The Developing Technology of Image Recognition

Image recognition is the process of pointing out and spotting an object or a feature in a video or digital image. This particular concept so to speak is applied in many applications like systems for tollbooth monitoring, security surveillance, and factory automation. Classic image recognition algorithms constitute a pattern and gradient matching, license plate matching, optical character recognition, scene change detection and last but not least face recognition.


The leadership team of Slyce, with their visual search technology, needless to say, is forming a future of commerce and the usage of Internet coupled with erecting new standards for the engagement of customers. This phenomenal company is revolutionizing the retail industry via visual search. Regarding technology, slyce universal scanner, a product of slyce, is a direct solution applying the most precise image recognition technology available on the now? Slyce’s visual search technology unifies the excellent features of many of its competitors in a one-product solution. This beautiful creation, the universal scanner, easily and effortlessly handles QR codes, coupons, barcodes, and any authentic world image.

Slyce’s visual search tackles 1, 2 and 3-dimensional images issuing retailers a scanning solution that is complete and integrated easily. Slyce visual search technology like the one I mentioned earlier makes it possible for customers to buy products they see in the factual world such as in print catalogs, on billboards and magazine ads. It also works online. How? An example being by matching on Pinterest an item’s photo. This is how one does it; in 3D real world commerce complete scanning solution, you find similar products and buy, find complementary products and add products to a wish list. In 2D print materials, you find the exact product match and buy, see and purchase new products online and you get to redeem coupons.

Slyce also uses image recognition technology for desktops and mobiles via activating visual product recognition on inexistent product pictures or simply by snapping a photo.

What Image Recognition Technology Has Made Possible

It has enabled us to provide the client with more information concerning the product, whatever the product may be. The customer standing in front of an interactive counter display needs to show the product to the device literally and upon recognition, the gadget displays the product’s extras and every other detail they need to know.

Final Thoughts

It is rather apparent that image recognition technology is spreading its wings worldwide and is simplifying the act of shopping and purchasing products and the very fact that it is developing and has brought about a lot if changes are simply amazing.