Martin Lustgarten Continues To Command Investment The Banking World

When it comes to investing in business, there are various sources of capital. For those that lack ready cash to invest, there are financial institutions that specialize in provision of capital to individuals, corporations and governments. They provide this by underwriting the particular institution or by representing the institution as an agent in the issuance of securities.


Apart from the provision of financial capital, investment banks also assist their clients in matters relating to mergers and acquisitions, trading of derivatives and equity securities, provision of ancillary services and fixed income instruments, currencies and commodities. One of the things that sets investment banks apart from commercial banks and retail banks is the fact that investment banks do not take any deposits.


When it comes to conducting business, investment banks do this along two different lines: the sell side and the buy side. The sell side deals with the trade of securities either for cash or for other securities. It also involves the promotion of securities. For the buy side, the clients of these investment banking institutions receive advice in regard to investing. Some of the common buy-side entities include life insurance companies, hedge funds, private equity funds and unit trusts.


An investment bank can have its role divided into private and public functions and a strong wall put in place between them to prevent information from moving from one camp to the other. For one to work as an advisor on investment banking services, the individual must be a licensed broker-dealer.


One such individual who has diligently served his clients over the years as an investment banker is Martin Lustgarten. Martin started his journey as an investment banker before turning into an entrepreneur and starting his Florida-based investment banking firm, Lustgarten, Martin. The firm has served a long list of clients and the CEO, Mr. Lustgarten, has an experience that spans more than two decades in the industry.


Born in 1959, Martin has gone on to become one of the most refined investment bankers globally. He, however, continues to display a modest demeanor. Martin is an avid lover of all things vintage, with various investments in vintage cars and watches. Martin loves to connect with the world through his social media pages.

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