Marijuana Use May Affect Memory as You Age

The results of a recent study were reported on CNN regarding those who smoked weed regularly as teens remember fewer words when they enter middle age. The study had been posted online by JAMA Internal Medicine (see a complete version at the Jon Urbana About Me profile) and shows marijuana is becoming more popular with the young in the United States.

According to the study marijuana was connected to poor verbal memory in those currently using it and those who had a lifetime of use history showed worse performance in verbal memory, processing speed and cognitive function. The study did not show if only occasional use affected any of these areas.

Each five year segment of use of marijuana makes verbal memory lower. Those participating in the study lost about one word from a list of 15 for each of the five years. The study was a fair mix of women, men, blacks, whites and varying education levels, to show an overall projection of the population.

More research is needed on this subject according to one of the authors of the study, Dr. Reto Auer. There has not been much done in the way of looking at effects of marijuana use over a long period of time. New liberalization of medical marijuana use in the United States is making it easier for adolescents to use this substance on a daily use so it is important to find out how the increased numbers of users are going to be affected in the long run.

Why Beneful Is The Best Pet Food Brand

Cats and dogs have nutritional requirements that are biologically driven and may not just be satisfied by all foods marked ‘natural’on the shelves. The market is full of veggie and natural based foods that are just there so as to meet the market demand and not to necessarily benefit the pets. For pet owners to get the best foods for their friends, they should adequately check the labels and find the nutritional adequacy statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials; a body that ensures that the formula used to make the food meets all the required minimum requirements.

Beneful is a pet food brand that is well known for taking the needs of its consumers in mind first. So as to make eating playful and enjoyable as it is intended to be, the company has reinvented pet foods so that pets can enjoy a good balance of quality nutrition, great taste, and wholesome ingredients.

For instance, the Beneful Wet Dog Food is made with wholesome ingredients that are delicious and that many dogs love to eat. Available in more than twenty varieties, it has added accents like barley, carrots, green beans and rice. It also comes accompanied by proteins like lamb, pork, beef or chicken. To accommodate dogs of all sizes and ages, the dog food is available in either thinly chopped blends or big hearty chunks.

Beneful has also not been left behind when matters related to making unique advertisements for its pet food products are concerned. The latest phenomenal advertisement included more than a dozen dogs that looked healthy and strong and seemed to enjoy Beneful products.

As of 2014, the company was looking for advertising agencies with the ability to handle all its advertising needs. Prior to the advertisement, Fallon had been handling all the company’s advertising but it did not declare an interest to continue with the same. Through the third quarter of 2013, the company had spent not less than $40.7 million in advertising.

Beneful is well trusted by many pet owners because it has been consistent in making good quality foods. Different with many other brands on the market, its pet food brands have not been in anyway implicated in being of poor quality. The company understands very well that to thrive in the market, its products have to exceed their customer’s expectations; a quality it has meticulously tended to.

Just like humans, when pets feed, they need a balanced diet so as to grow. Good health begins with proper nutrition, and when it comes to pet foods, it should come first regardless of the convenience of acquisition or price. Luckily for Beneful customers, the pet food company understands this very well. It makes foods that are well balanced, not over-caloried or under-nourished. At the end of the day, all the pet owner wants is food that will provide good nutritional benefits to his pet and at the same time provide value for money. Those who were lucky to discover Beneful in the past have had a very good time with their pets.

North American Spine is Now Offering Better and Safer Procedures for Spine Patients

Nobilis Health, which is a publicly-traded firm, acquired the North American Spine just recently. North American Spine is actually the parent company to AccuraScope procedure, which is recognized nationally and very known for its effectiveness.
North American Spine reviews ( agree that they will now be proud to give its customers more and better treatment options, from its board-certified and experienced spine surgeons who are in its family of less invasive spine procedures due to the acquisition. For most patients, just a single procedure is never effective , and this has led to the addition of new and better minimally invasive procedures in the North American Spine .this is actually very good news to all the back or neck pain patients.
For the AccuraScope together with the CuraSpine patients, they get the minimally invasive decompression treatments to reduce pressure on their spinal nerves, while the SecuraSpine offers stabilization using small incisions for the patients who are believed to have instability in the spine. When compared to the traditional open back surgery, the new minimally invasive procedures are giving smaller incisions, which in return offer fewer chances of complication, and the patients are able to recover faster.
While giving some explanations about the change of things, the CEO of Nobilis health said that they were very happy to take the step. He acknowledged that any patients that were previously not suitable for the treatment can get the minimal invasive procedures at their modern facilities.
Nobilis Health is believed to actually own and operates several surgical facilities everywhere in the United States. The firm is always committed to develop and increase the access to medicine and healthcare for all the Americans in the low-cost outpatient settings. The company manages to do this by using the recent developments in the medical technologies. Nobilis gives the spine patients a very holistic continuum of treatment, offering the spine patients a return to normal life without chronicback pain or neck pain that is usually caused by bulging or even herniated discs, sciatica and other diagnoses.
North American Spine is actually the exclusive firm that offers the AccuraScope Procedure, which is a minimally invasive surgery to the spine. Typically it only takes 45 minutes or less to treat any back pain which is chronic. Until today, they have managed do to more than 8000 procedures. The procedures are done by qualified physicians who have specifically been trained on how to do it. The procedure has a very high rate of success.