PolitiFact Ohio Exposes Stupidity Of Cruz Super PAC

The two Democratic presidential candidates are dealing with money into very different ways. Sen. Bernie Sanders has chosen not to use a super PAC, turning down the ability to take an unlimited amount of money from millionaires, billionaires and corporations. Instead, he relies on small donations from an army of millions of supporters. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, uses a super PAC and accepts donations from wealthy financiers like George Soros on politifact. FEC filings show that George Soros has given over $7 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign this year. The liberal billionaire hedge fund manager has obviously picked his horse in the race.

That’s why it seemed a little strange that a commercial started airing in Wisconsin a couple days ago saying that George Soros was contributing to the presidential campaign of Ohio Gov. John Kasich. The nightmarish attack ad accuses George Soros of funneling money to the super PAC of John Kasich through two former employees and confidants to the sum of over $600,000. The commercial has been paid for by the Trusted Leadership super PAC of Ted Cruz. It seems that Cruz believes he can knock Kasich out of the race by anchoring him to a liberal financier on http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/, but the ad has been proven false by PolitiFact Ohio.

But why would an attack ad accuse John Kasich of taking money from George Soros? The to donations made by George Soros’s old employees happened right before the Ohio primary where John Kasich had a chance of beating front runner Donald Trump. Ohio is a winner-take-all primary state for the Republicans, so if Kasich could beat Donald Trump in Ohio he could prevent Donald Trump from securing the nomination before the convention. Since it’s unlikely that either Ted Cruz or John Kasich will get enough delegates to clinch the nomination on nytimes.com, this would lead to a contested convention. All of this seems like a brilliant move pulled off by a smart liberal businessman; a sort of political espionage.

But if you stop to think about it for a second, it’s kind of absurd for the super PAC of Ted Cruz to be attacking John Kasich. Because Kasich beat Trump in Ohio, regardless of whether or not his campaign was funded by George Soros, it makes it more likely for Cruz to become the nominee. There is a rule that says that only candidates that have won eight states can become the nominee at the convention. So if there is a brokered convention, the only alternative is Ted Cruz. Essentially, the super PAC of Ted Cruz is attacking John Kasich for completing the maneuver that all but guarantees that Ted Cruz will become the nominee at a contested convention. Instead of an attack ad, he deserves a beautiful thank you card.