Avi Weisfogel: The Jack Of Significant Trades

Avi Weisfogel is a successful and highly decorated dentist with over two decades of active experience in the industry. Sixteen years ago, he started the Dental Sleep Masters campaign that advocates better sleep through treatment and eradication of serious dental problems like sleep apnea. In his many years of research and practice in the field, Avi has accumulated a considerable wealth of experience that he shares with other dentists through regular seminars and lectures. But Avi has proven to be more than just a dentist through his involvement in philanthropy and entertainment industry.


Avi’s charitable projects

Avi’s successful career that includes holding the best dentist honor for several years earned him respect and popularity in the health industry. Over the years, Avi has used this popularity to expand and promote several charitable activities involving better health. Just recently, he launched the Operation Smile Campaign on Go Fund Me with the target of raising $2,000. The funds would be used to perform free medical operations to young adults suffering facial deformities from a cleft palate and cleft lips.


Avi Weisfogel’s musical interests

Though a late bloomer, Avi is also a talented musician. For the past few years, he has committed to developing creative hip hop tunes that he shares on Soundcloud and though he is just getting started, it would be interesting to see the path this new interest will adopt in the near future. Avi is also a video lover that is regularly sharing both inspirational and snippets of his interests on various video sharing platforms including YouTube and Vimeo where he maintains personal accounts.


The main reason Avi commands respect in most of his areas of expertise is based on the fact he is committed to perfection; giving his all in each of his areas of interest. For instance, though he started out like any other dentists, he made it his life’s mission to continually expand his knowledge in the industry through constant research that has helped him venture into other fields of the discipline as well as get constant referrals from fellow dentists on complex procedures. Avi may have, therefore, just set out on a journey to even more success and prominence across different industries should he continue with this level of aggressiveness in all his areas of interests.