Create and edit for better Wikipedia article

Wikipedia is an international encyclopedia. People from different backgrounds, education and opinions read Wikipedia. Your Wikipedia article should be made more understandable and accessible for people of different backgrounds to make business Wiki pages.

Wikipedia writing: Writing articles that are better and clear, relevant, to the readers is very important if you are an article, writer. Creating your first article and editing it from scratch need few guidelines, do and don’t you should know which will help you create better Wikipedia articles. Using Article Wizards helps you walk through all the steps needed to create your article.

1. Once you have registered an account using your user ID and Password you can start creating an article.

2. Subject for the articles: Wikipedia article requires the subject of the article to be “worthy of notice”. You can go ahead if the topic of the article is suitable for the encyclopedia. Ask questions at encyclopedia ‘Teahouse’ if you are unsure of the topic you want to write the encyclopedia article about.

3. You should check and see if the article already exists on the subject with a different title by searching Wikipedia first.

4. Before creating an article, it is better to practice editing the existing article. o learn editing basics tour through Wikipedia tutorials.

5. A Reliable published sources are required by Wikipedia like from internet sources should be used to gather references. it is better to start with archives, news, and books if internet source is to be used. Articles of living persons should come from a reliable source which should be particularly paid attention to.

6. On the article, you like to create you can get feedback from tea house, or from the talk page.

7. Use the user space you get as a registered user where you can start your article and then move to the live part of Wikipedia.

The article that you create should meet Notability guidelines and should use reliable public sources or they will be deleted.

How to create good articles: Good article has a good layout and it starts with an introduction, a clear structure and end with references.

Article structure:

Introduction: A good article starts with the topic introduction which is the lead section. the Lead section should be above the first header.

Paragraphs: Paragraphs should be short at the same time should be enough to develop an idea and keep the idea as the focus. One sentence paragraphs are rarely seen. Tables and lists are disguised in some paragraphs where Wikipedia’s embedded list and when to use tables gives the guidelines necessary to use these in the paragraphs.

Heading: They help clarify articles and are hierarchical.

Images: Pictures can be used in the article. Find a place in the article to position the images appropriate for the text.

Appendices: List the books and other works, notes and references and list of recommended websites.

Article Size: Avoid creating long articles. it should contain less than 50KB worth of readable text.
Style and tone: Tone of the article should be dispassionate, formal and impersonal. Two styles News style, and summery style are used by most Wikipedians for Wikipedian articles.

Readers should be provided with a context in the article. To establish context use wiki link.
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How To Simply An Easily Edit A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is the largest collection of information online under one banner, and it is also under the control of the visitors. Anyone can create or edit to make business wikipedia pages, but there are certain rules and procedures to follow. If the rules aren’t adhered to, then someone might find their new page being deleted by the moderators. Editing and creating entries are two different things though. Editing is probably the easiest thing that anyone can do from the comfort of their very own laptop.

While browsing a page there is always the chance that a typo or an error in facts will be made. This is bound to happen to an information source that is based on contributions. If there is a need to edit, then the first thing to do is click the edit button at the top of the page. Once the button has been clicked, the text of the entry will pop up in an area that allows the user to make edits. Since the site has its own coding and markup language, a user will typically see brackets and other things to indicate this. If there is a simple typo or misspelling then all a user needs to do is find the word or the typo and simply backspace and change it. It is very simple, but it’s also a good idea to preview any changes before saving the page. If a user wants to see their edit before saving, then all they have to do is click the “show preview” button, and the article will come up displaying the changes that have been made.

Saving an article after previewing the intended changes is even easier. Once the entire article has been read over, and it’s a good idea to read it through its entirety as a courtesy to other users, then a simple click of the “save this page” button will update the page and display the changes made immediately. It’s also a good idea to make a notation to summarize the changes that were made. If there was a section added, a link that needed adding or spam deleted, then the editor should make a note before saving.

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