Securus Crime prevention Strategies

Securus technology is an American based non-profit Prison Company based in Dallas, Texas. Securus was founded in 1986. Its products include parole tracking, detainee communications, and government information management solution. Securus serves correctional facilities in over forty-five states. It serves about 2600 correctional facilities reaching to about one million inmates.


Securus sole purpose is a provision of technological solutions in prison facilities. Also, Securus is recognized as a leader in providing comprehensive, technical and innovative solutions for the customers. It invests in technology, patents, and acquisitions so as to provide best services to the customer base. The innovative prison solutions are helpful in crime prevention in correctional facilities. Inmate- inmate crime is minimized and solved.


Thousands of users of crime prevention solutions are elated. The joy is expressed through plenty of letters and emails Securus limited receive on ways they have helped in crime prevention. One customer wrote thanking Securus for helping in the identification of a corrupt staff member. The staff member was therefore arrested. Still, a correctional facility reported that through Securus solutions the following things were done; calls were monitored containing information about alcohol use, drugs selling and drugs availability in the cells, threats, possession of a cellular phone, suspicious conversation concerning money, and a civilian admitted to selling prescription drugs at a discount.


Through Securus products, a correctional officer overheard a conversation between two siblings’ one in prison and the other free. The conversation revolved on their mother and what the free siblings would say upon questioning. The information was vital for solving a shooting case. The sheriff department thanked Securus Company for LBS software. Through the LBS software, the sheriff department in conjunction with other law enforcement officers has recovered illegal assets, drugs, and money. Securus technologies have played a vital part in crime prevention.



Securus Technologies Is Using Technology To Awaken The Christmas Spirit

Children with incarcerated parents rarely have the Christmas spirit awakened within them. However, the child depicted in their new Christmas video definitely has the Christmas spirit awakened within him. What awakens this spirit is the fact that the young boy is able to speak face to face with his incarcerated dad. He is using Securus Technologies’ video chat service. The dad is able to express Christmas wishes to his son, and he is able to explain to his son how happy he is to witness this process. The son is also able to tell his dad how much he loves all the gifts and how they work.


Securus Technologies is helping families like this every single day. Their new video chat technology is able to be brought into all jails and in all homes. Securus Technologies does not even charge jails to use this new technology. This is because they want to connect those incarcerated with their family and friends. Securus Technologies is also on the move to improve the video chat service even more. They want to help inmates get more time with their family and friends. A big thing they are experimenting with now is being able to leave video messages, either from the inmate to the family member or vice-versa.


Securus Technologies is not only helping inmates through the use of communication. They have other areas of services that exist to help inmates, too. Their self-service technology is a prime example. This service allows inmates to keep track of their own money in a digital fashion. Prisons using this service will be given several different monitors. The monitors are very easy to use, and they rarely ever give prisons a technological problem. If this occurs, Securus Technologies offers 24-hour support for these types of issues.


Inmates can check their commissary balance at any time. This digital feature will display how much money is in their account, and it will also display the amount of money that has been paid to any fee associated with their commissary account. Prisons utilizing this system have seen a total evaporation of inmates claiming that prison employees stole their money. With this system, inmates will know exactly where every penny has gone. This service is also up to date at all times. This means, if an inmate makes a purchase in jail, the commissary account will reflect this automatically. This will help inmates budget their money in an easier fashion.