George Soros and Hillary Clinton’s Shared Vision


According to Politico, George Soros has given $8 million dollars to help fund her campaign. This is great news for the campaign that has often struggled for funds. In addition to giving money himself, George is watched as a sign for when others should give.
After building his own personal wealth and the wealth of his investors, George started the Open Society Foundation. This foundation and Hillary share many common goals. One thing that the foundation supports are international tribunals to hold war criminals accountable. During her 2009 tour to Kenya, according to the Guardian, Hillary says she hoped that the United States would join the an international criminal court. The Obama administration has remained divided. While George Soros had supported Obama over Hillary in 2008, the lack of support for an international criminal court has greatly frustrated him.
Secondly, the Open Society Foundation calls for transparency and accountability in government. The foundation is most concerned with those that have lots of natural resources. During her 2008 campaign, Hillary promised to make government as transparent as possible. She said that government documents should remain unclassified unless their is a high security reason to classify them. The foundation has helped to create the Transparency and Accountability Initiative that helps harness new technology to drive evidence based policy reforms.
Third, George’s foundation believes that government information should be readily accessible. According to On The Issues, Hillary wants to make sure everyone in the world has access to the Internet through a mobile device. She has also condemned China for denying dissidents Internet access. The Open Society Foundation believes that everyone needs a great education. They have committed over $30 million dollars to improve the quality of education for black and Latino men in New York City.
George Soros earnestly believes in his plans for an open society. Many of those same ideas are shared by Hillary Clinton. Together, they may move closer to the vision.