Stop Stripping Your Hair–Use a “No-Poo” Cleanser

The number one reason why many women cut off their hair is because it is damaged. They may desire a long, lush mane of healthy hair but think it is out of reach. One thing that women do every day that causes the most damage to hair is the daily shampoo routine. No matter what shampoo you choose, from the salon or the supermarket shelves, if it contains chemicals that make a foamy, sudsy lather, it’s bad for your hair.

Women in past centuries used natural ingredients in harmony with nature to cleanse their hair. They knew the difference between hair care products and household cleaning products. Regular shampoo produces a chemical reaction stripping hair’s natural oils much like dish soap cleans greasy plates. The end result is dry, brittle hair that is difficult to style.

The good news is that some products are now formulated to skip the soapy lather and just provide a healthy clean hair experience. One of the leading new cleansing conditioners has been formulated by Chaz Dean, hairdresser to the stars. It’s not just celebrities in the WEN by Chaz Dean commercials that are raving about the new Cleansing Conditioners. Beauty bloggers all over the world are excited about this way to bouncy, luxurious hair.WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner does not make a thick lather. Instead, it gently cleans and conditions hair without stripping, which means hair damage is actually repaired the more you use the product. Instead of cutting those locks, try WEN!



Why People Notice a Difference When Using WEN by Chaz

In an effort to let people know what to expect when using WEN by Chaz, one woman decided to post her experience with the product in an article on Bustle. This woman had seen the advertisements for Wen and wanted to see for herself if it would improve the condition of her limp, greasy and unruly hair. The article she wrote covers the first week she used the product, excluding the second day when she did not have time to wash her hair. She followed the directions faithfully and used a blow dryer to dry her hair afterward. The woman writes about the noticeable difference she saw in the appearance of her hair on the days she used WEN. It definitely had more body, shine and manageability.

A Formula for Healthy Hair

When hair stylist Chaz Dean [visit link:] set out to create a better hair cleansing system, he decided to use natural plant extracts in the formula for his product. These plant extracts are what give WEN the ability to restore and repair damaged hair. Each variety of WEN is made using different botanical extracts to provide assistance for the different issues people have with their hair. Some of the natural ingredients include coconut milk, jasmine, verbena, peach and honey.

Not only do the products in the WEN line contain natural plant extracts, but they are also free of harsh chemicals that strip hair of its own natural oils. These oils are essential in maintaining healthy hair, which is why WEN is designed to thoroughly cleanse the hair and scalp without removing these essential oils. These natural ingredients work toward restoring damaged hair by adding moisture and nourishment. WEN products are also safe to use on color-treated or permed hair. The end result is hair that looks and feels soft, silky and manageable. Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more information on this amazing hair care line. Wen can be ordered directly through the Wen website or from Amazon.