Talk Fusion & The Man Behind It: Bob Reina


Who is Bob Reina?
Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is the fastest growing video communications in the world.

He juggled several jobs while attending the University of South Florida. He graduated number one in his police academy class. He then went on to becoming a police officer, but then decided to try to make it as a part-time associate in direct selling. He then boldly gave up his steady paycheck to go after his passion full-time. He had the self-drive to start up Talk Fusion.

What Exactly IS Talk Fusion?
When you look up Talk Fusion, they claim to pay you fast, give you more free time, give you quality time with your family, and on top of all that you’ll be your own boss. Does this sound too good to be true, or is it the real deal?

Talk Fusion is a work-at-home program. It started up in 2004. They sell digital products that help promote an online business. When they first launched, Talk Fusion was all about video email marketing, which is a very powerful way to connect with your customers and leads. They expanded to digital product lines in, 2014.
Keep in mind, you’ll need to make a one-time payment to start working for them.

How To Become A Talk Fusion Representitve
To become a representative, you must first purchase a startup kit, which costs $50.00. For every sale you make, you’ll get a 15% commission. They pay you differently than other work-from-home programs. Most work-from-home programs send you payments weekly or monthly, not Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion sends you payments within 3 minutes of a sale.

So, Is It Too Good To Be True?
First things first, no, Talk Fusion isn’t a scam. This is a legitimate business, and there are a lot of people who make a decent living off of it. Don’t listen to the negative reviews put online. Also, it is important to remember, if you want to do this, you have to work and be committed to it. If you have the drive to work from home and want the success, you should give it a whirl.

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Sanjay Shah Is A Businessman With A Vision

Solo Capital CEO Sanjay Shah started his financial corporation about 5 years ago. The London-native initially worked as an accountant at a North London bank before boredom led him to striking out on his own.

As an accountant, Shah was required to sit for long periods of time at a desk. As he was pondering going into business for himself, the banking crisis of 2008 forced he, along with many of his co-workers out the door. Shah looked at is as an opportunity and turn his back on the profession for good.

So in 2011, Shah rented out a tiny office in London and set up shop. He started out with a few employees and his brokerage firm was formed. Shah saw immediate success. He was able to expand his office, hire more employees and find clients all over the globe. Now a multimillionaire, Shah says he has no regrets about striking out on his own. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s changed professions. He actually got his start in medicine. While in medical school, he decided that being a doctor wasn’t or him. “Not everyone is cracked up to be a doctor,” said Shah.

Shah was reared in a good family that stressed the importance of hard work. Now that he has become very wealthy, he’s had a lot of time to sit on his laurels and enjoy life. He has a wife and two children. His youngest son, Nekhil, was diagnosed with autism a few years ago. This led to another one of Shah’s great accomplishments — Autism Rocks.

This charity is devoted to finding treatments and possibly a cure for autism. Each year, Autism Rocks raises millions through charity concerts. Shah’s business and charity work has raised awareness all around the globe.

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects about 1 in 280 people every year. Raising awareness is the best way to help people understand the disorder and how it affects families. Shah says he is focusing solely on Autism Rocks and has no intentions of going back in business any time soon. It is his goal to help others suffering from the condition to get help as soon as possible.


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CipherCloud: Should you Trust the Cloud?

What most of us want to know as we save more and more data, files, and images to the cloud is: Is it safe? With CipherCloud’s AE 256-bit encryption and data loss prevention those concerns are no longer relevant.

For those of you that are unaware, encryption is a code that keeps others from easily accessing your private data, only those with the key can access your data and files. Therefore, with CipherCloud encryption, a hacker would not only have to hack into your cloud storage, but break the encryption code as well. By using CipherCloud encryption, data is encrypted before leaving the company for storage in the cloud, therefore the company maintaining the key has control over access to “plain text” data. Plain text is what the data looks like prior to encryption.

According to Marc Andreessen, Co-Founder of Andreessen Horowitz in, “The future of the cloud, 5 minutes with Marc Andreessen and CipherCloud” when asked by Paige Leidis, CMO of CipherCloud, …as the cloud is continuing to grow and more and more users within companies are using cloud-based applications… where do you think CipherCloud fits…? Marc Andreessen stated, “With CipherCloud the potential of the cloud is fully unlocked, without CipherCloud, we think companies are taking a lot of risks.

What is the Advantage of Cloud Storage for Business?

The biggest advantage for businesses is financial. A large business using the cloud for storage will save millions on the purchase of servers and personnel to maintain those servers. However, most businesses such as medical, banks, and other financial institutions worry about data protection, and rightly so. According to a USA Today report, in the last year 43 percent of all businesses reported some type of data breach. And, those are just the businesses that reported a breach. Imagine how many were breached and did not even know about the breach. Many businesses do not even realize they have had an information gathering breach.

Why it’s so important?

As stated above, at least 43 percent of all businesses had a breach, utilizing CipherCloud provides “multiple layers of security.” The servers are password protected, so that a hacker would have to know the password. However, with the growing number of hackers using sophisticated intrusion devices, such as malware, to capture keystrokes and others means of detection. It is only a matter of time before your server or cloud password is compromised. With CipherCloud encryption and secure storage of keys, those extra layers of protection spell too much trouble for most hackers who will go elsewhere. Every thief knows in a parking lot full of cars, that is it smarter to search for a car owner that left their key in the ignition, than it is to attempt forcing a secure car open and risk an alarm.

Achievements of CipherCloud

There are tech companies that are changing the world in virtually all perspectives. One of the globally renowned tech firms is CipherCloud. CipherCloud is a big cloud security firm that is based in California, USA.

