How Eucatex is Contributing to Sustainable Development

Eucatex Group is a leading Brazilian company in the industry of construction and furniture. The company uses eucalyptus as the main source of raw material, therefore advocating for environmental conservation. The firm has grown over the years by widening its client base and manufacturing new products to meet the growing demand in the sector.

Eucatex was created in November 1951 as the first company to make use of the environment in the Country. The eucalyptus that was collected was used to manufacture ceiling tiles and boards. The first factory, now called Fiberboard Industrial Unit was established in Sao Paulo back in 1954. It later started exporting tiles and panels in 1965 to Europe. In the 1980’s Eucatex increased its output and expanded exportation to 50 different countries. The production unit was divided into 4 categories, which included forestry, woodwork, metals, and minerals.

Today, Eucatex manufactures its own brand of paints and varnishes. Other products include doors, MDP panels, hard boards and other products in the construction sector. The organization’s mission is to use the available natural resources in a sustainable way to produce productive forests that are renewable and promoting social development.

The company highly values proper use of the environment and this is why it has a recycling program aimed at investing in the reuse of wood, pollution reduction and recycling. It promotes the use of renewable energy such as biomass. The organization creates awareness by collaborating with partners to discourage disposal of wastes in landfills.

Eucatex has received several awards over the years acknowledging the good work in the society. In 2013, it was among the Projeto Design’ Magazine Top Brands in the laminate flooring category. In 2011, it was named one of the 10 Best Companies in Corporate Citizenship in Brazil.

Flavio Maluf is a successful entrepreneur and professional mechanical engineer. He is the President of Eucatex. Flavio joined Eucatex in 1987 where he worked in different areas of the company until 1996 when his uncle invited him to be on the executive board. He was later promoted to the presidency in 1997 until today successfully contributing to the growth and development of Eucatex.