How to Plan the Best Event or Party

So you’re planning a party and are getting a little overwhelmed with all the stress. Do not worry! We have for you some tips that will help you out. First, create lists of everything so that you are organized and know exactly what is left that still needs to be taken care of.


Another tip is to consider using a lot of lighter appetizers, instead of a huge sit down meal. This will make your job easier, and at the same time it will allow guests to taste more foods and will allow them more opportunities to walk around and socialize with each other. You can buy ready made ingredients that will make everything easier for you. One good example is toasted pita wedges with hummus or eggplant dips.


Next, set up a table for the kids. This will allow them to have fun with each other without getting into trouble and messing up the rest of the party. Place on that table foods that are appropriate for kids and which will make them interested and keep them happy and content. Use tableware and a design that is fit for kids. Next, remember that not everything has to be so fancy and complicated. You can keep the design and the tableware quite simple and still have a very beautiful party. It’s also important to remember to stay relaxed and happy. If you get stressed out, you won’t be able to invite the guests and deal with them properly. Calm down and relax. Finally, prepare some small favors like little boxes of chocolates that you can give out to your guests.


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They have contacts with the best vendors. They will provide catering, floral design, give you a wide venue selection, provide photography and entertainment, provide lighting, provide branding and production for your corporate event, custom printing for invitations, provide styling for your party and much much more.


Taking the Stress out of Event Planning in NYC

Planning for an event in NYC can seem overwhelming, however staying organized and starting early can make it a breeze. Event planning companies in NYC can offer a variety of services to help with planning an event. One of the most important things to do is to make several lists. A master to do list, a shopping list and a guest list would be helpful. Creating an impressive theme makes for a memorable event. There are many types of invitations online, however a mailed paper invitation builds anticipation for the event. For drinks at the event, a self-serve bar lets guests mix a variety of drinks themselves. When guests arrive have a tray of champagne or water near the door to welcome guests. Serving appetizers instead of a formal meal, allows guests to interact with everyone easily. A separate kids area decorated with a fun theme can include things for the kids to do. Party favors given to the guests offer a memorable keepsake of the event. There are several event planners in NYC, it is important to find one that meets all your needs. Read more:

Twenty Three Layers is a full service event planning company in NYC that combines knowledge with creative inspiration. They help in all aspects of event planning in NYC, including choosing a venue. Twenty Three Layers offers branding to showcase your company. One of their specialties is full-scale event production, including fabrication and styling. They have a range of menu choices that will compliment the event. Twenty Three Layers works with many talented musical and interactive acts to provide great entertainment at events. They offer custom printing for menus, event signs and invitations. They can transform a venue with photography, lighting, floral decoration and more to create a breathtaking scene.

Whether the event is a large corporate event or a small family affair, Twenty Three Layers provides everything needed to make a spectacular event. They listen to their client’s desires and preferences when planning. They are easy to work with and are detail oriented. Twenty Three Layers will make an unforgettable event that people will be talking about afterward.