Victoria’s Secret CEO Turney Resigns


The fashion world was surprised with the recent announcement that Victoria’s Secret CEO Sharen Jester Turney has tendered her resignation. Replacing Turney will be L Brands Inc. CEO Les Wexner. Vicotria’s Secret is a division of L Brands. Turner has been with Victoria’s Secret since 2006 and stated that she is resigning “to prioritize my family and my personal life and consider what’s next for me professionally.”

Turney’s departure creates turmoil, as Victoria’s Secret was L Brands “cash cow”, generating 66% of the parent company’s revenue. Insiders indicated that Turney was considered in line to succeed the 79-year-old Wexner. Wall Street took notice, after the public statement, to Turney’s resignation, causing shares to drop 3.0% to $81.87.

Wexner commented, “We have strong confidence in the strength of the brand and our growth opportunities, and I look forward to taking on a more active role and working with the talented leadership team at Victoria’s Secret.”

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Lime Crime: Make-Up That Packs As Much Fun As A Box Of Crayons

Have you ever looked at the colors found in the display case of a department store make-up brand and felt utterly bored? If so, you will be intrigued by the rich, saturated and bold colors offered by Lime Crime cosmetic line on Amazon.

The palette of lip colors will give anyone a jolt. Staring at the colors that comprise the Unicorn lipstick line will transport you back to childhood and make you feel as though you are a kid staring at a freshly opened box of crayons and wondering what color to select first. So many of the colors look so enticing, it is hard to choose which crayon to pull out of the box first to begin building your world. Nine times out of ten, this decision resulted in the choice to dump all the crayons out of the box at once. Sometimes you might have even grabbed a few colors at once as you scribbled to your heart’s delight. The Unicorn lipsticks are similar to a box of crayons, and you’ll feel an urge to give these colors a whirl whether it is the ice blue “No She Didn’t” or the sunny yellow hued “New Yolk City” or perhaps the glistening emerald “Serpentina”. You might also gravitate towards beautiful colors like “Geradium” or “Great Pink Planet”.

Your eyes don’t want to be left out of the fun! You can continue to add much color to your face’s beautiful canvas by checking out Lime Crime‘s fun silver and gold eyeliners and expected colors such as “Orchidaceous”, “Citreuse” and “Blue Milk”. Lime Crime’s Zodiac Glitter line will further inspire you with colors such as the beautiful glittering indigo color of “Aquarius” to the statuesque gold of “Leo”. No matter what your astrological sign, these eye shadows are saturated and dynamic. In a single stroke, you can dial up the intensity of any look. The Zodiac Glitter is so versatile, that patrons have started using it to their lips and even nails. It can be beautiful to combine two Zodiac Glitter eye shadows for a stunning ombre effect.

Speaking of nails, they will love to be coated by the whimsical colors offered by Lime Crime. The creamy pastel hues are sweet as candy. The “Once In A Blue Mousse” color is stunning as the soft yellow of “Crema de Limon”. This palette of colors compliments each other and would be especially fun to use when creating nail art.

The Lime Crime cosmetic line is full of exciting colors that will awaken your inner child. Whether you are looking for playful lip color, eye shadow with a side of serendipity or nail colors that are reminiscent of candy mints, the Lime Crime line is full of tantalizing options. More often the question is not just “what color?”, but rather “which color should I try first?”. It is wonderful to have colorful options.