Talk Fusions CEO Bob Reina and His Goals

Since opening in 2007, Talk Fusions CEO Bob Reina has made it his personal commitment to help people all over the world to change their lives and their futures for the better by helping them to realize their dreams and by giving back to the communities.


Talk Fusions basic belief is the fact that with success there comes responsibility. This belief is behind everything that they do both as a company and as individuals. They are adamant about helping people to become motivated and to make a difference in their lives.


Bob Reina recognizes the new and emerging trends and is busy in the innovative video technology world and works with the idea of giving people the power that is within themselves to live their dreams to completion.


Talk Fusion has become one of the fastest growing and hottest video communications throughout the world. They are the 7th largest company in video communications in the world. Talk fusion is promoted through direct sales techniques and is one of the top 50 companies in the Direct Selling Association in revenue and growth.


According to the Alexa Ratings, Talk Fusion has the number one website for Direct Selling with an estimated 200,000 distributors in 114 countries that are active and now has a second office in India. The estimated revenue for 2011 was $100 million and growing. This success is large because of something Bob calls a “hidden secret” and is utilized through the Instant Pay Compensation Plan.


Bob Reina is a former police officer for Hillsborough County Florida Sheriff’s Office. He attended the University of South Florida and after graduation, he went to the Tampa Police Academy where he graduated number one in his class and earned the prestigious Award of Merit.


Bob Reina is a huge supporter of the Tampa Bay Humane Society and a pet lover. He gifted the Society for $250.000 dollars at the annual gala. He will follow up with $750,000 more as he has agreed to donate 1 million dollars to them. He on more than one occasion has overheard people saying that they cannot afford the possible lifesaving work needed to save their beloved pet and has silently paid the bill for them.


When it comes to animals and their care or well-being it seems that his generosity has no limits.


FreedomPop Has Low Priced Services, So Pick One Of Their Services Today

If a consumer who is using a cell phone carrier realizes that their monthly rates have gone up, then they need to consider changing to a different cell phone carrier. It’s not like how it was before when there were only a few cell phone companies that offer service, but many cell phone service providers exist today, especially FreedomPop. Unlike many other cell phone carriers, FreedomPop specializes in bringing low-priced products and technology to their customers, so no one will be left behind when they are in need of Internet service, cell phone service, and portable devices.

Those who need cell phone service will be very happy making the switch to FreedomPop because of the fact that FreedomPop has incredibly low prices, and different plans are available for each user. Those who want an unlimited cell phone service can choose the $20 plan from FreedomPop. The $20 plan will give unlimited calls, texts, and data to the user, and the cost stays the same every month. Those who prefer not to pay anything for their cell phone plan can still enjoy using FreedomPop, and they’ll receive 200 call minutes, 250 text messages, and 500 MB of data.

Those who want to add extra minutes, text messages, or data to their free plan can do so and still pay less than the $20 a month that it costs to get the unlimited plan. Of course, those who don’t feel like they can stay on the free plan can feel free to move up to the unlimited plan where they’ll be able to use their cell phone services as much as they please. Another great service from FreedomPop that is also unlimited is the Wi-Fi service, which can be used in tens of millions of different hotspot locations all over the USA.

Finding these hotspots is easy enough, all one needs to do is download the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application to their iPhone, Android phone, or another portable device. These safe and secure networks that FreedomPop offers for Wi-Fi makes many of the users feel a lot safer when using Wi-Fi, and everyone gets 4G LTE speeds. Home Internet service is available as well from FreedomPop, and the company also offers hotspots that are portable for those who need them. FreedomPop aims to bring the lowest cost services to their customers, so many people will want to switch over to FreedomPop.

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Euro Customers Buy FreedomPop Services

In the previous month, FreedomPop made an announcement that revealed its plans to release its MVNO service. The service will be offered through 25 carriers. By the end of the month every one of the 25 markets will be launched. Users are already enjoying free data, text and talk each month in limited supply. Users are encouraged to pay for more service. Additional funds have been given to FreedomPop. The resulting total is $190 million. This gives more fuel to add to its overseas launch campaign. Nicholas Constantinopoulos, who is the overseer of the international operations of FreedomPop states that the purpose for the company is to sell digital services.

Among the things he could get people to do is to pay for another phone number, or a new area code. FreedomPop also offers 200MB of free data in countries that support it. Any connected device could access the free data. Users can buy an additional 500 MB for $10. Among other items you can get from FreedomPop include a SIM card for $10 and a global hotspot at a price of $50.

The company serves more than 1 million users. A good portion of the customers make regular payments. The amount of people that have converted over to paid services total up to nearly 50% in the U.S. For Europe, there is a rate of 40%. The conversions are loyal and faithful to FreedomPop. Customers who stay with FreedomPop remain between 80 and 90 percent.

FreedomPop works with Axiata in the joint development of services and products for different markets around the world.

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