Better

It’s revolutionized advertising and the media industry. It’s also helped people to connect more easily and given them a lot more “friends”. It’s made paying bills through the mail seem downright quaint. But does digital technology have any practical use in the health care industry? Eric Pulier certainly thinks so.

A New Jersey native, Pulier’s affinity with all things computer began at an early age. He was programming them at age nine. He headed his own database software firm in high school. So it’s not surprising that he was tapped to be part of Harvard’s Class of 1988, or that he elected to study technology at the neighboring Massachusetts Institute of Technology during his time there.

Pulier graduated from Harvard magna cum laude with a degree in English and American literature, and by 1991 had relocated to the West Coast, where he founded People Doing Things, an organization that utilized digital technology to help people communicate and complete tasks in fields such as healthcare and education. By 1994, Pulier was one of those embracing interactive digital technology for use in these fields, and he founded the company Digital Evolution, which he sold to the larger US Interactive LLC in 1998.

After the sale of Digital Evolution, Pulier focused on developing a technology program for the Starlight Foundation, an organization dedicating to improving the lives of chronically, critically, and terminally ill children. Well-endowed by the prominent entertainment and technology figures that founded it, the organization is famous for granting “wishes” in the form of trips to amusement parks or visits from sports stars. But it also provides educational and technological services to its hundreds of participating hospital partners, including providing computers and mobile devices to children and their families. In 1994, Pulier began working with the foundation to create Starbright World, a private social media network for ill teenagers and their healthy siblings to interact with peers using these devices. The site drew much praise as a way for these children to stay socially connected and find an escape from issues.Beginning in the late 1990s, Pulier began working for both the Clinton and Obama administrations as an adviser on health care/technology initiatives. In addition to continuing to work in this field, he is involved in philanthropic efforts, such as the Painted Turtle summer camp for ill children.

Visit:http://ericpulier.com to learn more

Philanthropist and Technologist- Erick Lefkofsky

Starting an enterprise is the most exciting thing achievement in life, but it is more exciting when it flourishes in the market. Erick Lefkofsky is an established American entrepreneur. Mr. Lefkofsky was born on September 2nd, 1969 and was raised in Southfield Michigan. Erick who is Jewish was raised by his parents his father was structure engineer while his mother was a school teacher. Erick attended Southfield-Lathrup High School and graduated in 1987. After his High School graduation he went ahead to the University of Michigan where he graduated in 1991, and in 1993 graduated from the same University at the School of Law he received his Juris Doctor.

Erick Lefkofsky began engaging in business while still at the University by selling carpets. After his graduation from the University he co-founded a company which did not do so well, and after five years in the business, Erick and his partner founded Starbelly an internet product that was re possible for product promotion. Starbelly was later, and he co-founded Groupon.Erick is the co-Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Tempus, which is a high-tech startup. The organization was established with a primary purpose of assisting medical professionals to make most of their time data-driven result based on the examination of the patients’ native code. Currently, Tempus is working hand in hand with the pancreas, cancer, and lung patients. The organization is planning to expand in the future.

Erick is not an entrepreneur, but he is also involved in charitable activities in the community. Erick and his wife Elizabeth began a foundation, Leskofsky Family Foundation. The charity has been at the forefront of assisting cancer patients in the United States. Through their foundation, the couple has been able to make their donations to more than 50 charitable organizations in the world. Lesfkosky Family Foundation has primarily focused on supporting education, technology, human rights, health, culture, and arts.Mr. Lefkofsky is also a leader who has shown positive leadership skills throughout his life. He sits on the Board of Directors in Children Memorial Hospital in Chicago,

The Art Institute Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, and he is also a Trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company, which is a performing art institution created in Chicago. He also has taught in various schools including Northwestern University, DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business among others. Erick trusts that helping others is what has made him a successful entrepreneur


Why Should Patrons Turn to OSI Group for Custom Food Preparation?

If you are involved in the food industry, then you will probably want to provide a wide range of products for your customers. You might not have the expertise to create every masterpiece, but that is where the experienced American food company, OSI Group can help.

Learn why you should turn to the OSI Group for custom food preparation.

“Years of Experience”

With over a century of experience, the OSI Group has set its mark on the food industry. It has been a trusted meat supplier to some of the largest fast food chains in the world. These Fortune 500 companies have trusted the OSI Group with the reputation of their global brands.

As a consequence of its continuous commitment to excellence, the British Safety Council awarded the OSI Group with its “Globe of Honour Award for 2016.” The OSI Group has lead the food industry in environmental management from shop floor to boardroom.

“Wide Range of Food Products”

The OSI Group can help expand your menu to include the best meats, vegetables and baked products. You can work with the professionals at OSI to explain your precise specifications and operational requirements. Discuss your back-of-the-house or processing line needs to optimize end-of-use efficiency and convenience.

