Detailed Facts Pertaining IAP Worldwide Services

It takes commitment, effort, resilience and resources to create a global corporation that is unwavered by typical business challenges. However, there are various companies or businesses such as IAP Worldwide Services, which have withstood the test of time to become dominating forces in their line of business.

IAP Worldwide utilizes a worldwide network of integrated capabilities to make sure that the United States is better placed to undertake its diverse missions in any given environment. It has three principal lines of operations including Professional and Technical Services, Base Operations Support Services and Global Operations and Logistics.

IAP’s Background

Pan Am World Services, Inc.

IAP Worldwide Services evolved from the acquisition of several pioneering companies with a commitment to build a better future. Its history can be traced to Pan Am World Services, Inc., which was involved in the operations and building of America’s first ever space launch base located in Cape Canaveral, FL. Pan AM World Services also offered complete maintenance support such as engineering services and airport master planning.

John Controls, Inc.

Later, the Johnson Controls, Inc. acquired Pan Am Services, which led to a name transition, Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, Inc. The new company became a leading entity across the global divide in the maintenance as well as management of commercial facilities and military bases. JCWS is also involved in promoting energy efficiency as well as computerizing a facility’s security, fire, lighting and environmental control systems.

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IAP initially started out as a specialized procurement and logistics company. From initially providing generator supplies to the US Army in Saudi Arabia, the company was also a large supporter of the US troops in the famous Operation Desert Storm. Later, IAP acquired JCWS together with its entirely owned subsidiary, Readiness Management Support. This led to the formation of what is now known as IAP Worldwide Services, which has become a global leader in offering reliable, safe and innovative solutions for its diverse clients around the world.

Company’s Developments

Late last year, IAP Worldwide Services unveiled its most recent acquisition of dual units belonging to DRS Technologies, Inc. The two business units include the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business situated in Aberdeen Proving Ground, and the Aviation and Logistics business in Oklahoma City. IAT intends to incorporate the capabilities of both business units to promote its growth strategy.

Further, IAP maintains its corporate headquarters in Cape Canaveral, FL while operating in over a hundred locations based in more than twenty nations around the globe.

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