The firm offers cloud services while ensuring safety, control and compliance. Its cloud security platform provides comprehensive cloud discovery, usage, application, risk assessment and data protection. Among its credible data protection plans include data loss prevention, searchable firm’s encryption, tokenization, key management, malware detection, and anomaly detection services and extensive user operation.


The CipherCloud’s platform works as a gateway that encrypts input data in real time before sending it into a cloud environment through Searchable Strong Encryption. The SSE is validated by FIPS 140-2, and the secured data is only decrypted when an authorized cloud user retrieves it from the virtual. The platforms’ encryption keys are stored internally and are never accessible by the user’s server; they are not even shared with the cloud provider.

The CipherCloud platform also applies tokenization. Tokenization is the process of replacing a sensitive data component with an equivalent non-sensitive component. It also provides lost data recovery solutions, malware detection and cloud environment monitoring services.


In April 2015, CipherCloud won ten prizes at the grand Info Security Global Excellence event. The awards included the Company Growth and the Grand Trophy Winner of the Year and other eight awards in eight different categories.

Earlier in February 2014, CipherCloud’s CEO, Pravin Kothari, had been crowned as the CEO of the Year during the same innovative award ceremony. In February and April 2013, CipherCloud won the SC Magazine’s Excellence Awards in the category of Information Security Product. Still in 2013, the company was crowned as the Best Emerging Technology in the field of Information Security. In April 2011, Gartner announced CipherCloud as among its “Cool Vendors” who deal with cloud security.

How Dan Newlin Has Changed Florida Injury Law Scene

Dan Newlin is a renowned Florida injury attorney. His popularity has been attributed mainly to his expertise in the field that has helped some injury victims receive settlements running into millions of dollars. He is the founder of Law Offices of Dan Newlin. The law firm is one of the most respected injury law firms in Florida.

Dan Newlin initially worked with the police department before receiving a law degree scholarship. In the police department, he worked in various posts. He received many awards in the area especially as a criminal investigator.

After graduating from the law school, Dan decided to use his newly acquired knowledge to help injury victims get full compensations for their injuries. After several successful cases, he founded Law Offices of Dan Newlin. The new firm employed a number of experienced injury attorneys to help it attend to more clients.

Through his firm, Dan has helped accident victims to receive a combined total of over $150 million in settlements. Some of these settlements have been outstanding such as a $6 million settlement for a child who was critically injured. The recent $100 million settlement for a girl who was paralyzed by a stray bullet from a criminal is another outstanding case that has been handled by the firm.

In attempts to ensure the public is aware of the services offered by his firm, Dan Newlin has been doing lots of radio, television and print media ads. Apart from these ads, he has also been using online platform to reach people who might need the services of the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. His firm is the first one to have a personalized abbreviated dialing code. The dialing code, #Dan, can be used to reach the firm directly rather than using the traditional ten digit phone number of the firm.

Dan understands the financial complications associated with accidents and, therefore, started a service where clients only pay if the firm wins the case for them. The fee charged by Dan Newlin is a small portion of the settlement to ensure the victims actually get to benefit from the settlement. Injury cases handled by the firm include injuries from car, motorcycle and trailer accidents. Pedestrian violation, DUI accidents, airbag malfunction, medical malpractices, and birth injuries cases are also handled by the firm.

Dan Newlin’s injury law services continue to benefit injury victims in the state of Florida. He remains dedicated to ensuring reasonable settlements to the victims, and works hard to make it a success. Injury victims in Florida can reach his firm by dialing #Dan.

The Rise of One Eric Pulier To Top Flight at ServiceMesh Corporation

In life, there are questions that would remain lodged in our minds and maybe someday the answer lands or maybe not. Such questions include the reason why some companies perform better than others in terms of business while others lark behind and why some leaders would take their companies to exceptionally higher levels while others in the same environment would least perform. I reckon it’s time we dig deeper into the aspects of personality and the facts behind these individuals who would always put their companies on top. What is it about them that could have sparked luminance and the thirst always to remain on top? Well, this article is here to take a journey to unveil some reasons behind these successes through one person who have been recognized to have been very successful, and the former CEO of ServiceMesh Corporation named Eric Pulier.

It would, first of all, be radical to note that ServiceMesh is a corporation that is found in Santa Monica United States that deals with cloud management in IT. All the accolade of foundation and the successful running of this company are bestowed to Pulier, who was its CEO up to March this year. Pulier has always been seen as such a successful leader where it is that he is, and his thirst for quality and passion for computer and technology dates back to the old days of his youth.

There are so many actors about Eric Pulier that his success could be attributed to, and the first one is the fact that he was educated in an American school. Pulier studied at Harvard University one of the best universities in the States and even worldwide. These schools is known to instill unto their students the best skills and discipline that is so desirable in the business world. Eric Pulier is considered one of those successful individuals who embraced these virtues and sure it has done perfectly well in his career life.

Eric as well is considered to be one individual who during his early days demonstrated his passion for leadership and passion in computer technology. This is justified by the fact that he founded People Doing Things a company that dealt with issues of education and other social factors in the year 1991. He also went ahead and in 1994 he also founded another one called the interactive agency. This thus justifies that his success is not something that started overnight. One thing as well that makes one a good leader is how he or she interacts with their co-workers especially of a lower rank. Eric demonstrated discipline and intelligence as is justified by the recommendations he made to most of his former employees. The story of Eric teaches how much we should be dedicated towards what we do and success will come for us.