The primary expertise for OSI is with beef, pork and poultry. What do you need for your customer meals? Perhaps, you need raw beef, pork or chicken. OSI Group can handle that. You can also get finished meat products, like Salisbury Steak, Roasted Pork and Chicken Nuggets, to name a few.

“Add a Little Flair”

Perhaps, you have purchased a restaurant and want to “spice up the menu.” You might be an entrepreneur without a lot of experience. The OSI Group has the experience and can discuss all of your options.

With the range of the OSI Group behind you, nothing is impossible. Would you like some Genoa Salami hot dogs? OSI can do that. How about a Panini or Sous Vide steak? You can add that to your menu too, when OSI is on your side.

Your customers are valuable and you don’t want to trust in third-rate food processing firms. With the OSI Group you don’t need to – you can get pizza, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, corn and fruits to boot. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just contact the OSI Group for high-quality food preparation.

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A Look Into The Achievement Of Mike Baur With The Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory, which began operations in 2014, is a startup incubation program that has gained traction in Switzerland for offering a perfect platform on which startups can launch their ideas. Founded by Mike Baur, the Swiss Startup Factory has worked to make dreams a reality and more young investors are joining the platform to benefit from the incubation program that takes at least three months.


The application to join the platform is not restrictive as the kind of idea one presents is what will determine eligibility to be signed up for incubation. The Swiss Startup Factory works with leading industry professionals to support upcoming ventures and to oversee the implementation of the ideas after incubation.


Goal definition

Without a definite path a business is destined for failure and this is something the Swiss Startup Factory does not want their students to go through. They have a program that takes the startups through the goal definition process to ensure each understands what they are working to achieve at the end.


With a team of digital experts, the Swiss Startup Factory uses data and digitization processes to help startups come up with sensible goals that are meant to elevate the businesses to a higher rank within a definite duration of time.


Demo days

Startups are regarded naïve and should be educated about the business world and the reality they are likely to come across along the way. This explains the reason the Swiss Startup Factory offers a demo day, which is reserved for presentations that take the startups to experience the real-world situation. This allows them to learn about the challenges that exist in the market and gives them ideas about what is likely to bar them from achieving their set goals. It basically prepares the startup for take-off.


Past-acceleration support

After the three months incubation is over, the Swiss Startup Factory offers past-acceleration support for at least five months. This is meant to oversee the activities of the business to ensure no mistakes are committed along the way.


About founder, Mike Baur

Mike Baur, the founder of Swiss Startup Factory, is a professional banker with almost 20 years in the private banking industry. He is a passionate venture capitalist and his zeal for helping upcoming businesses pushed him to launch the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike pursued an Executive MBA at the Bern University and he retired from baking in 2014 at only 39 years of age.



Up Close with Magnises: New York’s Most Sought-After Entertainment Platform

New York revelers finally have something to smile about. This is because event planners have launched Magnises to captivate the hearts of partygoers. This highly acclaimed showbiz platform on angel.co has attracted individuals from far and wide. Furthermore, it has also received positive reviews from regular visitors. Revelers have termed the new platform as a “life-changing experience” that every person should be involved in.

Formed in 2014, Magnises provides guests with state-of-the-art entertainment and interactions with influential personalities. However, one ought to possess a black card to experience such impressive benefits. Such membership cards resemble the American Express Black Card with slight modifications. For instance, the card only copies vital information such as personal details.

Members of the platform are treated to a delight courtesy of numerous perks. For example, they have unlimited access to the VIP club, private member spaces, hotel discounts and private dining locations. Furthermore, organizers of the club strive to promote the privacy of customers at all costs. By doing so, regulars are assured that any activity stays within the confines of the club. Hence, the reputation of visitors is safeguarded from the scrutiny of the public eye. Magnises is based on the idea of creating a fascinating lifestyle for regulars.

Benefits Obtained

For one to take part in this entertaining experience, they first need to pay a membership fee of $ 250. Afterward, members are charged $ 99 as a monthly fee. This amount is inclusive of high profile events that are bound to create long lasting impressions on Crunchbase. For instance, the membership cost caters for front rows seats to the best sports and drinks from an open bar. Moreover, a client can make reservations for dinner through an App to reduce inconveniences and congestion during peak hours.

Interviewed individuals hailed the positive impact made by the platform in fostering relationships. For instance, a local French Industrialist and Founder of Public Factory credited the platform’s role in business growth. The entrepreneur uses Magnises to connect and cooperate with like-minded members. Such connections have stimulated business development at a much larger scale.

Best Entertainment Hotspots

As a member of the platform, you are exempted from queuing at the door and standing in crowded spaces that reduce comfort levels. Alternatively, guests are provided with unlimited access to the best clubs in New York. This ensures that customers get good value for money spent. However, fun activities are kept at a manageable level to avoid conflict with law enforcement.

