Why Does The Boraie Family Give Back To Rutgers University And New Brunswick?

There are quite a few people who are interested in giving back to their communities, and they are offering support to a number of different institutions. Omar Boraie and his family company at Boraie Development is giving $1.5 million to a special project, and Newswise is reporting on the gift. The university will make considerable gains because of the way it is supported, and their medical research division will see a windfall.

#1: What Will The Gift Do?

The gift to the university will pay for a chairman to lead the genomics department. Genomics is one of the more-sensitive areas of study in medicine as it takes quite a long time to unlock the mysteries of the building blocks of life. Those who are working in the department are certain they will see a difference in the way the department runs, and they may have a new leader who is at the top of their field.

#2: Why Are The Boraies Giving Back?

Sam Boraie’s family is a New Jersey stalwart that has been around for decades. They are giving quite a lot support to the city, and they are ensuring the city will grow well around the university. Rutgers and New Brunswick are tied together in ways that many college towns are with their schools. Omar believes the city’s growth will improve when it has been developed properly, and he is looking for places where development is simpler. He asks cities how they would like to develop their neighborhoods, and he will build something that is fresh for the community.

#3: Where Do They Build?

The Boraie Development (https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/0601263D:US-boraie-development-llc) family is working in Newark, Atlantic City and New Brunswick every day. They have built a number of different properties that range from residential to commercial, and they have ensured the communities are much stronger than when they started. They are building around Rutgers for the same purpose, and giving to the genomics department for the Omar Boraie chairman of genomics will go quite a long way to advancing research of the tiniest cells.

Anyone who is interested in the medical field will see the gift from Boraie Development as a Godsend, and they will see new research coming out of Rutgers University every year. The university is thankful for the company, and Omar Boraie shows once again his steadfast commitment to the state that he calls home with his family. To read more, visit crunchbase.com.


Raising Money for Autism One Concert at a Time


Perhaps one of the most widely debated childhood labels on globalcitizen.com today is autism. With an increase in the number of children identified, autism has gained momentum although there is still so little known about it. One prominent British millionaire put his ‘money where his mouth is’ in his crusade to power ahead the funding needed to support and grow autism research.

Sanjay Shah, the above mentioned British millionaire, was smacked across the face when his son was diagnosed at the age of two. Soon, Shah realized the need for more information about autism and decided to funnel money into a cause in which he would be directly involved.

Growing up in the sought-after neighborhood of Marylebone in Central London, Shah pursued a path in medicine before surrendering to the boring office life of an accountant. From this money manager career, he gained immense knowledge and revenue resulting in his early retirement at the tender age of 43. This opportunity enabled him with the time and money necessary to form his own company of Solo Capital UK.

Solo Capital afforded him the blessing of working with Done Events which produced an annual festival of music in Dubai. Having his hands in this effort sparked an idea for Shah to found his own charity for autism. Autism Rocks was born and the rest is history.

Autism Rocks generates fundraising through hosting private concerts around the globe. VIPs are invited to these concerts where big names in the music business are paid to perform and what follows are some of the heftiest donations to be seen. Shah quickly realized that children with autism need as much ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy as possible to enhance the child’s development; however, the expense of this therapy was simply not possible for many families.

Shah reached out to see how he could help. The first big assistance came in the purchasing of two minibuses for the hospital’s use. Shah’s son’s image adorns the sides of these minibuses so the ones they supported are easy to spot throughout their home city. Shah invests his own money to coordinate and put on these shows.

A $1 million investment set the stage for a mega two-night event where a jazz-inspired festival was born. Known as Blended, for its half reggae and half jazz heritage, this festival kickstarted the work of Autism Rocks. Teaming with the likes of Prince, Shah was able to organize a top-secret show in under 3 weeks of catapulting his own charity into the world. Now leaders in the industry are paid to showcase their talent in a more humbled venue of a crowd of 500-1000.

The future is bright for Sanjay Shah and his Autism Rocks charity. As can be detailed in many headlines and even a release on Register FCA, Shah aspires to work on an album. This album would be the love child of a variety of pop artists gifting one track a piece into a spectacular album that not only sounds good to the ears, but leaves the heart feeling good as well.