Contributions Of Clay Siegall In Cancer Research


Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. The company deals with research on cancer and cancer drugs. The role of CEO Siegall is securing capital for this research. His work has been widely appreciated even by the former vice president Joe Biden. He derived his motivation from his childhood experience when his father was diagnosed with brain cancer. At the time, he was just 19 years old, and he made a promise to find a solution to cancer.

The good doctor went on to study biomedical sciences to advance his cause. After discovering that the best path to follow was research and medicine, he enrolled for a graduate course in the department of genetics and graduated with Ph.D. in 1988. Seattle Genetics specializes in cancer research. It has developed products currently available in 60 countries. ADCETRIS cancer drug is one of their products and is heralded as a milestone achievement.

The role of CEO Clay Siegall is to provide leadership and oversee successful clinical trials of produced drugs. He is in charge of 250 sites all over the world where the clinical trials are conducted. According to, Seattle Genetics has a net worth of $4.7 billion. 12 drugs are currently in clinical trials phase and will hit the market soon to help curb cancer. The company aims to add additional 100 promising new scientists to its 800 employees currently in employed.

Clay Siegall is a very accessible and easy person to interact with in life. He is an open person who works with his team to achieve set targets. Many scientists working in the company consider him an inspiration. Outside office work, Clay is a philanthropist engaging in many charities and needy causes. After making a successful venture, he donated a six-figure sum to Professor Kumar. The professor is his former mentor and helped him achieve his goal. Also, he helped fund the professor’s biochemistry lab and the molecular genetics program.

Siegall is viewed as a very consequential modern day scientist. His ideas and research are significantly affecting cancer treatment worldwide. His excellent leadership of Seattle Genetics will help get better cancer treatment.