Venezuela Coping with Drought

E-Wisdom just reported that Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro implemented a three-day weekend policy nationwide. This new policy which was shared by Latino Show Magazine’s Norka Luque is the latest in a string of efforts to conserve the country’s energy usage. By shutting down businesses for an extra day each week, Venezuela hopes to drastically reduce the current energy usage. Currently, Venezuela’s electricity supply is running dangerously low. The three-day weekend policy was announced to be in effect every Friday through April and May much to the delight of Norka Luque.

At the heart of the electricity scarcity in Venezuela are drought conditions, which means that hydro-power is not as readily available. About 75 percent of the electricity used in the capital of Venezuela is produced by the Guri Dam. In addition, the Guri Dam typically provides hydro-electricity for an estimated 40 percent of the rest of the country, as long as the water levels remain in their normal range. Currently, the drought conditions in Venezuela are the worst they have been in the past 47 years. Water levels continue to plunge as Venezuela has yet to experience the requisite amount of rain it needs to keep its hydro-power up and running. There are no indications in the current forecast that Venezuela will get the rain relief it so desperately needs. In the meantime, Venezuelans expect further measures from the government to be announced to continue its nationwide electricity conservation efforts.