Growth of QNet under the Spiritual Guidance of Joseph Bismark

QNet is an e-commerce company that is under the Qi Group. The firm was established in 1998 by Joseph Bismark and Vijay Eswaran. The company deals in direct selling of products and services. The headquarters of the company are located in Hong Kong.

QNet uses the bilateral pyramid unit system. This system works by having representatives who recommend goods and services to consumers and receive cash compensation depending on the sales volume. The company sells home care, energy, nutrition, cosmetics and fashion accessories. On the services sector, they offer online education courses and vacation packages. QNet has branches in Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey and India.
Over the years, the company has changed its focus to health and general wellness products. All their products are made using organic ingredients. The company also serves vegetarian meals during the company’s events. According to the company’s founders, a team that is healthy is more likely to produce better working results. The company has made strides in their campaign against diabetes, obesity, cancer and other life style diseases. QNet is planning to shift its manufacturing base to India. The company would like to improve the economy of the country while offering job opportunities. A number of their products are currently being manufactured in India. The move is set to reduce the cost of production significantly. Under the tutelage of Joseph Bismark, the company incorporates spirituality in business practices.
Joseph Bismark left the comforts of his home at the age of nine to live in a monastery in the Philippines Mountain. He left the monastery at the age of seventeen having learnt that for a business to do well, spirituality has to be involved in all the aspects of the business. Armed with the spirituality principles and business acumen, Bismark joined the entrepreneurship world. It was until 1998 that he co founded the QI group of companies. In addition, Mr. Bismark co founded the RYTHM foundation, which is the corporate social responsibility branch of the company. He uses the foundation to promote spiritual growth, interact with the members of the community and plan communal activities.
Mr. Bismark currently holds the position of managing director in the company. In his spare time he writes, teaches yoga and martial arts. His principles and believes have been instrumental in enhancing the organizational goals of the group. Bismark believes in being honest irrespective of the outcomes, maintaining open channels of communication, being dynamic and treating people with absolute respect.

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Joseph Bismark is the Managing Director of the Qi Group. He co-founded the company in 1998, and was instrumental in its exponential growth. Joseph Bismark is a talented and dynamic leader, and has an open and consultative management style.