Securus Technologies Is Using Technology To Awaken The Christmas Spirit

Children with incarcerated parents rarely have the Christmas spirit awakened within them. However, the child depicted in their new Christmas video definitely has the Christmas spirit awakened within him. What awakens this spirit is the fact that the young boy is able to speak face to face with his incarcerated dad. He is using Securus Technologies’ video chat service. The dad is able to express Christmas wishes to his son, and he is able to explain to his son how happy he is to witness this process. The son is also able to tell his dad how much he loves all the gifts and how they work.


Securus Technologies is helping families like this every single day. Their new video chat technology is able to be brought into all jails and in all homes. Securus Technologies does not even charge jails to use this new technology. This is because they want to connect those incarcerated with their family and friends. Securus Technologies is also on the move to improve the video chat service even more. They want to help inmates get more time with their family and friends. A big thing they are experimenting with now is being able to leave video messages, either from the inmate to the family member or vice-versa.


Securus Technologies is not only helping inmates through the use of communication. They have other areas of services that exist to help inmates, too. Their self-service technology is a prime example. This service allows inmates to keep track of their own money in a digital fashion. Prisons using this service will be given several different monitors. The monitors are very easy to use, and they rarely ever give prisons a technological problem. If this occurs, Securus Technologies offers 24-hour support for these types of issues.


Inmates can check their commissary balance at any time. This digital feature will display how much money is in their account, and it will also display the amount of money that has been paid to any fee associated with their commissary account. Prisons utilizing this system have seen a total evaporation of inmates claiming that prison employees stole their money. With this system, inmates will know exactly where every penny has gone. This service is also up to date at all times. This means, if an inmate makes a purchase in jail, the commissary account will reflect this automatically. This will help inmates budget their money in an easier fashion.


Don Ressler The Online Tycoon

Leading The Pack
Online retail is one of the fastest growing sectors of the free market. As the internet continues to invade new areas of our lives we will eventually see shopping online no different than going to the store. At the center of the online retail movement is Don Ressler. Since the early 2000s his online startups has managed to generate billions of dollars through his venture capitalism pursuits. These pursuits have included everything from fashion retailer JustFab to startups focused around the social network Myspace. Decades from now history books will give Ressler the same regard current historians give to the likes of Andrew Carnegie John Rockefeller.

Fabulous Profits
Although JustFab wasn’t Don Ressler’f first project it is undeniable that he experienced his most success with the website. Collaborating with fellow web entrepreneur Adam Goldenberg and model Kimora Lee Simmons Ressler wanted to offer online shoppers a personalized experience. For a subscription fee of $39.95 a month JustFab offers customers clothing tailored to their specific body. This business model allowed JustFab to gain a loyal customer base of millions of fans. The addition of Simmons to the team was more than a publicity stunt. She is available in JustFab offices 5 days out of the week.

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Expanding The Business Model
The success of JustFab proved there was a market for online fashion retail, but Ressler wanted to go even further. He wanted to see if the approach would work for athletic aparell as well. To reach out to a more active demographic he enlisted Kate Hudson for a new website named At Fabletics customers can bu athletic wear using a similar model to JustFab. Fabletics has become so successful there are now physical locations where customers can buy the personalized attire the website sells. In the future Ressler plans to open up at least 100 brick and mortar stores.

A Pioneer Strikes Gold
Don Ressler entered online retail in its infancy, built it from the ground up, and now enjoys a view from atop the billion dollar industry. The simple act of creating a successful web startup in the early 2000s before websites like Youtube and Facebook is a marvel, but the billions of revenue these companies made is even more jarring. There are few who manage to reach Don Ressler’s position and even fewer who stay there for as long as he has.

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EOS At The Top Of The Market

In an article written by Fast Company, they discuss how Evolution of Smooth (EOS), the popular lip balm company that is well known for their natural organic products and the pastel colored orb balm containers; have climbed their way to the top of the market within 7 years of the launch of their products. EOS has outdone their competitors like Chapstick and Blistex. EOS is currently the second best selling lip balm, after Burt’s Bees. See,

Sanjiv Mehra, EOS lip balm cofounder & managing partner, said that since they started up small, they put all their focus on creating and distributing the products. When creating the design they wanted to rethink lip balm entirely and brought in molding artists that sculpted different shapes until they were satisfied with the orb design. They wanted the design to be fun and not boring or dull, because many women use balms in their daily beauty routines. They approached the design from a different perspective then most lip balm companies and gave the design a way to engage with all five of our senses.

