Brazil’s Most Prestigious Bank President Recap

Every year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. This show is very important because it details all of the present and future technology that consumers use in their everyday lives. In the past this event featured devices and appliances such as DVD players, VCR machines and plasma TVs. The latest editions to the CES includes electric cars, smart home technology and drones.
Marcio Alaor is the executive of BMG which is a financial comany in Brazil. This organization provides credit card, loans and many more banking services to companies and consumers in Brazil. Alaor attended the CES in Nevada to find new types of consumer electric products that will be making their way into Brazil.

Some of the discoveries made by Marcio Aloar included drones that are designed to carry a person from one location to the next. The some of the smart technology that was available at the event included a refrigerator that can take pictures to let a person know when they need to replace more items. There was also an electric car that operates off of pure electricity without the use of gasoline.

Other exciting forms of new technology that was presented at the event included the 3D printable prosthetic hand for people who are missing this limb. There was also a pair of smart sunglasses that automatically adjusts to filter light. There was even a keyboard device that allowed musicians to shape sounds simply by making gestures with their fingers.

Many people who attend the CES know that the show is important for consumer markets everywhere. DMG often scouts out the events to determine what types of technology are going to be popular within the near future. They then set up investment strategies according to their findings.

Aloas and his company informs people about the technology that will be hitting consumer markets. This information will help businesses and individuals within Brazil’s economy to purchase, market and then sale these newly found products to people who are interested in buying them. You can find out more about the CES and Aloas at Exame.

Bruce Levenson Incredible Successes

Bruce Levenson was born in Washington, in the United States of America. He has a Jewish ethnic background. He was brought up in Maryland and schooled at Washington University of political science as well as the American University. He attained a law degree at American University. In addition to this, he attained skills in journalism by working at Washington Star and in that way, a career was born.

Levenson is a well known entrepreneur, journalist and a philanthropist. Bruce is a co-founder and owner of several companies. After his schooling years, Bruce together with other members became founders of United Communications Group well known as UCG. This is a privately held company. They started out with newsletters publishing especially on issues dealing with oil as a source of energy and its prices. With time, they focused on many other sectors of the economy. These are for example healthcare, financial and technology services.

He formerly owned the famous basketball team NBA and was the head of its governing board. This was a childhood dream which came true. He alongside other businessmen now co-owns the Atlanta Hawks which is also a basketball team together with Philip Arena. These two put together form what is known as the Atlanta Hawks LLC. He had also purchased Atlanta Thrashers in conjunction with other partners. Later on, they sold the company and it was moved to Winnipeg. Levenson hired Danny Ferry to be the president of all operations of the Hawks basketball team.

Bruce further dominates other fields. He is in the Information and technology industry since he is among those who founded the media company TechTarget. He has been the director since the formation of this company. He has also worked with an equity firm known as BIA Digital Partners which is a private company mainly on the advisory board.

His philanthropic nature has seen Bruce and his wife, Karen come up with the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. He also works with Hoops Dreams Foundation a charity organization aimed at helping the poor. He has also been the overall Director of I Have a Dream Foundation which caters for the higher education of children who cannot be able to afford it. Levenson more often than not gives donations to the Holocaust Museum, which is found in Washington, D.C. He together with his mother- in-law started lesson programs given to tour guides in the museum. His Jewish background has seen him give his support to various Jewish youth movements.

Bruce Levenson loves adventure and therefore travels a lot and likes camping. He is also into various games such as golfing and skiing. Above all this, his most favorite is basketball in which he is an enthusiastic player. That openly explains why he is really into the basketball business. His great leadership skills have been able to assist the Hawks to get to the National Basketball Association playoffs in many consecutive seasons. They have also received multiple awards under his leadership.