Doe Deere and her Makeup Line

In recent news, the makeup industry has become an industry that has promoted innovation with companies that have become startups within the industry and that have lead to continuous expansion and growth through the use and innovation of great products and innovative ideas that have changed the way that people think to apply makeup. One company in particular that has begun to lead the makeup industry into the future is a company that is known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a company that was created in 2008 by Doe Deere, an innovator as well as a business woman who is dedicated to providing customers with the best products possible.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime company is known for their online presence on many social media sites that include sites such as Instagram. Individuals that see this company notice how much Lime Crime stands out to the eye due to the bright colors that are used with the makeup that Doe Deere has proven to bring out the beautiful features of every single face. As a makeup artist, Doe Deere has used her marketing skills to change the way that both women and men apply makeup to their faces in the morning.

Ms. Deere recently sat down with an internet magazine known as Galore magazine in order to talk about her product and what the term “Lime Crime” means to her as well as to her customers. When answering this inquiry, Doe Deere stated that her company was create to embody a new way to apply makeup. The term lime crime is a name that standout to all customers and that embodies exactly what the company is selling to the consumers. The color lime was specifically chosen by Doe Deere as this is her favorite color to use to bring out the beautiful features on any face.

During this interview, Ms. Deere also discussed the reason for her passion and her creativeness within this industry. Ms. Deere stated that she has always been a creative person even at a young age with a creative mind that never faded and that only grew stronger over time. Over the years, Ms. Deere’s creative mind continued to grow until she became obsessed with sharing her passion to the world by designing not only makeup, but also clothing. As early as the age of nine, Ms. Deere remembers having fun with applying makeup and improving her skills over time. Learn more:

As a grown woman, Ms. Deere still remarks that she often feels too lucky with her career path as she is doing something that she has wanted to do ever since she was a young child. Ms. Deere hopes that those that buy her products also see her passion for business and also see that there are innovative ways to now think about applying makeup to the face. Ms. Deere is excited for the growth of her business and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the products that she sells to the clients.

Doe Deere: Its Ok To Break Some Fashion Rules

Every year, many magazines love to print large fashion rules for women to abide in. However, the editors of these magazines do not understand that its not a big deal to break some of these fashion and beauty rules once in a while and still look good. The suggestions given by these magazines are good. They not only help individuals when they are uncertain about their makeup but also help people look good. They should however not bind you to follow them all the time. Some people like Ms. Wintour advocate for these beauty rules, but the famous beauty queen from Lime Crime thinks otherwise.

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the controversial Lime Crime Beauty Company. The beauty queen is respected for her beauty products that are used all over the world. She has a lot of talent when it comes to makeup, and she can play around with shades and colors.

According to Doe Deere, breaking some fashion rules is not a sin. She has her own fashion rules to break, and from her makeup line, you can clearly see some of the rules she breaks. Her makeup line consists of colorful, cruelty-free and whimsical glittering cosmetics. She has proven to the world that it is possible to be stylish when you have broken some of these rules. She gives some advice to the women who want to look different while staying aside from the beauty rules.

One of the things she tells her clients to the rule that states that women should not wear or mix too many colors. Colors can make all the difference in a woman’s look, and many people believe that too many colors can make someone look scary. Doe Deere has a different opinion to this. According to her, colors can enhance your looks if only there is the right coordination. She loves several colors too, and she wears them all together. When put down on a piece of paper, these colors may look horrible, but if perfectly coordinated, they look very good.

Doe Deere was born in Russia, but her parents moved to the New York City where she was raised. She is the founder of the popular company known as Lime Crime Cosmetics. Her mission is to prove to the world that makes up can do more than just conceal the imperfections an individual has.

Breaking Fashion Rules with Doe Deere

Introducing Doe Deere
Controversial with her fashion sense; Doe Deere is definitely a woman who marches to her own individual style beat. Her “signature” style -although she enjoys changing her look up with different colors and patterns- she is known for is her colorfully dyed hair, bright platform and heeled Mary-Jane buckle shoes and her rainbow makeup and fashion. It’s rare or impossible to see Doe Deere in any outfits that are all neutral colors or all black.