Even though EOS was producing high quality products, they had a hard time getting retailers to sell their product. Many buyers were unsure of how to take the new product and assumned that loyal customers would not stray from there favorite brand of lip balm. That was until a female buyer, tried and loved the product. She put it on Walgreens shelves and soon after Walmart and Target picked up the new product.

EOS is constantly releasing new flavors and designs that customers won’t get bored with. Mehra feels that EOS has had great sales this year and that the company is promised sales for years to come.

For more info, visit the EOS Facebook page and website at


Avi Weisfogel: The Jack Of Significant Trades

Avi Weisfogel is a successful and highly decorated dentist with over two decades of active experience in the industry. Sixteen years ago, he started the Dental Sleep Masters campaign that advocates better sleep through treatment and eradication of serious dental problems like sleep apnea. In his many years of research and practice in the field, Avi has accumulated a considerable wealth of experience that he shares with other dentists through regular seminars and lectures. But Avi has proven to be more than just a dentist through his involvement in philanthropy and entertainment industry.


Avi’s charitable projects

Avi’s successful career that includes holding the best dentist honor for several years earned him respect and popularity in the health industry. Over the years, Avi has used this popularity to expand and promote several charitable activities involving better health. Just recently, he launched the Operation Smile Campaign on Go Fund Me with the target of raising $2,000. The funds would be used to perform free medical operations to young adults suffering facial deformities from a cleft palate and cleft lips.


Avi Weisfogel’s musical interests

Though a late bloomer, Avi is also a talented musician. For the past few years, he has committed to developing creative hip hop tunes that he shares on Soundcloud and though he is just getting started, it would be interesting to see the path this new interest will adopt in the near future. Avi is also a video lover that is regularly sharing both inspirational and snippets of his interests on various video sharing platforms including YouTube and Vimeo where he maintains personal accounts.


The main reason Avi commands respect in most of his areas of expertise is based on the fact he is committed to perfection; giving his all in each of his areas of interest. For instance, though he started out like any other dentists, he made it his life’s mission to continually expand his knowledge in the industry through constant research that has helped him venture into other fields of the discipline as well as get constant referrals from fellow dentists on complex procedures. Avi may have, therefore, just set out on a journey to even more success and prominence across different industries should he continue with this level of aggressiveness in all his areas of interests.


Starting Your Own Business

If you want to take your life to the next level, one of the best ways to do that is through owning and operating your own business. There are many people who have the dream of taking control of their life and future through their own company. However, the work is very hard to get to this point. If you want to start a company, you need to make sure you have the time and the capital to do so. Keith Mann has a lot of experience in this area, and he is working to make sure that other people are able to accomplish their goals during this process as well. He is one of the most well-known business owners in the New York area today. If you want to learn how to run and operate your own business, he is a great person to learn from.


Keith Mann


From the time he was young, Keith Mann has always been interested in owning and operating his own business. Although it has not been easy, he is really looking forward to taking things to the next level in his life. He has invested in a lot of technology that should be leveraged to lower costs over the long run. If you want to get your business to the next level, you have to be able to invest in areas that need it the most. Anyone who has ever started a company knows how difficult it can be to get things scaled up quickly. Over time, many people are interested to know how to get to new level within their business. Learning from Keith Mann is a great way to do that.


Future Plans


In the future, Keith Mann wants to start giving back to others with both his time and money. He is patient about providing education opportunities for children in his community. If you are someone who wants to give back to your local community, he is the perfect person to learn from. He can help you take things to the next level quickly in your life.