The platform has upgraded its domestic and foreign accommodation to suit the needs and status of travelers. This entails the selection of five-star hotels with round-the-clock concierge services. On the other hand, food fanatics are treated to a delight with excellent cuisine from the best chefs in the world. Such chefs source fresh ingredients to prepare sumptuous meals to the satisfaction of customers. Coupled with fine wine and perfectly prepared cocktails, customers are treated to an unforgettable dinner party. More importantly, clients are educated about the right combination of food and drink to stimulate different taste buds.

Magnises has revolutionized entertainment in numerous ways. It has eradicated obstacles previously experienced by customers. As such, each person should strive to be part and parcel of the platform and receive amazing benefits.

Bob Reina Of Talk Fusion’s Mission To Transform Lives

Talk Fusion has been committed to helping people. That has been its mission since starting operations in 2007. It is about giving back to the community across the world. Talk Fusion is also about building futures and realizing dreams. That is the type of dedication that changes lives and no one is more devoted to the cause than the firm’s founder and CEO Bob Reina.

He often notes that great success comes with a greater responsibility. It is an idea that drives Talk Fusion’s culture. It is part of the company’s corporate DNA and guides everything, which Talk Fusion does as a company. That explains why the firm strives to do more under Reina’s leadership.

Bob Reina has made an amazing impact in the world. He is a leader that leads by example. In addition, he uses actions to spearhead his vision of transforming lives. He has made major contributions so far that comprises of his record breaking $ 1 million gift to the Human Society of Tampa Bay. Bob also provides monetary support to an orphanage in Indonesia. Additionally, he has been involved in saving the lives of many animals. These actions are repeated by Talk Fusion along with its independent associates in 140 countries.

Recently, Bob Reina started a program that allows Talk Fusion Associates to give one free account to any charity that they select. The free charity account is for Talk Fusion’s best plan, Custom Monthly Plan. It consists of branding as well as complete customization. It also includes access to the entire Talk Fusion video marketing products like Live Meetings, Video Newsletters, Video Chat, Sign-Up Forms, and Video Email. Bob’s objective is simple though powerful. He aims to assist non-profits and charities further their cause by reaching more people and spreading their message. For several years, he has been committed to creating effective ways of enabling people realize their goals by sharing innovative video marketing products.

About Bob Reina
Bob Reina is the CEO & founder of Talk Fusion, a video marketing firm. The firm was established in 2007. Reina’s company launched operations with a Video Email as its flagship product. He has served in the marketing as well as the direct selling fields for 20 years. That combined experience is what Bob has used to spearhead Talk Fusion’s global success. In addition, his charismatic leadership, innovative vision, and passion for assisting others have been critical in the success of Talk Fusion.

Fabletics: Soon to Be Just a Jog Away

One of the problems with purchasing athletic clothing online is that there is no way to verify the fit is correct until it’s already purchased and in your home. According to an article on Racked.com, this is soon to be a problem of the past. Fabletics, the famous Kate Hudson endorsed brand of athletic wear, is planning to open 75-100 brick and mortar stores over the next 3-5 years. It is currently slated to open its 7th store in the spring.

The great thing about the brick and mortar stores is that they will help to further drive subscriptions to the monthly delivery service. The subscription plan of Fabletics will be explained and offered in stores by highlighting the discounts that the monthly subscription service offers.

Previously this subscription service was a point of contention for some store shoppers. There were complaints that the subscription service was not properly explained, nor was it easy to cancel. Adam Goldenberg, a co-CEO of JustFab said that their page on Pinterest is now only seeing approximately 5-10 complaints a month all while sending out nearly 800,000 items. This is a more than an acceptable margin to most, but to Goldenberg, this is still an opportunity for improvement.

Fabletics explains the subscription service in detail. There is an opt-out period until the 5th of each month. During this time you can choose to skip a purchase. If you opt out before the 5th you will not be charged.

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If you do not choose to opt out or do not do so in time, your credit card will be billed $49.95 on the 6th of the month. That fee then can be used to purchase or saved as credit. Memberships can be canceled at any time. However,cancellation requires you to call and speak with member services.

The Krazy Coupon Lady tried the service herself and left her review here. Overall she was pleased with her items and saw the initial $25 outfit as a steal. It’s definitely worth trying it out yourself. If you’re waiting to try out your outfit in stores, you won’t be waiting much longer. But don’t be deterred by the fear that your workout gear won’t fit. There is a size guide on JustFab.com that only requires that you know your measurements.

In the off chance that you still don’t care for your outfit, Fabletics offers 3 easy return options in the US and Canada. You can choose between a credit, exchange, or refund. Return shipping is even free to the contiguous US and $9 to the non-contiguous states and territories. The joy of Fabletics is that you’re never stuck with something you don’t like.

