Nexbank Purchases New Jersey College Savings Specialist

The New Jersey based College Savings Bank has become a well known brand in the state for being one of the most respected options for families looking to invest in the future of their children with a college education and is now a part of the Nexbank SSB group. The College Savings Bank is a specialist in the 529 plan college-savings programs that offered at state level across the U.S. The Dallas, Texas based Nexbank believe the investment is a strong one for the financial group as College Savings Bank is a major part of the college savings community as it partners with state agencies in Indiana and Arizona to offer college savings plans for children in both states.

Nexbank CEO John Holt has already gone on record to announce College Savings Bank will not go through major changes after being acquired by Nexbank, and will maintain its own branding and name to help keep consumer confidence high. Details of the deal completed by Nexbank have not been released to the public.

Nexbank is a well known name in Dalals, Texas and is growing in importance across the U.S. after the bank was given its first charter in 1922, and has now developed to offer commercial, mortgage, and investment banking options to customers.

The Nexbank brand has become more important than ever before after the development of a new group of financial professionals who are bringing their expertise in the main business areas of the bank to all its customers. The development of Nexbank includes the ability of the most qualified financial professionals who have the ability to take on the most complex financial arrangements and turn them into a success for the clients of the company.

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