Waiakea Water for a Natural and Refreshing Taste

To most people, water generally tastes the same, well unless it is cold, hot or flavored. All that perception will change when you try Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water which was launched in 2012. Since its inception, this water has been loved and embraced by foodies all over the world for its unique taste and terroir. You can enjoy this water with various foods. From sushi to the traditional Hawaiian poi, Waiakea compliments almost every dish. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The terroir and taste are determined by its virginality, minerality, orientation and vintage. The number of minerals disintegrated in water is measured as tds [total dissolved solids]. Particular water’s tds consists of minerals such as Sodium, Potassium, Silica, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron among others. Waiakea water contains a tds of 79. This gives it a light, crispy taste that, unlike other remarkable tds mineral waters, can get paired with almost all kinds of food.This specific combination of minerals; particularly the presence of silica gives Waiakea water its mouth feel silky smooth taste.

Virginality refers to how well water is protected from its surroundings. This is determined by the level of nitrate in the water. Nitrate can easily be carried by water through the soil, and this contamination may originate from animal waste products, septic tanks, fertilizer, decaying plant matter, etc.

Waiakea has a unique volcanic filtration process that keeps the harmful contaminants away, giving this water a superior virginality rating with its nitrate level being a mere .59 mg/l. The low nitrate level is also due to its vintage. Vintage describes the age of water before being sourced.

Waiakea is young and has a constant flow. It takes it a maximum of 30 days to reach its destination from its origin at the Waiakea spring. Young waters like Waiakea do not have that much time to absorb many contaminants or minerals as mentioned above, and this lends it a crispy, light and clean taste.

The packaging of the bottle is plastic, but it has an attractive square kind of shape. On this bottle, it is indicated when the water was packaged as well as when it’s best by.

According to Specialty Foods, With its naturally enhanced minerals and electrolytes, Waiakea water offers a refreshing taste. It is not your ordinary boring water. This is the freshest water you will ever taste. It is an excellent additive that is not only tasty but comes with health benefits as well. Who would have thought that all these could be found in just water.

Talk Fusions CEO Bob Reina and His Goals

Since opening in 2007, Talk Fusions CEO Bob Reina has made it his personal commitment to help people all over the world to change their lives and their futures for the better by helping them to realize their dreams and by giving back to the communities.


Talk Fusions basic belief is the fact that with success there comes responsibility. This belief is behind everything that they do both as a company and as individuals. They are adamant about helping people to become motivated and to make a difference in their lives.


Bob Reina recognizes the new and emerging trends and is busy in the innovative video technology world and works with the idea of giving people the power that is within themselves to live their dreams to completion.


Talk Fusion has become one of the fastest growing and hottest video communications throughout the world. They are the 7th largest company in video communications in the world. Talk fusion is promoted through direct sales techniques and is one of the top 50 companies in the Direct Selling Association in revenue and growth.


According to the Alexa Ratings, Talk Fusion has the number one website for Direct Selling with an estimated 200,000 distributors in 114 countries that are active and now has a second office in India. The estimated revenue for 2011 was $100 million and growing. This success is large because of something Bob calls a “hidden secret” and is utilized through the Instant Pay Compensation Plan.


Bob Reina is a former police officer for Hillsborough County Florida Sheriff’s Office. He attended the University of South Florida and after graduation, he went to the Tampa Police Academy where he graduated number one in his class and earned the prestigious Award of Merit.


Bob Reina is a huge supporter of the Tampa Bay Humane Society and a pet lover. He gifted the Society for $250.000 dollars at the annual gala. He will follow up with $750,000 more as he has agreed to donate 1 million dollars to them. He on more than one occasion has overheard people saying that they cannot afford the possible lifesaving work needed to save their beloved pet and has silently paid the bill for them.


When it comes to animals and their care or well-being it seems that his generosity has no limits.


Nexbank Purchases New Jersey College Savings Specialist

The New Jersey based College Savings Bank has become a well known brand in the state for being one of the most respected options for families looking to invest in the future of their children with a college education and is now a part of the Nexbank SSB group. The College Savings Bank is a specialist in the 529 plan college-savings programs that offered at state level across the U.S. The Dallas, Texas based Nexbank believe the investment is a strong one for the financial group as College Savings Bank is a major part of the college savings community as it partners with state agencies in Indiana and Arizona to offer college savings plans for children in both states.