Aside from her sometimes outrageous and completely out of this world Harajuku influenced fashion sense Doe Deere is famous for being a popular beauty entrepreneur in the Los Angeles Area and on the web. She is the CEO and founder of the makeup products company: Lime Crime. This company has makeup that is as equally colorful, artistic and imaginative as Ms. Doe Deere herself. Lime Crime was started in 2007-2008, and the makeup brand has grown in popularity ever since.

Fashion Rules Do Not Apply to Doe Deere
While she’s an incredibly fashionable woman, Doe Deere unsurprisingly does not adhere to any fashion rules that many fashion gurus have laid down that many fashionistas claim are the golden, unbreakable rules of fashion sense. So what are the rules in particular that Doe Deere breaks all the time?

  • Bold Eye with a Bold Lip
  • Mixing Colors for an Outfit
  • Combining Patterns for an Outfit
  • Socks with Sandals or Open Toe Shoes
  • Having Colored Hair and Only Wearing Neutrals
  • Dressing For Your Age
  • Dressing Only For Special Occasions

The Reasons Behind Doe Deere’s Fashion Rule Breaking
The simplified reasoning behind Doe Deere breaking fashion rules is that she likes to have the artistic freedom to dress exactly how she envisions. Applying her makeup to have both a bold eye shadow look and her lips to have a bold lip color is something Doe Deere does like a class act. She loves to break that rule as it does have a pretty effect. Mixing colors and patterns for outfits is something she does with ease while still looking fashionable by either using complementary colors or colors close on the color wheel. Surprisingly Doe Deere breaking the no socks with sandals rule works because she usually wears frilly socks or rainbow socks with decoration. Doing this actually looks adorable and cute. The fact that Doe Deere wears many colors while also sporting her ever changing hair colors also seems to be a good move on her part. She usually chooses complementary colors of her current hair color for the clothing that she selects. Doe Deere doesn’t allow age or lack of a special occasion to alter how she dresses either, which is admirable and proves just how much of a fashion free spirit she is.

Don’t Just Look Unique, but Look Uniquely Awesome

Doe Deere is the perfect example of this generation bursting out of its shell. Learning to live, explore and be happy has always been Doe’s motto. She knows that how you dress, your hair and makeup effects how you feel. You can either dress in a way that makes you feel alive, or drab, it’s your choice.

Don’t Just Look Unique, but look Uniquely Awesome

Here are 7 tips by Doe Deere to do just that.

1. Do not wear both lip and eye colors?

Not according to Doe, if you’re not afraid to do it, do it. And do it with style. As far as she’s concerned nothing looks better than a vibrant blue lipstick called Cry Baby along with Venus eyeshadow in a rusty red. Or perhaps Red Velvet lipstick paired with Blue Milk eyeliner.

2. Socks with open toed shoes, that’s a no, no?

I think don’t so. The more socks the better, in the most beautiful and eye catching colors possible. Doe likes to pair her socks with stockings and after all is said and done she slips on a cute pair of open toed heels. Awesome.

3. Don’t sport too many colors at the same time?

You mean go through life wearing only two colors at a time? Not if Doe has anything to do with it. Her secret it to match color combos that make sense. For example, light green, peach, pink periwrinkle, and lavender. All of these colors look great together. It’s a color combo. Prada even has a new line combining cotton candy pinks, bright yellows and chartreuse. Don’t forget to match your current hair and makeup colors along with these colors!

4. Too many patterns can be scary?

Doe has some great ideas to make different patterns fit perfectly together. Staying in the same color scheme when it comes to different patterns is always a good idea. If you are just getting started choose monochrome – like colors at first.

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She was born in Russia and was brought up in New York City. Living in the perfect place to express yourself, Doe did not hesitate to do just that. On a daily basis goes beyond the limits to be an example when it comes to independent style.

She reinforces her ideas through Lime Cosmetics, each and every day. Proving that cosmetics, dress and hair are the most exceptional areas to form your own personal freedom and self – expression.

