Doe Deere and her Makeup Line

In recent news, the makeup industry has become an industry that has promoted innovation with companies that have become startups within the industry and that have lead to continuous expansion and growth through the use and innovation of great products and innovative ideas that have changed the way that people think to apply makeup. One company in particular that has begun to lead the makeup industry into the future is a company that is known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a company that was created in 2008 by Doe Deere, an innovator as well as a business woman who is dedicated to providing customers with the best products possible.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime company is known for their online presence on many social media sites that include sites such as Instagram. Individuals that see this company notice how much Lime Crime stands out to the eye due to the bright colors that are used with the makeup that Doe Deere has proven to bring out the beautiful features of every single face. As a makeup artist, Doe Deere has used her marketing skills to change the way that both women and men apply makeup to their faces in the morning.

Ms. Deere recently sat down with an internet magazine known as Galore magazine in order to talk about her product and what the term “Lime Crime” means to her as well as to her customers. When answering this inquiry, Doe Deere stated that her company was create to embody a new way to apply makeup. The term lime crime is a name that standout to all customers and that embodies exactly what the company is selling to the consumers. The color lime was specifically chosen by Doe Deere as this is her favorite color to use to bring out the beautiful features on any face.

During this interview, Ms. Deere also discussed the reason for her passion and her creativeness within this industry. Ms. Deere stated that she has always been a creative person even at a young age with a creative mind that never faded and that only grew stronger over time. Over the years, Ms. Deere’s creative mind continued to grow until she became obsessed with sharing her passion to the world by designing not only makeup, but also clothing. As early as the age of nine, Ms. Deere remembers having fun with applying makeup and improving her skills over time. Learn more:

As a grown woman, Ms. Deere still remarks that she often feels too lucky with her career path as she is doing something that she has wanted to do ever since she was a young child. Ms. Deere hopes that those that buy her products also see her passion for business and also see that there are innovative ways to now think about applying makeup to the face. Ms. Deere is excited for the growth of her business and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the products that she sells to the clients.

Bob Reina and the Talk Fusion Invitation


The CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion
Bob Reina is the enthusiastic CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion. He can be heard loudly stating “It is time to change your life!” He is a CEO who does believe that your dreams can come true. He has the industry experience to create marketing solutions that really matter in every business. He is certain that the Talk Fusion products can keep your business doors wide open while engaging and connecting with your customers.

30 Days For Free
You have an open invitation to try all of the Talk Fusion products for free for 30 days. Discover for yourself just how the video communication works. It is easy to use and help is available to provide assistance with the downloads. This will assist you with gaining maximum communication that will entice your customers. Get excited with Talk Fusion. Your entire business will thrive. It does not matter what size your business is because you need customers and you need to keep them. You will have a grand competitive advantage with the use of video communication. Talk Fusion is glad to help you to put your brand on the map. Track and measure your engagement. Allow Talk Fusion to be a part of your success story. Talk Fusion is the affordable marketing solution with video email, video newsletters, video meetings. Give your customers an intriguing and personal message. Boost your business with Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina Charged Ahead
When Bob Reina saw the need for better communication and more compelling methods for connecting with people, he charged ahead with cutting-edge technology. He had the wisdom to find communication and marketing solutions that enable people to better connect. This is being done on a global basis thanks to Bob Reina and his entrepreneur spirit.

Bad Reviews Poison Your Business If Not Remedied By Status Labs

New York restaurant owners have learned the hard way that web sites like Yelp, which allow anyone to leave any feedback rating they choose, can lead to bankruptcy. Many, if not most, of the negative feedback left online was done by competing restaurants’ owners in a fraudulent attempt to shutdown the competition. Star ratings are very important now for all types of business, but especially in the restaurant business.

The problem is that there is no regulation over who leaves a star rating, a review percentage, or an email, claiming falsely that they had been patrons of the business when they actually had not. Then they went on, further lying by claiming they received very bad service, or the waitstaff is accused of debauchery, or the product was not what they were told it would be.

Public relations management has become a somewhat required consultancy in an age when any thug can leave libelous feedback at any time, anonymously, and with no chance of ever facing justice. That is why the best PR firms always hire Reputation Management Recovery companies, such as Status Labs. They use a combination of many disciplines, such as Search engine computer science, statistics, and gaining mind share.

The experienced professionals at Status Labs are expert in helping you recover any loss in reputation you have suffered because of online activity. And for that matter, they also handle all aspects of real world reputation management. They have given so many people their lives back, with a second chance in spite of hateful and often fraudulent Internet web posts.

One of the tools the professionals at Status Labs use is their expertise with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) processes and web page management to increase newly created positive posts about you. With enough of these posts, and many other tricks of the trade that Status Labs will employ, nobody will ever notice the former, negative, business changing posts from before.

Skout Ensures That Flirting Remains Wholesome

Skout is a flirting application where people make friends, meet new people and flirt with potential mates. Skout is not touting itself as a dating app, and the executives of the company are cracking down on people who create inappropriate content for the site. Pictures left on the site can be taken anywhere, but the bathroom selfie is becoming a problem for the app. This article explores how Skout is maintaining its flirty aesthetic without becoming explicit.

#1: The Bathroom Selfie Problem

Shirtless and topless bathroom selfies are becoming very popular on social media. Stars like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna have posted selfies from bathrooms wearing next to nothing, and make stars have posted shirtless pictures to flaunt their abs. Skout is a flirting app on that does not want its users to take things too far, and executives have decided to ban shirtless photos.

#2: The New Criteria

Shirtless photos are not banned across the board, but shirtless photos are banned when taken inside a bathroom or locker room. Company executives implemented these new policies quickly, and their moderators will take down pictures from any user that are taken inside bathrooms while undressed. The executives note that people who are dressed in the bathroom may post their pictures, but the bathroom selfie will have to move elsewhere.

#3: Rates Of Response

Skout used a wise approach to research the bathroom selfie before rejecting the trend out of hand. A recent study on user popularity showed a 43% drop in popularity when people were listing bathroom selfies. Skout cannot survive if all their users drop in popularity, and the company chose to remove bathroom selfies from their overall aesthetic.

A noted dating coach has pointed out that bathroom selfies make regular users look even worse than their celebrity counterparts. Regular users who post bathroom selfies do not appear to have friends who will take pictures on their behalf. The users who are dragging down their own popularity are adding an unwanted element to the site that is not wanted. Skout has chosen to remain as wholesome as possible by removing the pictures, and people who wish to take bathroom selfies need to put their clothes on.

#4: TMI Culture

The TMI culture referenced by many dating and social media experts is causing problems that Skout must respond to. Skout is a site based solely on pictures, and users who believe they have found someone nice to talk to could be turned off by a bathroom selfie. Parents who want to allow their kids to use social media will be afraid to let their kids download apps, and Skout has responded by creating a more family0friendly environment.

Skout has positioned itself as a friendly flirting app that utilizes user pictures to create user networks. Removing bathroom selfies from the site helps the site maintain its original image, and Skout is to be commended for putting their image above the shirtless pictures of celebrities. Users who want to meet people without seeing too much are safe on Skout.