Nexbank CEO John Holt has already gone on record to announce College Savings Bank will not go through major changes after being acquired by Nexbank, and will maintain its own branding and name to help keep consumer confidence high. Details of the deal completed by Nexbank have not been released to the public.

Nexbank is a well known name in Dalals, Texas and is growing in importance across the U.S. after the bank was given its first charter in 1922, and has now developed to offer commercial, mortgage, and investment banking options to customers.

The Nexbank brand has become more important than ever before after the development of a new group of financial professionals who are bringing their expertise in the main business areas of the bank to all its customers. The development of Nexbank includes the ability of the most qualified financial professionals who have the ability to take on the most complex financial arrangements and turn them into a success for the clients of the company.

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Remove Negative Information From Search Results

Are looking for information about online reputation management? Do you want to control what Internet searchers see when they look up your name or your company’s name? Perhaps you want to make sure that only positive reviews and favorable content about your company show up in search results.

How your company or brand is perceived online usually has a significant effect on the outcome of your efforts or endeavors. Reputation damage or related matters can occur unexpectedly, and people need to be prepared and have access to resources that help resolve them.

If you want to remain competitive in the online marketplace, it is necessary for you to concentrate on online reputation management. It is a good idea to take proactive steps to protect against online threats and attacks, and establish a great online reputation for your company.

Online reputation refers to controlling your online presence by managing the information that is presented to Internet surfer when they search your name. The primary purpose of online reputation management’s to ensure that you or your company appear in a good light by suppressing or removing negative results that show up when a search is performed on it.

As online discussions on social media sites, forums and product review websites become more popular, people turn to these channels to do their research before making a buying decision. Because of this, companies and organizations need to track conversations and find out how they are perceived online.

Negative content or disparaging remarks about your brand can tarnish your company’s image and ruin your business. Every business owner and company executive should aim for positive reviews about their products and services.

Achieving great results with your online reputation management requires having efficient system in place. A reliable firm with a team of reputation management professionals can help you set up the right system for your needs.

People tend to believe the opinions or information they get or read online about companies and products. People rely on online reviews to help them decide who to deal with.



A Look Into The Achievement Of Mike Baur With The Swiss Startup Factory

The Swiss Startup Factory, which began operations in 2014, is a startup incubation program that has gained traction in Switzerland for offering a perfect platform on which startups can launch their ideas. Founded by Mike Baur, the Swiss Startup Factory has worked to make dreams a reality and more young investors are joining the platform to benefit from the incubation program that takes at least three months.


The application to join the platform is not restrictive as the kind of idea one presents is what will determine eligibility to be signed up for incubation. The Swiss Startup Factory works with leading industry professionals to support upcoming ventures and to oversee the implementation of the ideas after incubation.


Goal definition

Without a definite path a business is destined for failure and this is something the Swiss Startup Factory does not want their students to go through. They have a program that takes the startups through the goal definition process to ensure each understands what they are working to achieve at the end.


With a team of digital experts, the Swiss Startup Factory uses data and digitization processes to help startups come up with sensible goals that are meant to elevate the businesses to a higher rank within a definite duration of time.


Demo days

Startups are regarded naïve and should be educated about the business world and the reality they are likely to come across along the way. This explains the reason the Swiss Startup Factory offers a demo day, which is reserved for presentations that take the startups to experience the real-world situation. This allows them to learn about the challenges that exist in the market and gives them ideas about what is likely to bar them from achieving their set goals. It basically prepares the startup for take-off.


Past-acceleration support

After the three months incubation is over, the Swiss Startup Factory offers past-acceleration support for at least five months. This is meant to oversee the activities of the business to ensure no mistakes are committed along the way.


About founder, Mike Baur

Mike Baur, the founder of Swiss Startup Factory, is a professional banker with almost 20 years in the private banking industry. He is a passionate venture capitalist and his zeal for helping upcoming businesses pushed him to launch the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike pursued an Executive MBA at the Bern University and he retired from baking in 2014 at only 39 years of age.