How to Follow in Wengie’s Footsteps

There is not exact recipe to be a youtube success like Wengie. Wengie focuses her brand on beauty and fashion. If this is your niche too, look to her for some advice. Follow Wengie’s channel. Send her some questions. Find out just how she became the brand she is now.

If you do no wish to follow in Wengie’s footsteps, there are other things you can do. You can still become a youtube name. Just take some of the basics that Wengie used and apply it to your channel.

Here are some things to think about:

1)Figure out who you are. Take a look at what you are good at. Promote what you excel in. Do not worry about what others are doing on Youtube. They have their own brand, you need to establish yours.

2)You also need to figure out how much time you wish to spend on the channel. Developing a channel takes time. Do you have a job outside of the channel? Is your channel going to be your whole focus? Figure this out first. If it’s just going to be a part-time gig for you, you have to decide when and how to do your thing. Your day job has to come first.

If this is going to be your main source of income and your identity, you need to figure out the details. You will need to eat, breathe and sleep your channel. Think about it. Are you prepared to do this?

3)Your name will be put out there. You will have to decide to what extent you are comfortable with this. Some are nature born drama queens. Some love the attention. Some do not. Which category do you fall into?

Part of your privacy will be taken away doing this. Be prepared to invite total strangers into your life. Decide to what extent you are going to be comfortable with this.

4)Where is the money going to come from. Starting a channel and getting sponsors is a never-ending battle. Figure out how much money you are prepared to put up on your end. Figure out where the rest will come from.


Give yourself some time. You will not be a famous Youtuber like Wengie right away. It takes time. Just focus on what you bring to the table. Focus on your brand and keep moving forward. The rest will fall into place.