Learn more about Fabletics: http://www.businessinsider.com/fabletics-turnaround-story-2016-5

Desiree Perez: Behind The Resurrection of Tidal

Hits Daily Double Writes of Desiree Perez, Jay Z Associate


According to a recent article in Hits Daily Double, Jay Z’s music streaming service Tidal has been achieving more success, thanks especially to Kanye West making his new album, The Life of Pablo, available exclusively on Tidal. That album pushed the Tidal app to its highest level of sales on the iTunes store, adding over a million trial members in just a few days.


However, West is just one of the prominent artist co-owners of Tidal. Others include Beyonce, Rihanna and T.I. Having exclusive access to their latest hits gives Tidal a competitive edge over Spotify and Apple.


Then the article asks who is responsible for convincing these A-List recording stars to put their hits exclusively on Tidal, and says it’s Desiree “Des” Perez, who has been a trusted associate of Jay Z for nearly 20 years. She has run Jay Z’s company SC Enterprises. Her husband, Juan Perez, runs Roc Nation Sports, Jay Z’s sports agency.


Apparently Perez is a tough negotiator and highly experience in both the music and sports industries. She negotiated the Formation tour for Beyonce and helped Rihanna with her deal with Samsung. She helped Jay Z manage the 40/40 Club in Manhattan.


Jay Z’s entertainment company Roc Nation is run by the Hova Circle of Influence, which includes Perez, Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim, TyTy Smith and Jana Fleischman. They are also the main force behind Tidal’s music streaming service. As a successful artist himself, Jay Z has great taste in popular music and many contacts throughout the industry, which he has successfully leveraged to give Tidal an edge. Des Perez gives him extra power to attract artists with new hits fans want to have right away.


Jay Z purchased Tidal from Aspiro, a Swedish tech company, and relaunched it as a new, hip startup streaming service with young, hip artists for young, hip fans. According to Jay Z, Tidal was a way for the music industry to take the art back from the tech companies. Tidal pays its artists higher royalties than Spotify. Prince and Jack White have also released music exclusively on Tidal.


Tidal introduced a feature unique to it, that of curated playlists. Subscribers can get playlists put together by Jay Z, Beyonce and Tidal’s staff. The service is unique in offering high quality, lossless audio through its Premium service. Aspiro launched Tidal in 2014, and Jay Z’s company Project Panther bought it early in 2015.

The Operations and Systems of Telecommunication’s Giant, Coriant

Coriant is a global telecommunications company that was established in 2013 as an independent entity from Nokia Siemens Networks. The Marlin Equity Partners own the company. Coriant originated from the Department of Transmission Technology in Siemens, which is based in Munich, Germany.

Coriant was the result of a combination of Sycamore Networks, Nokia Siemens Networks Optical Networks, as well as Tellabs. The company has managed to win various key customers including global carriers such as Telia Sonera International Carrier, Australia’s NBN, China Unicom, and BSNL.

It deals with top network companies around the globe including content providers, utility companies, data and cloud center operators, mobile and, government agencies, cable MSOs, financial institutions, as well as large enterprises. The company boasts of more than 35 years in offering dynamic and innovative networking services for a cloud-enabled and fast-changing world.

Coriant’s SDN-enabled edge-to-core transmission solutions make it easier for network companies or operators to achieve various goals such as improve the use of multi-layer network facilities and minimize operational complexity. Further, the edge-to-core transport services help to develop income-generating solutions, which are channeled towards the emerging business needs and customer applications such as cloud, mobile, and video.

It provides fast services and support in a bid to make sure that its customers meet their business goals. Further, it also offers Global Services, which provide its customers with customized solutions portfolio to carry out various tasks including planning, deploying, optimizing and transmitting.

A Look at Shaygan Kheradpir, the Current CEO of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir is highly famed in the telecommunications industry as he has spearheaded various companies to achieving great success. He is academically proficient in electrical engineering, as he has a bachelor, masters and doctorate in the particular discipline. Consequently, he is an alumnus of Cornell University and maintains membership on the University’s Engineering Council. Apart from being the current Chief Executive Officer of Coriant, he has held key executive positions in numerous companies such as GTE, Barclays, Verizon and Juniper Networks.

Among his greatest achievements, include leading his Verizon team to develop the company’s FiOS Fiber optic video initiative. In addition, his team is credited with creating iobi, which is responsible for managing caller ID, address books among other features. Apart from his leadership positions in top companies, he has also served in membership capacity on various boards such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the United States since 2010-2013 and the YMCA of Greater New York’s Advisory Board for a duration of three years.

Find out more about Shaygan Kheradpir on http://www.shaygankheradpir.com/