Learn About The Contributions of Eric Pulier to Technological Growth

Eric Pulier is a renowned entrepreneur and technologist, who has impacted the world through his technological innovations and support to various philanthropic foundations. He also offers support to young entrepreneurs looking to advance their ideas into successful businesses. Eric Pulier launched several ventures to support young individuals with great ideas. Some of these ventures include Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures and eCompanies. His dream of supporting innovation has been echoed through these ventures and the idea has helped many young entrepreneurs to explore their dreams and potential.

Educational background

The educational background of Eric Pulier goes back to Teaneck High School, where he also pursued his dream by launching his first company. Since fourth grade, Eric Pulier admired technology and the benefits it offered to users and he vowed to pursue the field to become a renowned technologist and entrepreneur. When he graduated from the Teaneck High School, he proceeded to the Harvard University for a course in American Literature and English. He also at this time joined the MIT College to pursue Computer Science. In 1988, he completed the courses and earned high honors.


One of the most notable parts of the career of Eric Pulier is the contribution he made to the government. In 1997, he was picked among several experts to lead the technology exhibition, which was to be presented during the second inauguration of President Bush and Al Gore. This event was a success and marked a vital part of his life as he was able to showcase his skills to the whole world.

He arranged the presentation into sections, each addressing a single issue and expounding on a topic like education, business, technology, space exploration, agriculture and others. The objective of the event was to showcase the effort the government had made in using technology to build institutions and the plans that lay ahead for the nation. Most importantly, Eric Pulier ensured there was a live streaming session that connected the audience with space astronauts. With great success in this event, his career was shaped in a positive way and this showcased him as an expert in the field of technology.


Don Ressler The Online Tycoon

Leading The Pack
Online retail is one of the fastest growing sectors of the free market. As the internet continues to invade new areas of our lives we will eventually see shopping online no different than going to the store. At the center of the online retail movement is Don Ressler. Since the early 2000s his online startups has managed to generate billions of dollars through his venture capitalism pursuits. These pursuits have included everything from fashion retailer JustFab to startups focused around the social network Myspace. Decades from now history books will give Ressler the same regard current historians give to the likes of Andrew Carnegie John Rockefeller.

Fabulous Profits
Although JustFab wasn’t Don Ressler’f first project it is undeniable that he experienced his most success with the website. Collaborating with fellow web entrepreneur Adam Goldenberg and model Kimora Lee Simmons Ressler wanted to offer online shoppers a personalized experience. For a subscription fee of $39.95 a month JustFab offers customers clothing tailored to their specific body. This business model allowed JustFab to gain a loyal customer base of millions of fans. The addition of Simmons to the team was more than a publicity stunt. She is available in JustFab offices 5 days out of the week.

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Expanding The Business Model
The success of JustFab proved there was a market for online fashion retail, but Ressler wanted to go even further. He wanted to see if the approach would work for athletic aparell as well. To reach out to a more active demographic he enlisted Kate Hudson for a new website named Fabletics.com. At Fabletics customers can bu athletic wear using a similar model to JustFab. Fabletics has become so successful there are now physical locations where customers can buy the personalized attire the website sells. In the future Ressler plans to open up at least 100 brick and mortar stores.

A Pioneer Strikes Gold
Don Ressler entered online retail in its infancy, built it from the ground up, and now enjoys a view from atop the billion dollar industry. The simple act of creating a successful web startup in the early 2000s before websites like Youtube and Facebook is a marvel, but the billions of revenue these companies made is even more jarring. There are few who manage to reach Don Ressler’s position and even fewer who stay there for as long as he has.

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Keith Mann Handles Education and Entrepreneurs

There are a few things that are very important to the success of an individual. One of these things is education. Keith Mann wants to make sure that people are getting greater than adequate education so that they can have a much better chance in pursuing the career they want. Keith Mann is definitely trying to help students get education in any field of their choice. However, even the students with the best grades are not going to be able to get the education that they need to build a career without the finances that they need. This is where Keith Mann has decided to offer his assistance.

Keith Mann has offered students scholarships in order for them to be able to take the classes they need for the careers of their choices. For one thing, classes beyond high school cost a lot of money. Therefore, students are going to need a lot of help in order to get their education. Often times, student loans can result in a lot of debt being owed. With a scholarship, students will have an easier time paying for college and a much smaller debt to pay throughout their careers Keith Mann does make it easier for students to achieve their goals.

Keith and his wife has put together the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship of Professional Achievement for students that have shown a lot of skill and responsibility when it comes to business related matters. In order for students to be able to apply for the scholarship they have to write a 1000 word essay on why the scholarship is going to be able to help them achieve their business goals. Keith Mann then looks at all of the applications and decides which one is the one most worthy of the scholarship. He then awards the scholarship to the one that offers the most compelling paper.