Fashion Rule Breaker: Doe Deere

Fashion rules were something that were set in place to dictate the way that people dress and Doe Deere has set out to make these rules nonexistent. She is a beauty blogger who also has her own makeup line. The line is something that she aims to make people feel better about themselves and to make the right choices when it comes to the way that they look. She knows that people should be allowed to choose nearly anything that they want when it comes to their makeup and fashion choices and no rules should prevent them from doing so.

Too many colors put together is something that has been a major drawback to Doe Deere. The general rule of thumb is that you should have no more than 3-4 colors on you, not including neutrals, at any one time. Doe Deere regularly breaks this rule because she loves colors, loves the way they look on her and the way that they make her feel about the way that she looks. There are several ways that you will be able to choose colors and you should not worry about the colors that you are wearing clashing. It is something that can make you feel better about yourself and creating more confidence for yourself.

There are several things that you can do to break fashion rules and many of these things can even make you more comfortable. Among these things include wearing socks with your heels. They are more comfortable for you to be able to wear and they will also look good. As a beauty blogger, Doe Deere has been able to influence the people who follow her by making people feel comfortable with the way that they are wearing their shoes. Not only is this comfortable, but it is one of the most beautiful fashion rules to break.

If you are wearing bold colors and wearing bold options on your feet in the form of high heels with socks, you can also wear bold patterns. These patterns can be anything that you like and will allow you to feel not only better about yourself, but will also look beautiful. Doe Deere knows that you don’t have to worry about clashing and that you can feel great about your looks no matter what patterns you love. Choosing to break this fashion rule is a great idea for anyone who loves colors and patterns.

Breaking fashion rules can be very fun and very confidence boosting for anyone who does so. Doe Deere has always worked to make fashion rules nonexistent and is constantly influencing the decisions of other people who have followed her. She has been able to make herself look and feel better and is focused on inspiring the people who follow her to do the same thing. It is easy for many people to make the choices when they have someone like Doe Deere to be able to look up to when it comes to the fashion choices they make.

Doe Deere and the Lime Crime Climb

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a make up for unicorns that specializes in cruelty free cosmetics. She has inspired women and female entrepreneurs across the country and often bass about her inspirational speech “Don’t Quit Your Day Dream.”

A fashion school dropout Doe’s journey has not been one of epic proportions. As a child Doe Deere always loved fairy tales which may explain why she has so much fantasy embodied into her Lime Crime products. She first came up with the name after sitting around and putting words together that rhymed and ironically this name stuck. While it may appear that man of Doe’s ideas all fell into place with her fantasy she is the first to tell you that she was not an overnight success and that before she reached this pinnacle of success she had to endure some very challenging times including failing. She admits that she unashamedly failed at many things in life and has truly become the definition of the famous quote: “if at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again”. After dropping out of design school Doe had to learn firsthand what it was it was like to be an independent designer. Her journey in independent fashion as far from easy but she refused to be defined by her failures and credits her success to her ability to keep going even when the rest of the world encouraged her to stop. In a recent interview with Bustle this fashion icon offered a ton of advice to aspiring beauty addicts.

If you are one of those millions of beauty connoisseurs you have probably gave advice a time or two about wearing only one bold at a time. Doe believes the total opposite and there is nothing you can do to change her mind about that. She admits that she likes to break the rules especially when it comes to Blue Milk eyeliner and lip that is Red velvet. Beauty queens can officially jump for joy because if Doe said it, it must be true right?

While we are all about breaking the rules this bright eyed CEO tells us that color coordination does not just relate to your clothes. She suggests that you always take pride in making sure your clothes, make up and hair all match. Yes, you heard correctly but I guess that is easier said than done by this fashionista who on any given day could easily walk out of house flawlessly with lavender, pink or even purple hair. She adds that she does know that the colors may sound a bit much but when you actually think outside the box and pair the colors together it all turns out quite lovely.

If combining a ton of color is mind boggling, then you will probably stay far away from Deere’s next tips on patterns. It may appear that some people were born with the perfect eye for mixing patterns but Deere doesn’t think the perfect eye really matters, patterns should just be fun. Sure, that’s easy to say when you are Doe Deere.