The Clean Power Plan Gains The Backing Of Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth


The people of Reno and Olympic Valley are largely familiar with the views of the CEO and President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth. In an op-ed piece published by the Reno Gazette-Journal, Andy Wirth has given his views on the decision of the Reno local government to vote in favor of implementing California’s Clean Power Plan. This plan is designed to switch lare areas of the state to a clean and sustainable energy program, which will begin quickly to take over from the use of fossil fuels thought to cause damage to the environment of the world.

Andy Wirth has made a number of statements in his op-ed piece that include the fact that California is suffering beneath a number of environmental problems, which he believes are caused at least in part by fossil fuels use. The former volunteer firefighter explains that the wildfires causing such damage across California and the historic drought gripping the state are more than likely caused by the large carbon footprint the state has developed over the years. Wirth has recently been looking to use his tourism and resort management skills to assist the Reno area and Olympic Valley home of Squaw Valley to increase visitor numbers and cultural events in the area.

Wirth, who almost lost an arm in a 2013 skydiving accident states there is no time to waste in switching to clean, renewable energy sources. He states the poor air quality found throughout California and the environmental problems currently being seen are warning signs that the use of fossil fuels has hit a level that cannot be sustained. Andy Wirth believes the population and business leaders of California can act as pioneers in forcing politicians to accept the plan; wirth also believes the change to clean energy will have a positive economic effect on Reno and the surrounding area.