An Ironic Situation Led to a Better Business

Online reputation management is an important part to any business that wants to stay relevant or stay ahead of a potential PR crisis. Status Labs, a company that specializes in this particular brand of Public Relations has helped thousands of companies do just that. That being said, how does a PR firm repair it’s own PR after a bad set of circumstances vilifies them in the eyes of their community? Well Status Labs had to do just that recently, and it was no easy task.

Due to the unfortunate habits of an executive member of the company on his off hours, Status Labs came under fire by the media and was quickly turned into a villain in the eyes of their community. When your company manages other companies PR, you can’t be the villain, it just won’t work. The company set out to change the way the community viewed them by making several bold changes. The first thing Status labs did was to have all employees vote on the fate of the executive’s job, the vote was a unanimous termination request.

After firing the executive the company began to look at what could be improved, and what they realized was that they needed happy employees if they wanted their image to change. A press release with a picture of the entire team notifying the media that the executive had been terminated was the second step, they then made several changes to the way employees interact with the company. Having monthly meetings to make sure employees know what the company is doing and allowing them to bring any issues to bear helps the employees feel like the company is theirs, and not just some menial job.

Giving back to he community by working with charities and non-profit organizations also helped Status Labs become a symbol for something more than shady dealings, they became a pillar of the community. With their employees happy and the community thinking highly of them once again, Status labs continues to thrive and provide a happy work environment that spurs new ideas and makes the workers feel important, instead of just another cog in a machine. Visit their Instagram page to learn more about the company.

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Advice on Raising Employee Job Satisfaction From Darius Fisher

When Darius Fisher needs to lower employee turnover, he looks to improve employee job satisfaction. There are ways of allocating time and funds that produce actual results. Regardless, most methods of improving employee job satisfaction require someone become more involved with workers. Follow these tips to boost job satisfaction to keep employees returning to work over many years.

Offer Incentives
Ask employees about the things they want and believe they deserve. Many of them will likely have some suggestions to contribute to the incentive plan. Of course, the decisions are just guidelines to the end result, but listen to your workers to truly understand where their interests lie.

Encourage Significant Work
Give your team recognition when they do great things together or as individuals. Send emails, post bulletins or simply give them a moment of conversation. Regardless, as long as someone begins to show them care and respect about the work they do, they will be less eager to leave because they will picture leaders as people rather than bosses.

Update Workers
Use technology to make communications quick, easy and frequent. Most people do not enjoy being told about a project at the last moment and many do not have “last-minute” time and patience to dedicate. Too many failures to communicate, and the employees will start to take their skills elsewhere.

Great Example
Darius Fisher is the leader of a successful company, Status Labs, that offers online reputation management services to clientele from over 35 countries. With contributions from Darius, the company has developed partnerships that has allowed them to achieve the level of strength it is currently exuding over the industry. More than 1,500 customers have been served, and the business is still going strong.

Passionate Leader
After graduating from Vanderbilt University with honors, Darius Fisher joined political consulting and copywriting. Now, he leads Status Labs through client agreements and works to expand the company further past its three offices in New York, Austin and Sao Paolo. Darius Fisher also spreads his business knowledge to others by speaking at events about the lessons he has learned across his career of fixing social crises.